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  • Apple Outlaws 'Android' from The App Store

    Apple has finally gone and done it. They've laid down the law. Really. Never again will the word "Android" be permitted within the hallowed digital walls of the App Store.

    Hey, at least this time Apple is actually being up front and perfectly clear about what's rubbing them the wrong way. Usually we're left left guessing why a particular app is rejected or ignored for months on end in "application purgatory."

    But thanks to the hard-learned lesson from Tim Novikof, the genius behind the "Flash of Genius" app, now developers everywhere know not to use the word Android - not in the app's title and not in the app's description. From the looks of it, just thinking of the word "Android" could prevent an app from gaining approval.

    Apparently "Android" is a four-letter word in Cupertino.
    In case you're wondering, Novikof simply submitted his app to Apple with an innocuous reference to how well it fared in Google's Android Developer Challenge. But Apple wasn't having any of it. Indeed, they mean business this time. And although it's no secret that Google is a competitor more than an immediate threat to Cupertino's titans of technology, Apple is plainly eager to implement the old "out of sight, out of mind" strategy for its App Store. And, as a result, don't expect to see any references to "Android" ever again.

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    1. PAKIS-RULEZ's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by iPhone3G[S] View Post
      It already has, I can download and install anything I want without having to wait for the Dev Team or the egohot to release something that will be blocked three months later.

      The rooting process on Android is always the same.

      Apple does everything they can to prevent us from doing what we want with something we own. Thats like telling me I cant work on my car. Thats bull sh*t.

      If they use the A4 chip in the new iphone, add oled, 5mp camera, 64GB, multi tasking, etc... that would make them catch up to what I have in my hand right now running android.

      They may have paved the way, but they are going to fall behind if they are planning on adding what everyone else already has and calling it a day.

      well rooting is kind a different its just letting you save apps on the memory instead of the phone

      but it will take some time for android app store to catch up the apple app store and when that happens i am switching to android!

      and i hope nokia wins the law suit against apple lol
    1. mole92db's Avatar
      mole92db -
      i just downloaded this app a few minutes ago, so im guessing its not banned now
    1. battlecrushr's Avatar
      battlecrushr -
      i twas never banned