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  • PushFix 2.0 Offers Real Push Notification Solution for Unlocked iPhones

    If your one of the many iPhone users who have unlocked your iPhone on OS 3.x, then chances are you've lost the ability to receive push notifications. I for one lost this ability with my unlocked iPhone 3GS. This was a big disappointment for me as I used the feature every day. I spent countless hours trying various fixes out there, including the PushFix found on various cydia repos (which really just made things worse), manually installing push certificates, and even trying to generate my own certificates.

    After pulling out my hair and bashing my head into the wall trying to figure out why I couldn't get my Push notifications working again, I stubmled upon Pushfix.info.

    "For the push notification service to work, every device needs a unique 1024 bit certificate. The certificate does not contain any information about your device, so I can provide certificates without any information from your phone.... If you used blackra1n and have lost YouTube, I have free YouTube fixes for that. My free youtube keys don't cause excessive battery drain unlike the original push fixes."
    I was skeptical at first I must admit. The cost to get these unique Push Notifications working again would be $5.99USD. After completing a payment, I was welcomed with instructions to add a Cydia Source, and simply download PushFix 2.0. (Assuming your payment was instant, this works instantly as well). There is an entire support system available if anything goes wrong and the service is actually quite pleasant.

    That being said, I was prompted to reboot after installation, and upon doing so, was given a new app called PushTest which allowed me to test my PushFix installation. In a few seconds i was greenlit and good to go. I went and downloaded a crapload of Push apps and voila! My Push Notifications were working once again!! I was amazed at how simple this was and felt that my $6.00 was well worth it. This PushFix can be installed again no matter how many times you restore as your iPhone's ID is associated with the cydia repo to download this pushfix.

    I even got in touch with the developer of pushfix via twitter, almost instantly, @pushfix, and he has been kind enough to let us give away 10 licenses for his PushFix to our ModMyi readers!

    So how do you get your hands on one? Two ways. Here's how to enter:

    1. Leave a reply to this article and let us know your experiences with trying to get Push Notifications working on your own. Some of us have spent hours trying to get it to work without any luck. I want to hear your story and why you deserve to have your push notifications working again.

    2. Tweet this article on twitter and mention @modmyi. Click here for easy tweeting. Tweet This!

    The contest will last 3 days, and winners will be notified by email.

    Important notes for purchasers in certain countries
    Carriers which REQUIRE the iPhone data plan on that carrier (or you can use WiFi only push):Push does not work properly on regular data plan.
    US - T-Mobile (requires $19.99 a month plan at this time)
    UK - Orange
    France - SFR

    Carriers in which push over CELL DATA is not supported - Do not purchase at this time (WiFi only is still supported):
    Brazil - Vivo (possibly)
    Columbia - Comcel
    Germany - Vodafone
    Nigeria - MTN
    Poland - Polkomtel

    Push Fix (pushfix) on Twitter
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    1. rayzah_blade's Avatar
      rayzah_blade -
      well worth the six lousy bucks, thanks pushfix!!! my 3gs is snazzy again!!
    1. alohawaii's Avatar
      alohawaii -
      Would it be worth it to purchase this if I'm running on T-Mobile? I have the original pushfix. Although I receive random facebook notifications, youtube seems to be working and I don't have that annoying "connect to itunes to use push notifications" pop up.
    1. PeterL's Avatar
      PeterL -
      I got mine working, but the battery life was severly affected and the phone could not receive phone calls, it only received text messages so I removed the push. This fix sounds good, so put me in the draw :0)
    1. iArjay's Avatar
      iArjay -
      well as i was typing in modmyi and just now and as i was typing i remembered i needed to find a way to get push notifications working, but i was like eh what the hell i'm sure i'll find it here anyyway.... what do ya know , the first post, push notifications! do i deserve it for my somewhat psychic ability? yes!
    1. newskin's Avatar
      newskin -
      Finally! Those other "fixes" that were out on the web made things worse for not just me but my little siblings also. For weeks we were all getting some one elses IM's and probably other people where getting ours. I blamed att and thought their system was not ready to handle "push". So I cancelled and went to T-Mobile. Only to find out that the problem was the "fix" not the Cell Company or Apple. ETF down the drain. Now the great reviews in these pages alone is enough to convince me. I need something easy, without so many confusing steps, and this is it. Like I started out this experience saying, Finally! Gotta buy 2 for my little siblings and then one for myself, unless I win!
    1. KiZZ's Avatar
      KiZZ -
      I can't find this in Cydia? Anyone know if I need to add a repo or something?
    1. bmxtreme's Avatar
      bmxtreme -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pushfix View Post
      If that's all you think I did, that's your opinion, but you obviously haven't read a single d*mn thing I said. Getting the certs was the easiest part of this whole project (for me) and I bet it would take you a week to get what I provide in one day.

