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  • PushFix 2.0 Offers Real Push Notification Solution for Unlocked iPhones

    If your one of the many iPhone users who have unlocked your iPhone on OS 3.x, then chances are you've lost the ability to receive push notifications. I for one lost this ability with my unlocked iPhone 3GS. This was a big disappointment for me as I used the feature every day. I spent countless hours trying various fixes out there, including the PushFix found on various cydia repos (which really just made things worse), manually installing push certificates, and even trying to generate my own certificates.

    After pulling out my hair and bashing my head into the wall trying to figure out why I couldn't get my Push notifications working again, I stubmled upon Pushfix.info.

    "For the push notification service to work, every device needs a unique 1024 bit certificate. The certificate does not contain any information about your device, so I can provide certificates without any information from your phone.... If you used blackra1n and have lost YouTube, I have free YouTube fixes for that. My free youtube keys don't cause excessive battery drain unlike the original push fixes."
    I was skeptical at first I must admit. The cost to get these unique Push Notifications working again would be $5.99USD. After completing a payment, I was welcomed with instructions to add a Cydia Source, and simply download PushFix 2.0. (Assuming your payment was instant, this works instantly as well). There is an entire support system available if anything goes wrong and the service is actually quite pleasant.

    That being said, I was prompted to reboot after installation, and upon doing so, was given a new app called PushTest which allowed me to test my PushFix installation. In a few seconds i was greenlit and good to go. I went and downloaded a crapload of Push apps and voila! My Push Notifications were working once again!! I was amazed at how simple this was and felt that my $6.00 was well worth it. This PushFix can be installed again no matter how many times you restore as your iPhone's ID is associated with the cydia repo to download this pushfix.

    I even got in touch with the developer of pushfix via twitter, almost instantly, @pushfix, and he has been kind enough to let us give away 10 licenses for his PushFix to our ModMyi readers!

    So how do you get your hands on one? Two ways. Here's how to enter:

    1. Leave a reply to this article and let us know your experiences with trying to get Push Notifications working on your own. Some of us have spent hours trying to get it to work without any luck. I want to hear your story and why you deserve to have your push notifications working again.

    2. Tweet this article on twitter and mention @modmyi. Click here for easy tweeting. Tweet This!

    The contest will last 3 days, and winners will be notified by email.

    Important notes for purchasers in certain countries
    Carriers which REQUIRE the iPhone data plan on that carrier (or you can use WiFi only push):Push does not work properly on regular data plan.
    US - T-Mobile (requires $19.99 a month plan at this time)
    UK - Orange
    France - SFR

    Carriers in which push over CELL DATA is not supported - Do not purchase at this time (WiFi only is still supported):
    Brazil - Vivo (possibly)
    Columbia - Comcel
    Germany - Vodafone
    Nigeria - MTN
    Poland - Polkomtel

    Push Fix (pushfix) on Twitter
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    1. iPirate8245's Avatar
      iPirate8245 -
      I need a copy. Unfortunately my experiance is limited so I don't the how and why, but sometimes push works and sometimes not. I just accepted it as an unreliable service.
    1. sami4021's Avatar
      sami4021 -
      Iwould love push notifications! They would be a great help busunesswise and roaming wise. I would not have to check my mail or background applications just so i can get an IM. I hope I win!!
    1. Raptors's Avatar
      Raptors -
      This works great, been using it for over a month
    1. Pushfix's Avatar
      Pushfix -
      Quote Originally Posted by JayMacApple View Post
      What about the battery drainage problem? Has it been fixed?
      The battery drainage problem was due to the fact that the free push fixes included shared certificates.

      From my forum:

      Push only causes this much data usage when you are using shared certificates. In that case, you get many messages that come to your phone that are not intended for you and are discarded without any notification. Some users have reported over 20 MB a day in data usage when using the iphoneil.net pushfix because there are tens of thousands of people with the same push certificate.
      In another thread, I explain that working push uses less than 100KB a day.

      By the way, in the case of iphoneil.net's push fix, they meant no harm. They were only trying to provide a service to the community and when I informed them of the problems their push fix was causing, they removed it from their repo. They tested my fix and agreed that it showed none of the problems that a shared certificate fix has.

