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  • How To Create an AlphaNumeric Passcode on your iPhone or iPod Touch

    One feature that is severely lacking on the iPhone's security is the ability to create better passcodes. In this day and age, it is highly suggested to include letters and numbers in your passwords to make them more secure. If your not using a alphanumeric password for your accounts already, go and change them now.

    Well thanks to the folks over at 9to5mac, they have compiled a mobileconfig that you can load directly from Safari on your iDevice, and you will simply be prompted to enter a new passcode and you'll see that you have the option to use numbers and letters in your new passcode. It really doesn't get any easier than this. Simply open this link, a mobile config installtion will appear. Choose Install and afterwards you can enter your new password

    Now let's say you want to remove it. That's simple too. Go into your Settings then over to General > Profiles >9to5mac, then click remove and confirm. You can then change your password back to whatever you had before.

    Just do yourself a favor and if you decide to use this, REMEMBER your password.

    Alternatively, iClarified hosts a guide that allows you to do this manually, but we don't recommend it.

    MobileConfig Link (Open on iDevice)
    Source: 9to5
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    1. kodakon's Avatar
      kodakon -
      The link isn't working for me.... I only get options to download or play, no install
    1. Cal3b's Avatar
      Cal3b -
      Quote Originally Posted by iLaw-One View Post
      So you're saying you can't connect your phone to any comp? How then do you install apps or sync your data?
      i just restore the file and it will connect and sync again.
    1. davesnothere11's Avatar
      davesnothere11 -
      ^ Cal3b, which launch daemon? Does ssh work to reinstall or do ya use ifile or what?
    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      i personally think that would be really annoying...
    1. Cal3b's Avatar
      Cal3b -
      in iFile navigate to /system/library/launchdaemons and move com.apple.usbptpd.plist to a different folder. i have created a personal folder for this purpose. than reboot and try plugging your iPhone into your computer, iTunes wont automatically open, the computer wont recognize that anything is even plugged in. to make everything work again simply put the file back and reboot. i have bookmarked both folder to make it real quick and easy to move the file back and forth.
    1. samhay18's Avatar
      samhay18 -
      I tried it and then uninstalled it and it won't go away iv
      tried a lot
      any help?
    1. moorean32's Avatar
      moorean32 -
      Did not work
    1. davesnothere11's Avatar
      davesnothere11 -
      Thanks Cal3b!
      My brother in law is a cop and brags about how weak my iPhone's security is while his Crackberry is superior. Time to make a bet with him.
    1. Cal3b's Avatar
      Cal3b -
      No problem.
    1. davesnothere11's Avatar
      davesnothere11 -
      Worked like a charm and my iPhone still charges while that daemon is disabled.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Wow, since when can u download something using a URL on a non-jailbroken iDevice? Does anyone know how the do this, it is very interesting
    1. ksong12's Avatar
      ksong12 -
      I was forced to create an alphanumeric passcode when I added my school's exchange account.
    1. raxal's Avatar
      raxal -
      Quote Originally Posted by nickhesson View Post
      One feature that is severely lacking on the iPhone's security is the ability to create better passcodes.
      Thank you very much! It works.
    1. leo94's Avatar
      leo94 -
      Works Great! I want to know...how they made it???I mean without jaibreak its modifing settings???How is it created????
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      this will absolutely increase security access to your phone. however what a pain.
    1. Cal3b's Avatar
      Cal3b -
      Quote Originally Posted by davesnothere11 View Post
      Worked like a charm and my iPhone still charges while that daemon is disabled.
      yeah it just removes the part of the programing that transfers data to and from the computer. it doesn't effect charging in any way i believe accessories will still work just like before, although i haven't tried it. if you use a dock accessory let me know if it doesn't work.
    1. Dan Kucer's Avatar
      Dan Kucer -
      Great little program but after having used it for a few days, I found it to be too many extra key taps. Now I tried to remove it and I can't. I went to Profiles, hit remove. I even reset but its still there. Any advise?

    1. henners123's Avatar
      henners123 -
      Good idea !!
    1. davesnothere11's Avatar
      davesnothere11 -
      Cal3b -> #1 hooked to computer no charging/no USB access but still can ssh
      #2 Ac charger works
      #3 car charger works
      #4 Home stereo dock works (side note: this dock is for an iPod. Still gives not made for iPhone notice and will now charge my phone when it would not charge previous to this daemon removal)

      >For those who have trouble removing alphanumeric password
      After you remove it in settings you have to change your password again back to a 4 digit one and respring/ or reboot
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      @Dan kucer, go into passcode settings and change your passcode to a 4 number passcode, then restart your iDevice and it should be back to normal, trust me the same happened to me