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  • Radio Shack Will Offer Trade-Ins on Old Phones

    AppleInsider reports that Radio Shack, which is getting ready to become the next retail outlet for the iPhone in the US, will offer a trade-in program to users of smartphones who wish to upgrade or switch. According to the report, the electronics chain will be the number two retailer in terms of the number of outlets, after giant Walmart.

    New iPhones are sold through Apple, AT&T, Best Buy and Walmart in the United States, and Radio Shack's arrangement to become the fifth retailer to carry the popular phone was viewed by financial analysts as a major coup. When the deal was announced in November, the price of the stock shot up 10%. The company started by selling the phone in stores that it directly owned in the New York City area as well as the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas. Since January, Radio Shack has added the iPhone in hundreds more franchise stores each week as it works towards a target of three thousand stores nationwide by March 28.

    According to the AppleInsider report, Radio Shack will use a major sales circular that will be distributed with Sunday papers across the United States to announce pricing for the iPhone. If the report is correct, Radio Shack's prices will be lower - but just slightly - than any other US retailer's: $95 for the 8GB iPhone 3G, $195 for the 16GB iPhone 3GS, and $295 for the 32GB iPhone 3GS with the customary 2-year contract. Walmart charges $97, $197 and $297 respectively, while iPhones at Best Buy, AT&T and Apple cost $2 more.

    The most significant difference, however, will be that the Trade-In Program that Radio Shack has for old electronics will also be good for iPhone purchases. The program offers Radio Shack gift cards in exchange for phones, cameras, MP3 players, game consoles, video games, or GPS receivers, with a 16GB iPhone 3GS in decent condition worth as much as $171 in credit. A BlackBerry Bold 9000 could bring in as much as $143, and well-maintained MyTouch 3G and Palm Pre smartphones could be worth up to $120 each.

    The trade-in deals will likely boost Radio Shack's sales, and broaden potential iPhone buyers to current smartphone owners who are ready to switch. AppleInsider's report also says that Radio Shack employees are being offered about double the sales commission for new iPhone activations: up to $30 or more, according to "people familiar with the matter."
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    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      wow Apple is fighting now there saturating the market big time
    1. yoTelefonoCuatro's Avatar
      yoTelefonoCuatro -
      pretty darn cool
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      The fact that they can offer double commision on the iPhone plans just shows how much more profit they must make on the iPhone.
    1. shadow25's Avatar
      shadow25 -
      Whoever trades in a decent condition 3GS for $171 isn't too bright.. A decent 2G will get $171, 3GS should fetch almost $400
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      This could be pretty handy for the new iphone which (I am sure) is coming in a few short months. Still thinking eBay would be the better way to go though! LOL.
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      Believe it not, to some people taking the time to sell the old phone is not worth it.
    1. graytman's Avatar
      graytman -
      heh heh heh heh heh I just came back from Radioshack thinking "I wonder if MMi is on top of this?" sure enough here it is the newest update
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I have all three of my iphones still and all look brand new. Have not thought about selling them yet. And if I ever sell them I don't think I would sell them to Radio Shack.
    1. Tate002's Avatar
      Tate002 -
      Why in the heck would you allow yourself a poor return. Shy not eBay it and get a GREAT return. I sold an 8GB FOR $250 in November of 2009.
    1. rickybobby's Avatar
      rickybobby -
      I am tired of not hearing more news on the upcoming iphone
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      Some people have more money than time, some people just throw their old iPhone in a drawer when they get a new one. Personally, I try to get top dollar no matter what, even when it's not worth it
    1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
      santacruzlocal -
      Now if I can find some of my old phones ...
    1. Mike_7318's Avatar
      Mike_7318 -
      good idea for people want an iphone and have lots of other electronics laying around the house
    1. khiphone3g's Avatar
      khiphone3g -
      They've been doing this forever. This is not new.
    1. THEINFAMOUS's Avatar
      What "RickyBobby" said
    1. Vathgol's Avatar
      Vathgol -
      Quote Originally Posted by shadow25 View Post
      Whoever trades in a decent condition 3GS for $171 isn't too bright.. A decent 2G will get $171, 3GS should fetch almost $400
      no the credit for a 3gS is correct... thats what these phones are worth anyway.. apple is just so greedy and jacks up their prices.. so yea giving even that much for the phone is plenty...
    1. Tate002's Avatar
      Tate002 -
      Well I say put it on craigslist. A 32gb should bring you 375 at best
    1. Cmoney954's Avatar
      Cmoney954 -
      Quote Originally Posted by shadow25 View Post
      Whoever trades in a decent condition 3GS for $171 isn't too bright.. A decent 2G will get $171, 3GS should fetch almost $400
      try 600 for a 3gs. Put it on craiglist or ebay and you can make some money on it.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      Every little bit help.
    1. Success.Is.Sweet's Avatar
      Success.Is.Sweet -
      Obviously you guys haven't been following the used market lately. I listed a 3G a month or so back on Craigslist for $400 and it sold within minutes.