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  • O2 Hints at iPhone 4G Video Calls and Then "Corrects" Itself

    U.K. iPhone partner O2 may have dropped a major hint regarding 4G iPhone video calls. Or it may have just made a colossal blunder - one that has since been corrected.

    Over the weekend, folks noticed 02's revised tariff listings that included per-minute pricing for iPhone video calls. The moment this listing was discovered, many (and not only the conspiracy theorists among us) began wondering if a major reveal was accidentally spilled - a revelation that the next gen iPhone will serve up video call support.

    At present, iPhones and iPods aren't designed for this much-in-demand feature. So, naturally, the O2 listing turned heads and sparked widespread interest - even among those didn't see the listing but heard about it through the grapevine. As soon as 02 discovered the leak - or the error - the UK mobile powerhouse quickly removed the entry and offered a statement of correction.

    A spokesperson for 02 has since been quoted saying: "The iPhone section of our website states video calling is charged at the same price as voice calls. We can confirm that this was listed in error. We will be amending our website shortly to clarify this."

    While 02 is now working to cover its blunder, many still believe that the company simply revealed too much information too soon, and that the 4th generation iPhone will live up to Steve Jobs' hype by delivering a plethora of much sought-after new features, including the ability to make video calls.

    Only time will tell.
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    1. naed's Avatar
      naed -
      this is parf of a whole tariff overhaul...

      O2 has to advetise all prices outside of the normal tariffs, this includes video calling, this has also been added to all other tariffs.

      although roumer is strong about video calling, i see no fault from O2 in this case. and nothing on their website actually says you can video call on any (present or future) iphone.

      also for the record, there isn't even strong information O2 will recieve the next iphone, due to the fact all main mobile networks are now selling the apple products O2 could be on the way out as a distributer.
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Why are people hating on video calling? If you don't want it just don't buy the next gen iPhone. I for one want a front facing cam, not just for video calling but video chat. Not everyone has a phone capable of video calling so let's say you wanna show something to someone who is on their computer while you are outside etc... So many possibilities with apps too. I know there are apps like ustream and qik but it's not as convenient.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      Why so you need a front facing camera to show someone what you're seeing? You can already do that with apps like the ones you metioned. Unless you want to show someone inside what your reaction is in real-time

    1. giancarlo's Avatar
      giancarlo -
      whats the bigdeal with video calls unless your in a meeting with a coworker? It's enough we all run into things when we're walking because we're too busy texting.

      Gone are the days when you would look at the guy in the corner talking to himself to soon find out he has a bluetooth. Now we're going to see people talking to their phones, imagine an argument with the girlfriend in the middle of the foodcourt? I don't support that feature on the phone at all...it will be the fall of MAN, and one usefull tool for the WOMAN. =oX
    1. RickyO's Avatar
      RickyO -
      Absolutely, video calling is a nice idea but when talking to someone that way you can’t be on the move or else you’ll fall or bump into something and look like stupid (and possibly break you iPhone and be a very stupid). Just leave the calling to voices alone. Love the conspiracy theories though; bring on a release date for iPhone 4G because this is what’s stopping me from getting a 3GS now.