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  • Easily Enable Tethering on 3.0 via iPhone Safari!
    So if you haven't already discovered tethering is working on iPhone firmware 3.0 (even for AT&T). You can enable AT&T tethering via a simple .ipcc (download AT&T.ipcc) update via iTunes OR you can make it happen in an even easier manner via Safari on your iPhone!

    BenM.at is hosting TONS of iPhone tethering configuration files for many many networks across various countries.

    Simply browse to help.BenM.at/help.php via Safari on your iPhone

    Select Mobileconfigs

    Select Country

    Select Provider

    Select install

    Select Install Now

    Select Done

    That's it, Now just browse to Settings->General->Network->Internet Tethering->On and you have tethering.

    Note: at the time of this writing tethering is still working for AT&T even though they said it would not work. Here's hoping that AT&T doesn't prevent this overnight!

    thx to iClarified for pointing out BenM.at
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    1. battlecrushr's Avatar
      battlecrushr -
      only works on 3.0
    1. callmetuan's Avatar
      callmetuan -
      AHA!!! SOLVED. my steps taken to enable tethering on iphone 3g 3.1.2 w/ redsn0w

      1. i had sbtethering toggle installed so i uninstalled it
      2. installed blacksn0w from the blackra1n repository, i guess it needed to be unlocked. i remember blackra1n installed this on my precious jailbreak
      3. installed the peacefulinsanity mobile config and rebooted.
      4. BAMM!!! tethering toggle active in network settings
      5. and visual voicemail works
      6. if you have the same setup as me, you're good