      If you're so smart, why don't you do it? You'll find it is a lot harder to do this on a global scale than you think. You really think you can just slap any old certificate on any phone in the world on any carrier and it just takes right off, huh?
      Dude, you're taking my comment too seriously, or just simply taking what I just said too simple. Anyway, for me, I am all for fun only, as long as it works for who I know And I am glad you're doing this for the community, cheers!
    1. lilmikey's Avatar
      lilmikey -
      ive had this problem for a while..i tried maully putting certifycates in and the little nimble trick.i need push notifications
    1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
      Nick Hesson -
      Quote Originally Posted by KiZZ View Post
      I can't find this in Cydia? Anyone know if I need to add a repo or something?
      You must purchases a certificate first and then add their Repo to cydia to get this fix.

    1. dnewayz's Avatar
      dnewayz -
      Like the guy that started the post said, I also spent countless hours trying to get push to work. When the pushfix came out on cydia, it worked for a few minutes, and I thought I finally made it... Then I started getting weird push notifications that I wasn't supposed to get.
      One time I got this x rated push from a girl I don't know, and just my luck that my wife saw it, and it took me over twice the time it took to enable that faulty push in the first place to get her to understand that i got it by mistake.
      That was one of the worst week of my life.
    1. ccuento's Avatar
      ccuento -
      This is great. I hope I win. Anyways I have been having issues with push fix and all of the other fixes that never seem to work. I do a lot of off site job projects and most of the time we instant message back and forward each other. With my jailbroken iphone, I lose a lot of the pushed messages. It would be nice to have a "real" fix."
    1. Macdaddy5539's Avatar
      Macdaddy5539 -
      This sounds like a pretty awesome service. I can't tell you how long I have been trying to get push notifications to work properly on my phone just to have my email push just fine, but facebook push notifications that were not only not mine, but were in a different language as well. So frustrating. I don't know if winners have been picked, but this would be very useful.
    1. V1q's Avatar
      V1q -
      Since I live abroad while doing a postgrad course, I was looking forward to using push notification apps like Ping. Since I have a jailbroken Iphone (otherwise I couldnít put in another SIM card) I canít use any push apps at all, which is a bummer. Texts cost me a lot and emails are just not as fast. I tried getting it to work, with no luck and gave up on push notifications. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though now!
    1. chrisbox's Avatar
      chrisbox -
      Ive tried every little trick out there and its still no push on my 3gs...would love to win one of those licenses :-)
    1. Mes's Avatar
      Mes -
      I can also confirm this works on a 3G, 3.0.1 FW, 4.26.08 baseband, Pwn'd months ago, T-Mobile $20/mo post-paid data. Never tried any push before, so did not start over with a fresh restore. Just purchased via PayPal, added the repo, downloaded the app, rebooted. The PushTest app, Yahoo Messenger and IM+ working perfectly. Maybe I'll find a good use for this, maybe not. A bit more than I wanted to pay, but for $5.99, this was a whole lot easier than finding an AT&T friend and doing it myself
    1. iscorpio8321's Avatar
      iscorpio8321 -
      i have a question does the att sim card have to be active? i mean in order to have the push notifications working. i have the att sim that came with the iphone but its not active.
    1. Fubler's Avatar
      Fubler -
      My unlocked & jailbroken 2G hasn't had propper push notification since they announced the service. I moved to Bangkok from Bermuda and I wanted to stay in touch with my friends using ping! and WhatsApp. However, I have been unsuccessful in all my attempts at installing the first push fix. For a while I received a few push notifications...but hours or days after they were sent. Please help me! I want to upgrade to 3G, but that won't happen for some time. I need push fix2!
    1. Mes's Avatar
      Mes -
      Quote Originally Posted by iscorpio8321 View Post
      i have a question does the att sim card have to be active? i mean in order to have the push notifications working. i have the att sim that came with the iphone but its not active.
      Keep searching & asking, but today I understand it must be an active account. There was a time when this was not the case. However back then activation did not involve acquiring push certificates.
    1. nomiqw's Avatar
      nomiqw -
      I had this issue of not getting psh workin after unlock on iphone 3gs. looked around for various soloutions non worked. so lets hope this works.
      so cna i get my free licence code plz.. LOL
    1. bluecity's Avatar
      bluecity -
      follow hese steps and create a unique free certificate

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