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  • Dec. 28 Cydia Crashing Problem. DO NOT Restore Your Device FIX Inside!
    Today around 12:05 EST there was a Packages file distributed via macciti/zodttd's source that causes cydia to not launch properly. The issue is well known and a solution is being worked out. Please do not panic/overreact and restore. Again, DO NOT restore your device.

    More Information:
    The issue was caused by a unicode character used in zodttd's packages file. This character brought out a bug in cydia which caused it to not launch. (a similar problem was created in the past when another community source missed a line break between entries.) This is not the fault of anyone at macciti or zodttd this is simply a bug in cydia.
    This is a simple fix really.
    • Connect to your iphone/ipod via either ssh, mobile terminal, ifile, diskaid or some other type of usb file system browser. Browse to /var/lib/apt/lists/
    • Delete cydia.zodttd-1.com_repo_cydia_dists_stable_main_binary-iphoneos-arm_Packages.
    • Install the new update to cydia to fix this.

    IF you have apt7 installed you should be able to just run the following:
    apt-get update
    You can also follow the direction in this .pdf to fix using diskaid for mac or windows
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Dec. 28 Cydia Crashing Problem. DO NOT Restore Your Device FIX Inside! started by JStraitiff View original post
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    1. Truckerbear's Avatar
      Truckerbear -
      YouTube - How To Fix Cydia Crash 28th December 2009

      There is the fix in video! Step by step, flashy peasy up and easy!
    1. whoneedsaname47's Avatar
      whoneedsaname47 -

      Go to the blackra1n app on your iphone
      Install rock
      In rock search for openssh and install it
      You now have openssh on your iphone and you can now connect via ssh and fix the problem using the method stated above

      You can also install the cydia update via rock but it will not fix the problem....you must still ssh and delete the file
    1. hernanr's Avatar
      hernanr -
      Too late for mee too. I've just restored yesterday.

      Here in South America Dec 28 is the Day of the Innocent (like a fools day, people make jokes to eachother)

      Nice way for cydia to conmemorate The Day of the Innocent
    1. yentrog31's Avatar
      yentrog31 -
      my Cydia never crashed or had any problems and I do have that source..but after reading these posts I looked over my Cydia and I have like 25 some odd new packages that I didnt have before..all from the Cydia/Teleshoreo source....anybody else get these?....apt0.7,bzip2,core dawin tools,debian,diffutil,etc etc

      edit..guess I was sleepy that day..must have hit the hacker button....went back to settings and hit user and all those are now hidden again....what a shock to see all those ..no wonder they keep them hidden from rooks like me!
    1. acm0810's Avatar
      acm0810 -
      what other solution do i have ?
    1. LiikeAStarh's Avatar
      LiikeAStarh -
      i just recently restored my iPod yesterday, after reviving it from the dead.
      and i never knew about this cydia bug.
      is there any other way to get rid of this bug?
      i dont have OpenSSH, or MobileTerminal, or iFile, and i dont really want to install rock because of the recent conflicts it had with cydia on my iTouch.

      any solutions???
    1. acm0810's Avatar
      acm0810 -
      can i unistall rock after?
      what happen i i restore ? and install cydia again ?
    1. Khalid Muhammad's Avatar
      Khalid Muhammad -
    1. ggrassmid's Avatar
      ggrassmid -
      I removed the source from Rock App and then re-opened cydia and reinstalled the source. Seems to be working for me. I have terminal, but am not familiar with using it to be able to delete the source list last way.
    1. gQstatus05's Avatar
      gQstatus05 -
      Cydia needs to disappear. RockApp is way better. I'm tired of all the problems I have with Cydia.
    1. periperi's Avatar
      periperi -
      thanks a lot
    1. JStraitiff's Avatar
      JStraitiff -
      It seems that a lot of you are having this problem. so i guess ill make an announcement.

      If you do not have SSH installed you may use Diskaid. Diskaid will not work on blackra1n jailbroken devices unless you had enabled it previously. therefore you are limited to either mobileterminal or using rock to install openSSH or mobile terminal and apt7.

      Once again the command in mobile terminal is
      apt-get update
      I dont remember if you need to be superuser or not to run it so if you get a permissions denied error you must do the following: (if you have changed your root password just replace alpine with your new password.)
      apt-get update
    1. devteamtools's Avatar
      devteamtools -
      Zodttd is out to get us, i swear.
    1. Absolutekrunk's Avatar
      Absolutekrunk -

      install rock......use rock to uninstall cydia repo and app, reinstall with rock...DONE....

      I have been reading alot about the war between cydia and rock, and after this issue, having rock FIX my cydia, without having to put my device at RISK with this SSH solution.....its a no brainer...rock is obviously putting more into the game and working harder on being responsible to the infrastructure...

      Running ROCK....installed via blackra1n...used rock to install cydia....everything WORKS...including h@ckul*us...for months and running no sad faces....

      without ROCK at this point....if you didn't pre-install SSH or if you accidentally restored your device....your screwed, no more jailbreak for you....and no-one can help you but ROCK.....

      AS of today.....ROCK SAVED CYDIA...

      I think this is a good example for all those old-school die-hards that knock Rock....EVOLUTION is more potent and important than TRADITION.

      ROCK ON!

    1. LiikeAStarh's Avatar
      LiikeAStarh -
      lol, chill,
      cydias much better than rock anyway.
      and i believe it was a source error,?
      just one little letter messed everything up.

      and people can make custom .ipsw containing OpenSSH (i think)

      i tried Rock, brilliant, but not as good as Cydia probaly my back up just incase though . . .
    1. uneakue's Avatar
      uneakue -
      Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhh!!!!!!!! I restoreded awlready!
    1. LiikeAStarh's Avatar
      LiikeAStarh -
      you can just jailbreak and then install rock and cydia, go on rock and it will say there are important upgrades.
      upgrade and then cydia will work now.

      after that, its your choice whether to use Rock or Cydia
    1. weazle23's Avatar
      weazle23 -
      guess im lucky i used the toggle to turn off my cydia refreshes and i manually do it about once a week. it never crashed and just did a refresh since zod fixed it. as for cydia vs. rockapp i will probably always use cydia as my primary. only thing i use rock for is the app backup feature. after everything saurik has done for the iphone/ipod modding scene i can deal with a little bit longer loading time. and the people from rockapp always seem a little arrogant.
    1. Blackwidow74's Avatar
      Blackwidow74 -
      i keep getting database error when i try to launch cydia 3 times then cydia has no sources and if i try to add 1 it crashes and keeps crashing until i reboot my phone. is there a way to reinstall cydia r fix this cuz now i have no cydia.. thanx
    1. Fhadso's Avatar
      Fhadso -
      I just used Rock temporarily and discovered it's ease of use. I'll fix it eventually.