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  • iPhoneOS 4.0 Finally To Be Revealed Thursday

    At long last, the elusive, highly-rumored-about iPhone OS 4.0 is to be unveiled this Thursday at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST). Apple has sent out invitations to various media sources about the keynote, so you can expect many Apple liveblogs, like Gizmodo, Engadget, and MacRumors to cover the event as it unfolds.

    If you've been around the iPhone scene since last year, you'll remember that Apple surprised quite a few of us with some features we began to think may never hit the iPhone, like copy/paste, MMS, and stereo Bluetooth. Could multitasking be that big ball-drop this year? We'll just have to find out!
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    1. sdjmchattie's Avatar
      sdjmchattie -
      Quote Originally Posted by moneybanks14 View Post
      Sounds good to me, I think if aple had any brains they would include some sort of multitasking and hopefully flash but between the two the fist is far more likely.
      Flash will never come to Apple's touch screen devices. One of the essential elements of Flash is the ability to detect when the mouse pointer is hovering over parts of the animation - how do you hover a touch screen? It would be so hit and miss as to whether it would work or not.

      And besides, the iPhone isn't powerful enough to deal with Flash. If you look at old computers with similar power to the iPhone, you'll see just how shockingly bad it is on slow machines.
    1. jordonj's Avatar
      jordonj -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      iPad and new bootroms will only get support after new exploit becomes public.
      what do you mean exactly?
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      I completely agree with stealth. And with you hacker on the other stuf except not the calling everyone morons and such. I mean you could b easier on the people haha
    1. ibfr33k's Avatar
      ibfr33k -
      I'm in the same boat as most. I purchased a 3GS with 3.1.3 so I can't jailbreak. I'm went from a HTC with windows mobile that you can customize anything you wanted on it to an Iphone you can barely change ringtones. This is my first idevice. I never even owned an iPod.
      I wish they would release the JB soon BUT I do understand that if it's released too soon Apple can get ahold of it and see what exploit it uses and make sure that all the future firmware and hardware will not have that in it.
      So, I'm patiently waiting . There's no need to get mad or upset at the people that can jailbreak. Make them too mad and they might not release it at all. And I don't blame them.
    1. bigboy103's Avatar
      bigboy103 -
      Apple is going to kick a s s on this new frimware so all cell makers don't bother making a new phone (samsung,htc,nokia,google,moto,).
    1. Cid6.7's Avatar
      Cid6.7 -
      It's funny how everyone thinks releasing a jb now would ruin it for 4.0 do you know how long it takes to package these phones lol they are DONE have the OS loaded on them right now and are in the packaging dept and getting ready to ship. Sure it might effect a later gen 4.0 phone with newer bootrom like 3gs but big whoop !! Everyone was saying there will never be a jb for 3.1.3 lol if it's gonna be made someone will "hack" it just my 2€
    1. boe_dye's Avatar
      boe_dye -
      Quote Originally Posted by moneybanks14 View Post
      i dont give a flying donkey what steve jobs likes and dislikes i think its about time he used his noggin and thought about what the people want.
      He hasn't thought much about what people want for 30 years. Why start now?
    1. camperchuck's Avatar
      camperchuck -
      i think this is the TRUEST reason why iphone will not have flash, i don't think most people realize this. also people don't realize that flash games will invade on apples terms. they are kinda communists about flash but they have to protect their investment and their customers from problems they don't need.

      Quote Originally Posted by sdjmchattie View Post
      Flash will never come to Apple's touch screen devices. One of the essential elements of Flash is the ability to detect when the mouse pointer is hovering over parts of the animation - how do you hover a touch screen? It would be so hit and miss as to whether it would work or not.
    1. 69monos's Avatar
      69monos -
      who wants Flash anyway?

      ye guys should check about the real stuff.

      Everyday an increasingly growing number of websites are providing open video formats that can be directly viewed through the web browser interpreting the HTML code and not through any specific player that require additional third party software (i.e. Flash).

      As a very good example, the national TV channel in Spain (Radiotelevisión Española or RTVE) has an application which is downloaded through iTunes, streams TV in real time and completely free. Moreover, with this application, the live broadcast of the 24-hours channel can be accessed and also its Radio channel can be listened to while surfing the application for other written news.

      RTVE iPhone application

      BTW this is in Spanish, but they broadcast many sport events like Champions league, tennis matches...etc

      Haven't seen any other stuff like this around. This is really good stuff and super high quality and most important, it is FREE and with zero ads nor propaganda. See if you can find any other TV channels doing that around.

      who wants flash anyway when you can stream video over HTML with high quality...

      For further information I provide below a (crappy) web-translation version on a really interesting article titled "Apple can live without Flash"


      Translated Article
    1. acidsurfr's Avatar
      acidsurfr -
      Quote Originally Posted by oo3 View Post
      Nice. I was just about to post this too. Crazy how they're announcing it so soon. I thought they would've waited until they announced the new iPhone.
      I believe the early announcement is to hipe sales for a possible new iPhone in June/July as usual. I think they are trying to head off consumers from purchasing Android devices and getting licked into contracts that may have been iPhone contracts if it were available. If there is a new idevice that has some or most of the missing features, i am sure there will likely be consumers that will wait another 60 to 90 days to get the device if it will do what they want, if the announcement doesn't answer some of the " "Rumors of new hardware and features" or flat out says they will NOT be included i see many going to android based devices sooner than waiting

      Just my .02 cents
    1. Zehlek's Avatar
      Zehlek -
      Hopefully it will be able to use 1700 mhz and 2100 mhz so it will be compatible with AWS Spectrum
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Quote Originally Posted by fructose23 View Post
      Did Apple authorize/support/fund/recommend/refer to that site in any form, ever?
    1. chrisrotolo's Avatar
      chrisrotolo -
      how does everyone think current AT&T 3GS customers will be treated this year for upgrade pricing to the 4G?
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Probably the same way 3G customers were treated on the upgrade.