      You can even read a review they did of Pushfix 2.0, although you will have to Google Translate it from Hebrew. Push Fix 2.0 review by iphoneil.net

      There are very rare cases where a carrier provides your phone with a non-firewalled connection. Since activating push makes your phone get a cell data IP 24/7, your phone is open to scanning. On one of these carriers, your phone will get scanned approximately every 45 seconds. This is totally the fault of the carrier. The two affected countries/carriers are :

      1. Comcel in Colombia - No firewall & public IP! Terrible.
      2. Pakistan (carriers affected not known yet) - not nearly as bad as Comcel - your phone loses some battery life, but not drastic.
    1. bmxtreme's Avatar
      bmxtreme -
      All he did was keep restoring,activate and extract the certs, then sell it. Start your own business, buy an ipod touch and do the same.
    1. wesker17's Avatar
      wesker17 -
      What was my experience… mmmm
      I restore my iPhone a couple of time think a made a mistake unlocking it but after a few day a friend told me it was not a problem of how i unlock it was a problem of the blackra1n, and that i need to instal "Push Notification Fix" from cydia, and so I went to cydia and found nothing so I star searching for the solution on the internet and I realize that you need to ad a repo so i thought it was easy, i found the repo and search for it but... nothing so I instal another one… and nothing then I got tired and decided to doit another day…

      Days later… i search for another repo and finally found it, so I installed but nothing… so i restore my iPhone once with a backup and another one as new but I fail again, I search and search but nothing and finally in a forum I read that you need an at&t sim card because of something that had to be with the certification of the iphone (i didnt understand all the science behind it and didnt care I just want my push back!) so i look for an at&t sim btw i live in mexico and have a US iPhone so it was a problem because I lost mine :S
      I finally found one but i failed again, so then i try to use my hacking abilities (none) and get my iphone on SSH and try modifying the code on the Facebook app… then I realize that i dont know anything about hacking cracking or coding so i failed again

      so my experience was mmm lets but it like this, Experience + Fail^3 = ExFailence^3

      hope you like my story…
    1. TechnopodMan's Avatar
      TechnopodMan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raptors View Post
      This works great, been using it for over a month
      same here. From spain, and working again!!

      I try various methods but nothing working like this!!!

      i´m using a loooooooooot of free apps, and games but when i need to pay for a better solution like SwirlyMMS, iBluetooth, Snapture, iLog, PkgBackup, and many others i pay for it.
    1. uturn68's Avatar
      uturn68 -
      i use gvmobile along with pushGmail to text but the push always has issues. would this help?
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pushfix View Post
      I'm also developing a possible iPhone anti-virus app (1 in 10 phones has a virus, generally causing significant battery depletion).

      I am confused here, when did viruses come to the iPhone? And 1 in 10 are infected. We all knew about the root password issue which allowed some insert of logging info but an actual virus? I know other phones OSs have viruses. Lead the way I want to read more on the iPhone virus.
    1. Pushfix's Avatar
      Pushfix -
      Quote Originally Posted by bmxtreme View Post
      All he did was keep restoring,activate and extract the certs, then sell it. Start your own business, buy an ipod touch and do the same.
      If that's all you think I did, that's your opinion, but you obviously haven't read a single d*mn thing I said. Getting the certs was the easiest part of this whole project (for me) and I bet it would take you a week to get what I provide in one day.

      If you're so smart, why don't you do it? You'll find it is a lot harder to do this on a global scale than you think. You really think you can just slap any old certificate on any phone in the world on any carrier and it just takes right off, huh?

      Quote Originally Posted by uturn68 View Post
      i use gvmobile along with pushGmail to text but the push always has issues. would this help?
      PushGmail makes it hard to tell because the service is down often, for sometimes days at a time. You should be using GmailPush or Boxcar, but I don't recommend you buy anything unless you know you have a unique push key (or would be willing to get one if it wasn't).

      There are some free push apps you can try, although there aren't that many of them. Try iPusher in the app store and verify that over several days, you consistently always get the notification.

      Quote Originally Posted by cerote View Post
      I am confused here, when did viruses come to the iPhone? And 1 in 10 are infected. We all knew about the root password issue which allowed some insert of logging info but an actual virus? I know other phones OSs have viruses. Lead the way I want to read more on the iPhone virus.
      There are actually several viruses for the iPhone at this point and part of the problem is that people aren't aware of them. I have been talking about them on my twitter and trying to spread the word.

