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  • WSJ: Microsoft Employees Love The iPhone

    An interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal today suggests that the iPhone is really popular with the folks at Microsoft - even if many of the employees who own the Apple device are afraid to show it off around the office.

    According to the crack investigators at the Wall Street Journal, approximately 10,000 iPhone users tapped into the Microsoft employee email system last year. Roughly speaking, that number translates to an estimated 10% of all Microsoft employees. That's a whole lot of iPhone users inside "enemy walls."

    But is the opposite true? Do many people who work at Apple use Microsoft products? Not really, at least according to this article. While big name Microsoft executives like J Allard (a chief architect of the Xbox) have been seen with their iPhones on numerous occasions, many Apple employees, on the other hand, simply "can't recall" seeing their colleagues using many competitor devices lately.

    The article goes on to suggest that some at Microsoft are allowed to use the iPhone at will around the office because its important for Microsoft employees to "better understand the competition." Of course, walking around with an iPhone in front of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is never a good idea.

    At an all-company meeting in a Seattle sports stadium, one hapless employee used his iPhone to snap photos of Steve Ballmer. Mr. Ballmer snatched the iPhone out of the employee's hands, placed it on the ground and pretended to stomp on it in front of thousands of Microsoft workers
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    1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
      Nickaroni22 -
      Bill Gates wishes, he'd thought of the iPhone! Iphone hands down best phone ever made. PC vs Mac, doesn't matter much to me, I use both.

      Steve and Bill hanging out, and smiling. I wonder what there really thinking behind those smiles???
    1. Jomann's Avatar
      Jomann -
      your ads are overlapping the news article, I can't read it, no joke.
    1. thrash907's Avatar
      thrash907 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ajblue7 View Post
      you do realize they were the ones that ultimately started computers, and they worked together numerous times, they have a very rich past. just because their consumers hate each other doesn't mean they should to. Actually most big rivals of apple today actually were connected with apple in the early days, then gradually growing apart as they got bigger. like adobe. only google really just popped out of no where, and they are still fairly new.
      thats all and good, but it was an attempt at a joke. nn an essay response
    1. 3gs1289's Avatar
      3gs1289 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ajblue7 View Post
      actually no pc fanboy, apple 2 came out in 1977, and windows didn't start until 1981. DOS was way before gates and computers were originally started by the military. if your arguing gates made what computers are today your wrong because the apple 2 sold 6million units with or without jobs there would only just be less annoying fanboys like you. after apple 2 when jobs left apple wasn't doing amazing at the time, and gates capitalized with windows. im pretty sure windows was first made on a apple 2. also without the hardware gates would be nothing. gates only makes software but for some reason everyone tends to think gates is like the posterboy for computers, you can't say pc because apples are pcs to, its just that since all of the computers with windows on it were referred to as pcs because there wasn't only one brand of computer for the windows. don't even call me a apple fanboy i believe in the facts and like most i was raised on a pc desktop running windows. but once i got a mac i was no longer biased and then realized all of the lies rumors and flames windows"PC" owners say were all wrong. also the fact that a mac can get a virus is only half true, macs can get windows viruses but these have absolutely no effect on macs at all, the sad part is companies try to sell mac owners"most converted from pc and know how bad viruses are" virus scanners that only really get rid of windows viruses so macs can't pass the virus to windows users. The unix kernel makes macs virtually virus free. its all rumors cooked up by windows users to counter argue our point we don't get viruses. and don't say virus programers don't target mac because they aren't as big well i know for a fact there are people trying hard to be the first because 1 its a challenge and 2 the want to shut us up but they have failed. now i suggest you learn some history and grab some linux software-they use the unix kernel and have a tightlocked system that basicly makes sure all applications you download are virus free because its downloaded through the manager. and have a nice day good bye
      actually let me get you off your high horse. Yes i'm butting in. I stopped reading after your first few sentences because you exposed how little you knew. Computers were first used by scientists and researchers. The first electronic computer was made at Iowa university back in the 1930's and it ran off vacuums. Then came The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer), in 1943. It is widely regarded as the first functionally useful electronic general-purpose computer. You're the only one sounding like a fanboy and a rude fanboy that doesn't know what he's talking about.

      Quote Originally Posted by Nickaroni22 View Post
      Bill Gates wishes, he'd thought of the iPhone! Iphone hands down best phone ever made. PC vs Mac, doesn't matter much to me, I use both.

      Steve and Bill hanging out, and smiling. I wonder what there really thinking behind those smiles???
      wait. i think you meant to say "jobs wishes he invented windows" Last time i checked Gates was the 2nd richest man in the world. jobs ranks far behind at #136. Anyone with a brain knows who they would rather be.