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  • Charge Two iPhones from One USB Port via DuaLink

    It's two iPhone chargers in one! Yes, the DuaLink cable for the iPod and iPhone serves up its own fun-sized USB hub that, as you would expect from a title like the one above, comes with a sole USB connector on one end and two iPod/iPhone connectors on the other.

    From MacWorld:

    Cable vendor CableJive has introduced the DuaLink, a USB dock-connector cable for iPods and iPhones that lets you charge and sync two devices simultaneously.
    As one can clearly see from the image of the DuaLink in action, CableJive was thoughtful enough to "bulk up" the cables used
    for DuaLink, which seem capable of withstanding more wear and tear than the flimsy default cable that Apple packs with iPhones
    and iPods.

    According to CableJive, the $26 DuaLink works its magic by including a two-port USB 2.0 hub inside the cable itself. The DuaLink also uses heavy-duty cable and includes a lifetime warranty.

    Obviously practical (and pretty cool to boot) the concept of being able to charge or sync two Apple devices simultaneously
    is borderline revolutionary. And given the affordability (according to some ) of the DuaLink, this nifty thing could catch on.

    The DuaLink measures nine inches in length and, in case you're wondering, it is, indeed, compatible with all iPhones and iPods - but not the iPod shuffle.

    Images via MacWorld
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    1. iLaw-One's Avatar
      iLaw-One -
      Can charge two...yes, have some other uses...possibly, but jailbreak or restore two at the same time? not going to work I'm afraid! especially if you've ever jailbroken. Itunes just doesn't allow it...
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      very clean looking.
    1. ROFLwaffle's Avatar
      ROFLwaffle -
      Why didn't I think out that???
    1. mjkrooker's Avatar
      mjkrooker -
      Quote Originally Posted by taxbax View Post
      has anyone pointed out the fact that you can't charge an iphone from the keyboard usb port? USB low power notice. FAIL!
      I got my hands on one of these duaLinks and can charge and sync both my iPhone 3GS and iPod nano from the keyboard. I'm sure it's slower, but over the past hour my iPhone has gone from 3/4 charge to full charge. Maybe it varies from setup to setup, I've got an external keyboard hooked up to my 13" aluminum MacBook.