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  • Daylight Savings Time Wreaks Havoc on iPhones... Again

    Daylight Savings Time has struck again. On Sunday, many iPhone users started complaining about their iDevice botching the time change. Rather than pushing the iPhone clock one-hour forward, a lot of iPhones went the other direction - that is, setting clocks back an hour instead. By Sunday morning there was a large but unknown number of iPhone users two hours behind schedule according to mobile device.

    Although this isn't the first time that a seasonal time change has befuddled the iPhone (on New Year's day there were alarm-related issues, just as there were at the end of daylight savings time last November), today was the first time the issue actually trended with some gusto on Twitter. On Sunday morning it seemed everyone was full of complaints about the unexplained two-hour mix-up.

    Of course, many iPhone owners have been through this situation before. And they're well aware of the easy fix. If your iPhone's clock was somehow mistakenly set back, simply shut down the device and then restart it. Switching the iPhone to “airplane mode” and then back will also do the trick.
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      Quote Originally Posted by i.Annie View Post
      Your point being? Am I the spelling police now? I wouldn't correct it if I didn't notice it now would I? Kindly refrain from creating an arguement or disagreement of some sort over something so miniscule, seeing as how I didn't provoke you to begin with.

      Apparently commenting on something is inappropriate for a moderator now without taking notice to every detail?

      Please just save us the trouble of disagreeing anymore simply because you feel like saying unnecessary things to people who haven't bothered you.
      Be calm.
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      Just being reasonable boss, sorry. Im working on it
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      Quote Originally Posted by Go Gators View Post
      The time on my i4 is correct but when my alarm goes off at 6am it's really 5am. Very frustrating!
      Same with me. iPhone 4 GP jailbreak 4.1

      Edit - I do notice however that if I choose not to repeat the alarm, they work fine.
    1. tellytel's Avatar
      tellytel -
      yeah is there a fix for the alarms? Mine goes off an hour early too. Ive tried resetting the alarms and rebooting. Very retarded.
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      D1v1d3d -
      So, is there any new info on this? I have a Iphone4 with j/b 4.1 on it. If i set alarm to repeat it goes off an hour early. If I dont have it repeat it is fine. I have tried the trick of deleting and resetting the alarms, rebooted, and tried the airplane mode on and off. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
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      Quote Originally Posted by kadinh View Post
      Same with me. iPhone 4 GP jailbreak 4.1

      Edit - I do notice however that if I choose not to repeat the alarm, they work fine.
      Yea I have the same problem too! Ip4 on 4.1 jb. I've deleted old alarms that I normally have on repeat and I created new alarm with same settings and still have the same problem. I've tried rebooting my phone same problem occurs, I wake up an hour earlier.

      I do notice if I don't set it on repeat it will go off at the correct time. It is just annoying to set my alarm independently and not have it set repeatedly.

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      Reminds me a little of the time glitch on the zunes.
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      Anyone below 4.2.1 has no room to complain. Apple fixed it and you didn't update.