      I have a post in my forum with more information (including detection). Pushfix 2.0 View topic - iPhone virus check

      The Rick Roll worm was harmless, other than changing the wallpaper.

      Then came this virus : Yet Another iPhone Worm? | Symantec Connect

      That one forwards your SMS messages and email to the virus creator. It is a variant of the Rick Roll worm and there are reportedly at least 5 variants of it in the wild now.

      The newest and most dangerous one creates a Botnet that your iPhone joins and it constantly provides access to your phone to the Botnet controller. iPhone Virus Turns Into a Mobile Botnet | Redmond Pie

      I have seen this one and it can send and receive ANY file in the filesystem on demand. Your phone can also be issued commands to do whatever the attacker wants. It uses a modified HTTP protocol to issue the commands. It seems to connect to other hacked Windows machines to provide anonymity to the attacker.

      Not only is this a huge security threat, but it is also constantly depleting your battery.

      At this time, all of these are only using the fact that users generally don't change their mobile & root user passwords when they have SSH running. However, because we are jailbroken and the signature checks are disabled on executables, it is only a matter of time before exploits are found in other services that can be taken advantage of only on jailbroken devices. Even if an exploit was found in official firmware, getting past the the restriction on running unsigned code would prove incredibly difficult.
    1. ForumSnoBorderRK's Avatar
      ForumSnoBorderRK -
      yeah thats really weird. I unlocked my 3GS ever since 3.0 days, and I even updated to 3.1.2 and ive had push notifications the whole way...

      cool that theres a fix though incase this happens to someone I know.
    1. battlecrushr's Avatar
      battlecrushr -
      Awesome mite try this
    1. kennyleeme's Avatar
      kennyleeme -
      I want my push notifications back
    1. Rizaria's Avatar
      Rizaria -
      Sounds like good work has been done. :P
    1. karmicwhimsy's Avatar
      karmicwhimsy -
      Happily spent 5.99 for this app, and now push on my YouMail app finally works!
    1. g12007's Avatar
      g12007 -
      where do you buy push fix 2.0 .... i dont see it in cydia
    1. goodluck4287's Avatar
      goodluck4287 -
      I tried the old pushfix that has been around for a while with no success on an iPhone 3G.

      After installing it, I had to re-enter all my wifi passwords and then re-enter all of my email account passwords, including MobileMe, Gmails and some personal IMAP settings. Then I had to get the YouTube fix and install it several times because it didn't work. That finally worked. Then I completely uninstalled all of my Push apps from my Mac and iPhone, reinstalled...

      Now, here we are today, and it still doesn't work.

      I probably don't deserve a free license any more than anyone else... but honestly I've tried everything I could find, including the DevTeams alpha version that was on one of their Twitter pages (I think musclenerd). If I get a free license I will post about the glory on my blog, which is admittedly brand new, but who knows, it could lead to a few more sales because my friends know I'm their go to nerd for jailbreaking.

      So thanks for reading, thanks for the entry and I hope I win a license!
    1. dnbull's Avatar
      dnbull -
      This is my story. My push was working for version 3.0. As excited as I was for version 3.1.2 and went ahead and did it to jailbreak and unlocked. Then the internet stop working for me so the iphone became kind of pointless to me but then in December it came back up and that's when I tried to work on getting push fix again.

      I couldn't do nothing I tried almost everything. I used programs for the MAC said and even the WINDOWS side and nothing was working about transferring file to the iphone to get it work and chmod it.

      Honestly I sat on the computer for like 5 hours repeating steps and reading the same thing over and over and over but I knew something was wrong. Seems like the only way to get push to work was to use a ATT sim card which I have no way of access in getting that.

      Yea so I had a lot of frustrations with this hopefully this is a good outlet.
    1. halo204561's Avatar
      halo204561 -
      I have AIM, ScoreCenter and a birthday app as well as notify me and none of them work half the time, hell more than half the time. It used to work fine and now they don't. I want my push notifications back. Because I miss being able to be alerted to scores of games I'm interested in
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      boy...im glad i dont have to unlock