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  • Weekly App Update: March 10th, 2010

    What's New:

    Upload contacts to a webserver securely for you to download as CSV file (microsoft excel, OpenOffice.org SpreadSheet).

    From the App Store to your Jailbroken iPhone, WiFiFoFum is on Cydia and Rock. WiFiFoFum scans for 802.11 wireless (WiFi) networks and displays information about each network it detects; including: SSID, MAC, RSSI (signal strength), channel, AP mode, security mode and available transmission rates.

    yFy Network Finder Lite
    Another WiFi scanner, that has been punted from the App Store and is now available for Jailbroken users. "Powerful WiFi scanning and mapping tool."

    GV Scheduler
    Schedule Google Voice calls in your Google Calendar.

    Vertical scrolling on your springboard.

    Fake About Screen
    Firmware 3.1.3 App Fakes your firmware as 3.1.3 to bypass App requirements and to shut iTunes up.


    QuickReply for SMS
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    1. Logan80's Avatar
      Logan80 -
      I'm gonna definitely have to download the firmware faker on to my wife's phone? I told her not to upgrade, but you know how well wives listen.
    1. victis's Avatar
      victis -
      if you feel like that here hahahahaha try the IRC then you will find the know it alls xD
    1. monadzback's Avatar
      monadzback -
      First fags are still at it I see. First btw. No **** douche bag.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      Back on Topic, I put the 3.1.3 app on my 3.1.2 iphone and it works fine then I went and loaded FW Changer on my 3.0 iphone and typed in 3.1.3 (78XX) then did the reboot via sbsettings plugged into itunes then it worked too! So, it seems fw changer is more versatilve especailly if people are still on 2.2.1 fw. The problem is I loaded ivideocamera app from itunes it downloaded and installed on my 3.0 iphone but would not open since its a required 3.1+ fw app. The big picture is that I did not lose my unlock or jailbreak nor was i annoyed by the update to 3.1.3 window.
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Logan80 View Post
      I'm gonna definitely have to download the firmware faker on to my wife's phone? I told her not to upgrade, but you know how well wives listen.

      more like women LOL
    1. gotham187's Avatar
      gotham187 -
      Why SO SERIOUS? And Angry!!
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      So exactly the same as FW Changer then?
      looks like it

      Quote Originally Posted by reddawg View Post
      FWChanger does the same thing. Is there a difference between Firmware 3.1.3 App and FWChanger?
      Dunno afaik they do the same thing . . .

      and @ all the other various posts:

      Be Calm, it'll be okay
    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      i think i am going to get the 3.1.3 thing. the itunes message is getting really annoying...
    1. Fodd1337's Avatar
      Fodd1337 -
      Quote Originally Posted by brianlvincent View Post
      Has anyone downloaded (and enjoyed) infiniboard? I Have it, but since my theme is ZX5... It doesn't quite seem right for this particular theme. Anybody use it and suggest it???
      I guess Infiniboard is good in certain cases, but because I have 217 apps, its just wasn't practical for me. I say, if you have anywhere over 100, skip it.

      Quote Originally Posted by bootleg View Post
      maybe i'm not understanding a couple of these apps. but the iphone automatically sees any surrounding wifi networks. without knowing encryption passwords, what value are those wifi finder apps?
      These wifi finders update faster so it is nearly realtime. Also, they allow you to see your networks on a sort-of radar.
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
    1. area51crypto's Avatar
      area51crypto -
      Does any of these fake firmware changers show up on Cydia and show SHSHs stored for firmware 3.1.3