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  • Easily Enable Tethering on 3.0 via iPhone Safari!
    So if you haven't already discovered tethering is working on iPhone firmware 3.0 (even for AT&T). You can enable AT&T tethering via a simple .ipcc (download AT&T.ipcc) update via iTunes OR you can make it happen in an even easier manner via Safari on your iPhone!

    BenM.at is hosting TONS of iPhone tethering configuration files for many many networks across various countries.

    Simply browse to help.BenM.at/help.php via Safari on your iPhone

    Select Mobileconfigs

    Select Country

    Select Provider

    Select install

    Select Install Now

    Select Done

    That's it, Now just browse to Settings->General->Network->Internet Tethering->On and you have tethering.

    Note: at the time of this writing tethering is still working for AT&T even though they said it would not work. Here's hoping that AT&T doesn't prevent this overnight!

    thx to iClarified for pointing out BenM.at
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    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post

      Here in the UK O2 charge 14/ month for 3Gb of data for tethering - if they charge you by the Mb then $50,000 is about right.
      Muh, its only money
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
    1. viperstarpoint9's Avatar
      viperstarpoint9 -
      It seems to have gone bust on my 3G S i do this method and it tells me to contact att to activate the service. I don't think so charge me more for something I am already paying for in unlimited.
    1. warfa's Avatar
      warfa -
      Hey thanks for this, i have easily enabled tethering both usb and bluetooth, and mms on my 3G on the tmobile 5.99 tzones. its pretty fast too

      but is t-mobile gonna say anything? lol
    1. xplodnstar's Avatar
      xplodnstar -
      I tried it today for my friend, but I get an error message:

      "Download Failed
      Safari cannot download this file."

      Did AT&T lock it, or is it a phone issue?
    1. duceduc's Avatar
      duceduc -
      Hello guys. Tried to find answers elsewhere but not getting a straight answer about tethering.

      I am with softbank.
      I just upgraded to 3.0 and unlocked it. I tested the mms and it works w/o tweaking any settings. I want to try tethering via the official settings but have couple of questions before I do.

      I had use pdanet on 2.2.1. I don't want to incur any extra data charge if they are goig to charge me. How will my provider know that I am using tethering with the 3.0 firmware?

      If I install the ipcc file via the OP post, will I lose my mms settings as stated right before the install of th custom ipcc file? Does the custom ipcc file includs both the tethering and the mms settings?

      There are two custom files to choose and I don't know which of the two my provider has. Does it matter just as long as one works?

      What can I backup if I choose to revert back to my old ipcc file?

      Thanks for reading. I didn't realize it was this long.
    1. GADeputy's Avatar
      GADeputy -
      Works great for me. I'm in the U.S., have AT&T, and running Vista on my laptop. As soon as I turned on tethering on my iPhone my laptop automatically installed some drivers and connected without me doing anything. I'm real happy this works since I used to use iPhoneModem but it doesn't seem to work on firmware 3.0.
      This is super simple to use.
    1. dannydigtl's Avatar
      dannydigtl -
      I installed the ipcc file successfully. I now have a "Set Up Internet Tethering" Option in my Settings/General/Network.

      however if i click it, a msg pops up saying " To enable tethering on this account, contact AT&T"

    1. duceduc's Avatar
      duceduc -
      I, too, am getting a 'contact provider to enable tethering' message. This is one of the solution but i don't know how to obtain or find this 'mobileconfig' file.

      My data is not working at the moment after the ipcc file install. It say 'you are not subscribe to data...'

      Grrr.. I give up. Anyone got tethering working on Softbank like me know. Tried all morning and I can't get pass the "Contact provider..." message.

      Edited: I got it finally. I had to use another ipcc file and uploaded view itunes. The file on bemn...didn't work on softbank.

      Quote Originally Posted by Boidy View Post
      Ok, this is what you see when the iPhone is looking for an tethering specific APN which it doesn't know about. The mobileconfig file has to be modified to allow tethering on the existing APN.


      Download a copy of the mobileconfig to your PC/Mac so you can open it up in a text editor.

      Scroll through it until you see something like what is shown below:

      PHP Code:

      The last 2 lines (type-mask & integer lines) are probably missing from your config. This is what tells the iPhone to use the same APN for internet and tethering. Add them to the file, save it, and then email it as an attachment to yourself so you can pick it up on your iPhone. Open the attachment on the iPhone and it should apply the new settings.
    1. kminatta's Avatar
      kminatta -
      Quote Originally Posted by kminatta View Post
      i get a "Restricted URL..." message when i click on the "Download" settings for USA (AT&T). i have checked all my Safari settings, and they are at the default settings. any ideas?
      i figured out the problem. i had put my "Preferences" in a category using Categories which hid the icon. once i removed it from the category so the icon was back on my Springboard, i was able to install the changes with no problem.
    1. kriskiser's Avatar
      kriskiser -
      ive updated to 3.0 on a 2g phone and followed this and i still dont even have tethering as an option under settings>general>network. Anybody else having this problem?
    1. alpawa's Avatar
      alpawa -
      I've updated to 3.0 jailbroken and unlocked; I do not have any network setting to enable tethering... Do I have something missing? Help!
      Where can I get the ipcc file for Tigo in Guatemala? or can I input the data manually somehow?
    1. tom q's Avatar
      tom q -
      does this work for 3GS? I don't want to lose visual voice mail as mentioned in the first page thread.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      It should do. All it is doing is loading carrier settings and they now include VM where applicable.
    1. xjuliephanx's Avatar
      xjuliephanx -
      I'm having trouble getting MMS and tethering to work together. I can only seem to have one or the other. When my MMS works, tethering is not an option enabled in my settings and I have to run the mobileconfig again. Once I run it, all 3 APNs are all changed to internet2.voicestream.com, which I can then tether but no MMS. When I try changing the MMS APN back to wap.voicestream.com or epc.tmobile.com with the correct MMSC and proxy settings and successfully send a MMS, my tethering connection fails and the option then disappears from settings.

      I'm at a loss; anyone got a clue to what's going on?
    1. tom q's Avatar
      tom q -
      "You guys having issues give this a try. How to Enable Tethering & MMS on 3.0 - SiNfuL...
      It worked perfect for me and was VERY simple to do."

      I tried this site. Tethering works but I don't have the camera icon in Message.
    1. MiPhoan's Avatar
      MiPhoan -
      I was having issues enabling tethering. I have no signal in my house. As soon as I went someplace where I had a signal I was able to enable it.

      Moral of the story, make sure you have a good cellular data signal when you try to enable tethering.
    1. cyris69's Avatar
      cyris69 -
      Awesome Thank You SOOOO much! No more fumbling around with PDAnet (which is still great) anymore. Works like a charm I can be listening to music or playing a game and still have internet on my netbook.
    1. tom q's Avatar
      tom q -
      I tried sinful..., Benhelp....unlockit. I am able to tether but I don't see the camera in the SMS. I don't have a cellular option under network too. What am I doing wrong?

      on my 2G, I know tethering does not work. How do I get MMS to work using the profile sites? My 2G does not have data plan but we have unlimited SMS on a family plan.
    1. alpawa's Avatar
      alpawa -
      Works great!