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  • O2 Hints at iPhone 4G Video Calls and Then "Corrects" Itself

    U.K. iPhone partner O2 may have dropped a major hint regarding 4G iPhone video calls. Or it may have just made a colossal blunder - one that has since been corrected.

    Over the weekend, folks noticed 02's revised tariff listings that included per-minute pricing for iPhone video calls. The moment this listing was discovered, many (and not only the conspiracy theorists among us) began wondering if a major reveal was accidentally spilled - a revelation that the next gen iPhone will serve up video call support.

    At present, iPhones and iPods aren't designed for this much-in-demand feature. So, naturally, the O2 listing turned heads and sparked widespread interest - even among those didn't see the listing but heard about it through the grapevine. As soon as 02 discovered the leak - or the error - the UK mobile powerhouse quickly removed the entry and offered a statement of correction.

    A spokesperson for 02 has since been quoted saying: "The iPhone section of our website states video calling is charged at the same price as voice calls. We can confirm that this was listed in error. We will be amending our website shortly to clarify this."

    While 02 is now working to cover its blunder, many still believe that the company simply revealed too much information too soon, and that the 4th generation iPhone will live up to Steve Jobs' hype by delivering a plethora of much sought-after new features, including the ability to make video calls.

    Only time will tell.
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    1. recognition's Avatar
      recognition -

      Cool, If this is true will have to get my 3GS on eBay, Sharpish!
    1. Reggyr07's Avatar
      Reggyr07 -
      Here we go, now all the rumors start. Hopefully we don't get the same outcome with the iPhone 4G as we did with the iPad.
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      my 3GS is my biznitch, cant get rid of it but im still getting that nextgen iphone
    1. extremzocker's Avatar
      extremzocker -
      yay iPhone video calling

      Anyone wanna buy an iPhone 3G? lol
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I've had video call capability on other phones for nearly seven years. I think I've used it 3 times just to check to see if it works. I really don't want this 'feature'.
      I'm sure the next iPhone will have other features I want though.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      Video calling would be the most worthless feature ever. Much in-demand? loooooooooooooooooool
    1. Bluprint's Avatar
      Bluprint -
      did i read right? per-minute pricing for iPhone video calls.. lol yeeah oOk
    1. bluperz's Avatar
      bluperz -
      hmmm i mite hve to sell my 3g
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      I can see a value to this for something like Skype. There are times where I would love to just dock my phone and do a Skype conference instead of break out the laptop or pc and do a video chat. While I wouldn't use it a WHOLE lot, I probably am on skype video chat an hour at a time, sometimes weekly or bi-monthly, and I know plenty of people do the same. For me, the biggest upgrade would be having 3G service in town though... Dare to dream!
    1. Aumz's Avatar
      Aumz -
      well my contract is up in a month so shall be holding out a few months for 4g anyway
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
      Video calling would be the most worthless feature ever. Much in-demand? loooooooooooooooooool
      oh come on....are you kidding me. havnt you seen the jetsons before?

      seriously though it would be a good feature
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -

      yay me! full discount after april...and we kno im not using that for a nokia or samsung
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      The Jetsons are from 2065, we're not there yet. Now Back to the Future 2 (2015) we're real close to. HOVER BOARDS WILL BE THE IPAD KILLER
    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      i hope they add some kind of theme system built into the os. the normal iphone ui is just boring and ogt old fast...
    1. ESG23's Avatar
      ESG23 -
      mehhh...not too thrilled about video calls but hopefully there will be a lot more new features
    1. ugshotgun's Avatar
      ugshotgun -
      Yeah...a bigger thrill for me would be to update the UI, as the other poster above said, I'm tired of the same old boring apple theme for the iPhone. I had a jailbroken 3GS but it broke so I had to do the warranty replacement; well i got the updated bootrom and no more shsh's on file for me...erggg! But I too am available for upgrade....saving it for the 4G...!!!
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      Things I realistically expect out of the new iPhone:
      - same / similar processor as the ipad
      - custom background / bit more customization (as seen in the iPhone 3.2 OS which is what the iPad's running.
      - MicroSIM card to curb-stomp/make unlocking harder
      - Hard drive bumped up to 64gb
      - Possibly more RAM, making the 3GS the entry level model, slowly begin to phase out the 3G and outright killing the 1st gen as far as app development/compatibility goes.

      - would like to see (but fully expect not to) an even better camera and oled screen, but it's not Apple's style to change/add so much at a time.
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      I cant wait for the new iPhone my 3G will become my backup phone or maybe I will give it to my kid brother lol
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
      There's an app for that
    1. Amraam's Avatar
      Amraam -
      No mention of flash support?