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  • Comcast DVR Control Comes to the iPhone

    Until recently, Comcast users were unable to do much with the Comcast app available for the iPod and iPhone. Being taunted by DirectTV's App which I'm sure we've all seen commercials for. With a recent update to their app, customers can now remotely control their DVR box directly from the Comcast app. myDVR Manager appears almost as though your seeing the comcast menu you see on most cable boxes. Various content can arranged by category or channel. Users can then modify existing schedules, add new items, or cancel previously scheduled recordings.

    Unfortunately the comcast app will only "available in select markets". Not only does the update bring DVR control, there are also several enhancements to the inbox, enabling users to upload attachments, access POP and IMAP folders, or even mark e-mails as spam. Push notification are also now available for new e-mail or voicemail messages, along with TV show reminders. Pretty cool, if your a comcast user.

    Schedule programs to record on your DVR from your iPhone and iPod touch and view your upcoming recordings so you never miss a show again. This feature is enabled in the Guide module. Check for the myDVR Manager icon at the bottom of the Guide screen. If you see this icon then your DVR is ready for remote scheduling. If you don’t see the icon, it just means your DVR is not yet ready for remote scheduling. Once this feature is rolled out on to your DVR at home, you will see a notification pop up the next time you log into the app. You will also receive an email notification to your comcast.net email address when it's available in your area.**myDVR Manager is expected to be available to most markets by summer 2010**
    Rumor has it, if you have version 1.0, you must actually remove the app first, and then reinstall it. Not quite sure why that is, but the DVR controls wont work if you don't do this apparently.

    If you're a Comcast user, head over to the App Store and start using your DVR from your iPhone.

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    1. harrison0550's Avatar
      harrison0550 -
      Quote Originally Posted by HitNWakes View Post
      Im close to Ann Arbor (Highland) and its not available in my area. I can get the guide and add to favorites but no record option.. BOOOOOOO
      Yea I saw that when I put in Ann Arbors zip code in but look on the bright side you guys have a very robust channel lineup. Like 416 channels if I remember correctly so with that much of a digital lineup your market is more than likely almost completed with the full digital migration and should be one of the next markets to release remote dvr functionality.
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      Roush00 -
      I have had this app for about 3 weeks now. Worthless if you ask me.