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  • Theme Of The Week : March 1st, 2010
    Today marks the first day of March. Today also marks the first day we finally don't have to hear that Olympics song anymore. And even better... Today is also the first of our new weekly segment "Theme of The Week". We will cover 1-2 themes each week chosen by our staff here at ModMyi. Of course, you can always submit a nomination or your theme to us.

    Thread Discussion on iNXE
    iNXE Beta - Download
    iNXE SBSettings - Download

    Required for this theme:
    SBsettings [cant rate this high enough, theme included, needs to be copied to SBsettings theme folder]
    6 Icons Dock

    Special thanks go to JStraitiff for the upcoming Cydget and K.Nitsua for the user wallpaper code.
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    1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
      santacruzlocal -
      There really isn't enough there yet to see what it can actually do ...

      PS3 > Xbox
    1. Piazza331's Avatar
      Piazza331 -
      I'm sorry for this but I haven't really experimented with themes such as this that require other programs and settings.

      Is there a guide to get something like this working fully?
    1. Li-ion's Avatar
      Li-ion -
      I feel left out.

      I'm a Super Nintendo. Yeah. 16-Bit FTW!
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      awesome thing from modmyi it will be cool to see what people are working on
    1. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
      Entombed Sh4dw -
      Sorry for the difficult setup. I will be releasing a Springback file for this soon, Still being in Beta I am mainly wanting feedback on the look and feel of the theme in action. The full release will include Iconclasm and iblank versions with quick setup options.
      A video of it running will come soon, I am just awaiting JStraitiffs Cydget to match the theme and then will video the whole lot together.
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      well it looks kick butt man
    1. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
      Entombed Sh4dw -
      Quote Originally Posted by santaf View Post
      well it looks kick butt man
      Thanks mate, it runs perfectly as well, I just want to expand on it before I re-release it.
    1. Piazza331's Avatar
      Piazza331 -
      Thanks for the quick reply. I'll keep this bookmarked, but if you wanna shoot me a PM when it's done, let me know. Thanks.
    1. Rcooley617's Avatar
      Rcooley617 -
      Sweet theme, even for me, who is a die-hard ps3 fan....
    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      Wicked sbsettings theme!! arguably the best I've used to date...well done!!!
    1. Azher0th's Avatar
      Azher0th -
      wow amazing
    1. iNasser's Avatar
      iNasser -
      Amazing theme, does anyone know a link other than rapidshare?
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      Great idea, thanks!
    1. xgus69's Avatar
      xgus69 -
      ps3.. make a ps3 theme.
    1. wannabprogramma's Avatar
      wannabprogramma -
      wait 2 weeks and I should have a preview of my psp theme- which I may convert to a ps3 theme eventually because all it would take is a different wave background
    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      i usually hate themes, but this one is just plain awesome. just another great reason to be a 360 user!
    1. stldirty's Avatar
      stldirty -
      a couple things
      i can't for the life of me get multiple stacks
      the psd files aren't gimp compatible guess i'll have to find a copy of photoshop.
      you didn't add updated springjump files in the newest one

      otherwise VERY good job man.
    1. Entombed Sh4dw's Avatar
      Entombed Sh4dw -
      Small Update for anyone still reading...
      I apologise for the lack of updates to the theme since Beta release. I partly wanted to wait for some feedback [to which I got heaps of thanks to Nick featuring iNXE in the first Theme of the Week segment. Thanks to this feedback I have got my mind-set around inital setup options to benefit EVERYONE! The other reason I had held back with changing much in this theme was because I had some silly thought the InfiniBoard by Chpwn would help me make this theme alot more realistic. After playing around in Photoshop and attempting to mimic this new tweak for testing purposes I have realised it would not help. InfiniBoard allows Free-Scrolling for each page Up and Down [from what I have seen in the demo video], this wouldnt work for iNXE, MAYBE if it was set as NEW pages Up and Down would this possibly work out, after InifiBoard releases I will try it out just to prove a point but I dont like the chances of its implimentation into iNXE.
      I am going to spend this coming weekend working on fixes for a lot of things iNXE requires including:
      - Icon Options [Stock icons and Edited ones]
      - Easier setup options [Prefferably via Iconclasm as it will also benifit the theme itself]
      - More detailed use of Stack with proper setup support for Stack v3
      - CategoriesSB support for those who cannot get Stack working or dont like Stack
      - Lockscreen Cydget [Come on JStratiff!!!]
      - Possible Springboard Xbox Live Avatar and Gamerscore support via a Widget
      - Better UI imagery that doesnt JUST mimic the NXE UI.

      Sorry this is such a long post but I needed to let people know the situation at hand. To make up for it here is a screenie of the springboard with a couple of tweaks.
    1. iBlkCeaser's Avatar
      iBlkCeaser -
      fire *** theme.. i know i may be dumb but i prob. am.. how in the hell do i add this to my iphone..lol? its easy when its from cydia on your iphone but how do i do it from here.. someone educate this dumb person called ME!!..lol but seriously i do need the help yall
    1. wannabprogramma's Avatar
      wannabprogramma -
      you'll need to get a ssh client- if you have a wifi connection it should be easy just search "ssh into iPhone from (computer operating system) if you have a mac i reccomend Fugu if you use a Windows try WinSCP then you download the package and place it in /var/stash/Themes.xxxx but when you download the packageit will come with more in depth directions probably hope that clears something up