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  • Cycorder - Superior Free Video Recorder for 3G and 2.x

    Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), author of Cydia and WinterBoard, Friday released Cycorder (website not REALLY there yet. ), a FREE native iPhone video recorder application. The release comes hot on the tails of DreamCatcher's 2.x release of their $19.95 iPhone Video Recorder software, and is superior in many aspects.

    Before, I get into the details, here's a sample video recorded with Cycorder.


    Quality on the videos is much higher than iPhone Video Recorder's movies, due to Saurik's use of MJPEG compression - the same compression used in the majority of point and shoot digital camera's with video support. Oh, and there is no waiting 3 times as long as your video length after you record before the video compresses and lets you watch it (as Showtime did, in 1.x firmwares - its not yet out for 2.x iPhones) - when you finish recording a video with Cycorder, you can immediately play the video back.

    The video playback list has a slick first-frame thumbnail shown for each video you've taken, vs just a listing of the time's of each video as competing video recorders have (MUCH easier to tell which video is which - if you record several videos in an evening or day, the times really don't help you much at all later).

    Videos are recorded at 384x288, a 4x3 aspect ratio. Depending on how well lit the area is, videos are recorded at between 6-15 fps. Saurik notes that the large variance of fps is due to the iPhone camera, which when video is recorded is basically taking pictures as fast as it can and when you take those photos the camera has to open its shutter, let in the light that makes up the photo, and close the shutter. The less light, the longer it takes to do that. So, better lighting equals higher quality fps, and therefore smoother videos.

    The UI is done in landscape mode, and is extremely simple and easy to use - press the large center button on the right (bottom if the iPhone is held vertically) to record/stop recording, and press the small arrow to open up your playback list. Saurik mentioned he's looking at ways to even have the videos show up in your iPod Videos list once recorded in Cycorder.

    Update!!!! Cycorder now includes audio

    Cycorder can be downloaded now from Cydia (its on the Featured Packages list on the front page of Cydia, or in the Multimedia section. I'd definitely recommend it - the video quality is the best out there, and audio will be included shortly.
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    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by KRAZYKUZTOMS View Post
      Hey does anyone know how to download stuff from the download section i am a member but when i try to download it says your trying to download to fast you have to wait 12 sec it says that over and over does anyone know
      I'd never tried before (I just download from Cydia)but just tried without a problem using FF on Windows 7 - what are you using?
    1. wyatt_450's Avatar
      wyatt_450 -
      great app
    1. kpace1's Avatar
      kpace1 -
      thanks heard you the first time
    1. ZR_Yancy's Avatar
      ZR_Yancy -
      Quote Originally Posted by brotherbond007 View Post
      It will be even better when he updates it so we can email the videos to ourselves or love ones!!
      You can! Just install PixelPipe(free) from the Appstore. Then install PPVideoenabler from Cydia. This will allow you to upload your Cycorder videos to youtube, vimeo, etc... & also send your Cycorder videos to email recipients. Just be aware that the email recipients email service allows large file attachments to be received. Otherwise, they will never receive the video. Another alternative is to keep your videos short & sweet if you're planning on sending it through email. This is all done from your iPhone. No more downloading it from your iPhone to your computer. I tested it & everything works great. For large videos files, I recommend using a wifi connection. Another huge step in the Jailbreaking community for a complete multimedia cell phone.
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Go to /var/mobile/Media/Videos with either a program like WinSCP or Cyberduck and copy them onto your computer. Or, you could use MobileFinder to copy the videos to / and then you could email it to yourself if the file isnt too big...
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      I have about 10 videso spanning a few months and had no idea where to send them or save them. Thanks so much!
    1. jbode's Avatar
      jbode -
      It's great making videos that you can save on your computer and post online. You never know when something interesting will come up and you will want to post a video online to share with others.
    1. JonFolse's Avatar
      JonFolse -
      This app worked real well when I had my iphone. I loved it. I posted many videos to my blog because of it
    1. dman112's Avatar
      dman112 -
      Yes i have been wanting Audio for a while thanks so much.
    1. redmagic's Avatar
      redmagic -
      It works perfect
    1. AotW's Avatar
      AotW -
      I have this also and its perfect, fits your everyday needs just fine.
    1. chachlate's Avatar
      chachlate -
      example of cycorder used to record live performance here:

      the audio really does incredibly well even at high levels. i don't think there can be any attenuation built in, but even so it sounds quite nice.
      WARNING: contains profane language -- not suitable for all.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Goes to show the quality of cycorder but the subject matter is not suitable for a family audience.
    1. TomyUs's Avatar
      TomyUs -
      Quote Originally Posted by lillewis51 View Post
      the difference between the two is that cycorder actually uses the camera. video recorder 3g takes screen shots at 15 fps making it grainy and laggy. cycorder surpasses it in video quality and it compresses the video in real time. yea email and youtube but with that crappy of "video" quality, compression time, and price. it sucks.

      cycorder ftw
      Now, with the newly updated version of iPhone Video Recorder, the image quality is good as Cycorder, and also real time recording..., please check out from the Cydia feature page.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      With the new camera API in FW 3.0 will we be seeing a video app in the app store soon?
    1. c0mpguru's Avatar
      c0mpguru -
      I've been using both Cycorder and iPhone Video Recorder and I have to say that that Cycorder lags behind Video Recorder with the video quality, but not audio. There is no lag with Video Recorder like there is in Cycorder, but the only thing that sucks is that the audio is SOOO much better in Cycorder than Video Recorder...how is it for you guys?
    1. jayizzy's Avatar
      jayizzy -
      i have question is there any u can upload the videos on to a pc or a mac and is there way to upload like via facebook and myspace?
    1. Dorkenstein909's Avatar
      Dorkenstein909 -
      when does the youtube upload and video repair come?
    1. Gumchai's Avatar
      Gumchai -
      Cycorder is great IMO. Would better without the ads, but great nonetheless. Some lag with the video but hey I can live with that.