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  • Apple Tablet Confirmed! iPhone OS Based! Will Be Announced Tomorrow!
    McGraw-Hill CEO, has confirmed that Apple will be announcing a Tablet tomorrow, which will be iPhone OS Based. There is no denying this one. Straight from the man himself. Here's video to prove it.


    "Yeah, Very exciting. Yes, they'll make their announcement tomorrow on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite a while. And the Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it will be transferable. So what you are going to be able to do now is we have a consortium of e-books. And we have 95% of all our materials that are in e-book format on that one. So now with the tablet you're going to open up the higher education market, the professional market. The tablet is going to be just really terrific."
    Source: CNBC Spotted by MacRumors
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    1. sikdaz's Avatar
      sikdaz -
      blaaaah! i was so pumped to buy this tablet thinking it would run Mac OS x! i'm not buying a 10 inch screen iphone... why iPhone OS whYYY????
    1. hondakorn's Avatar
      hondakorn -
      i just wanna play stair dismount on a 10" screen lol

    1. ikesmasher's Avatar
      ikesmasher -
      if the dock is sideways unlike the iphone OS giving it a good snow leopard
      theme will be as easy as heck if the tablet is jailbroken.
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Uh oh Nice one CEO.
      iPhone OS....
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Apple's tablet running on iPhone's OS might not be that bad. Especially on 4.0. I mean think about it, would Apple really let the Tablet run a basic iPhone OS version? I don't think so. I think there will be many refinements and new additions to the 4.0 OS that will be available to both the iPhone and Tablet. Well...i hope..
    1. ripped53's Avatar
      ripped53 -
      Just reading tech watch and came across this... I'm sure someone has posted it somewhere so please don't jump down my throat. Just thought I'd share..
      Engadget founder Jason Calacanis has been tweeting happily away about the tablet’s features.

      If this isn’t a hoax – and it doesn’t sound like it (it’s a long time until April) – Calacanis says he was given a tablet a week and a half ago.

      The features he discusses on his Twitter account include: A built-in HDTV tuner, two cameras (one front, one back), thumbpads for mouse gestures (and fingerprint security!), an OLED display, and a solar pad on the rear for recharging.

      He also sings the tablet’s praises when it comes to gaming, calling it “sick” and saying it has “Nintendo Wii level innovation.” The device uses wi-fi to connect to other tablets for networked gaming.

      Calacanis also notes that it’s great for reading newspapers, and concludes among all the gushing: “Most of all that this is [the] best gadget ever made and NOT overhyped.”

      One thing he didn’t give out, however, is the official name. He did talk pricing though, which will be $599, $699 or $799, depending on the exact size and memory specifications.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -

      Lazy copycat design of the iPod, Same OS, not even a new OS, does NOT make phone calls..... at least the iPhone does. So we lose features and pay for a bigger screen on a less capable machine.

      Clever apple, but not clever enough.

      They should have named it the iLazy. A big ipod touch........... not very exciting.

      Sell this to an iSucker.