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  • Radeon HD 5870, GeForce 480 on Upcoming Macs?

    Drivers on the NVIDIA site, as well as ones found inside the default Mac OS X installation on the new Mac mini, indicate that Apple is working on supporting additional high-end graphics cards, possibly for upcoming refreshes of the Mac Pro and iMac lines, both of which are due for an upgrade. Though little hard information is available, MacRumors reports on the functional Mac drivers found for the Radeon HD 5000 series and GeForce 400 series GPUs, and suggests they could be available on future high-end desktop Macs.

    The version of Mac OS X pre-installed on new model Macs is often slightly more updated than mainstream releases of the same version, including as they do support for the latest hardware Apple is shipping. In this instance, the Mac mini's build of OS X 10.6.4 included driver code for ATi Radeon HD 5000 Series graphics cards. The driver is available on netkas, and they have [ame="http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=958191"]reportedly been able[/ame] to use it successfully to run Radeon 5850, 5870 and 5970 cards, but only on hackintoshed desktops. Mac Pro support is still being worked out.

    Meanwhile, Mac OS X drivers for the GeForce 465, 470 and 480 GPUs were found/leaked from NVIDIA's server, suggesting that Apple may be readying future desktop Macs with built-in Fermi-class graphics cards. The Fermi architecture, brings NVIDIA's latest parallel processing technology to GeForce CPU co-processors for advanced graphics as well as high-performance computing for science and engineering. Availability of Fermi-class cards has been short since the new product lines were announced, due to limited supply of custom 40nm chips from TSMC.

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    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      Damn kartracer you must be proud of yourself.
      Thanks for all the facts.
      Steam did take a couple hours to download the game for me but thats only because i got it right when they announced it for mac and said portal was free which was the app I got.

      Truth is i actually only got the free service and the one free game i didnt actually pay for a game. I was planning on eventually buying a game but onlive currently only supports wired internet connection because they claim that it works great on wifi but wifi connections can be unpredictable and they wanted to make the initial release on wired connection to see how it affects their servers and what not.

      What actually got me interested though was just the fact that I can play xbox 360 games on my mac. It is true that the resolution isnt ideal and amazing as steve acts like it is and although he claims his compression algorithm to be amazing with very little compromise thats somewhat farfetched. Im not exactly the hardcore pc gamer but windows runs like sh*t in vmware fusion on my mac and is super slow but i do only have a crappy 2ghz imac. I never even actually set up bootcamp because I have like no space left on my hard drive and like the idea of it all being in the cloud and the whole cloud gaming concept seemed pretty appealing to me. As for physical copys I dont care and even with my actual pc games I made them as files on my computer so I dont have to put the disc in each time but they take up so much space. True its not gonna be ideal for many people but I find the graphics to be acceptable and I have a fast internet connection so it actually does seem quite speedy and the loading time and lag seems signifigently less than my xbox 360 but thats probably mainly because of the super high latency wireless controllers that are thanks to microsofts "brilliant" engenieering sh*t.

      The whole multiplatform idea with being able to hook it up to my tv with the micro consle and playing it on my computer with it backing up the saves in the cloud also appeals to me as well as the ability to set up bluetooth and their low latency wireless controllers.

      All in all those features are really unique and I just see myself moving more and more from xbox 360 into this because although the resolution may not be ideal and there maybe more latency the whole portability with me being able to just playing the same 360 games from the developers on my laptop and imac as well as my tv and even my iphone soon enough. And by the way... at&t already allows (indirectly) using onlive over 3g. Its called jailbreaking with mywi 4 (or regular mywi) and tethering to my laptop. Of course doing this will cause huge lag but once a 4g iphone comes then mayb things will be better. Also i can use my3g for the iphone version to trick it into thinking my iphone is on wifi.

      Guess it turns out steve perlman was blowing just as much hot air as steve jobs when he called the ipad magical lol. Nonetheless, like the ipad onlive is less than ideal but it does have new capibilities and portability that make it kinda cool other than the fact the the ipads a huge waste of money and a clunky device but it sure would he cool to hook it up with a slingbox and watch the same tv chanels I have at home on an ipad (in standard def of course).
      which is basically like the same idea. Hooking up a slingbox to an ipad is basically the same concept. I can watch the same shows I have at home on my ipad but its not gonna be high def (native res) but its nice to have the portability and be able to access my tv shows across mulitple platforms (my desktop laptop ipad and iphone). Sucks my imac doesnt meet the min requirements for the slingbox HD.
      Enlighten me with a comparison between eyetv and slingbox much the way you did between steam and onlive.

      But thanks for setting the facts straight for me and I'll take them into consideration but I accept the flaws because it really is a unique concept and service that appeals to me for the aspects I listed. Sorry if you felt insulted by anything I said to you and I appreciate you telling me how it actually works. Really all i got my information from was the 1 hour 15 min video thay was on the onlive blog which is as i mentioned in my comparison: just as much bs as the ipad keynote
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
      True its not gonna be ideal for many people but I find the graphics to be acceptable and I have a fast internet connection so it actually does seem quite speedy and the loading time and lag seems signifigently less than my xbox 360 but thats probably mainly because of the super high latency wireless controllers that are thanks to microsofts "brilliant" engenieering sh*t.
      I think alot of what you describe comes from XBox Live having so many users online at once compared to the OnLive service. The difference in having alot of traffic on a mature platform versus a little traffic on a young platform may be what is causing your slowdowns. And what in the world are you playing that you feel super high latency on? There isn't a single game that I've played that has left that impression on me, most of the time it's my slow reaction times. Could that be it?
    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      no its not the games themselves that i was referring to as super high latency but the wireless controller which actually produces quite a bit of latency compared to the onlive wireless controller but its
      obviously not enough to make the actual game high latency just a little bit more
      lag. But its not even the xbox live thing because I swear even when Im playing single player on xbox 360 the loading screens seem to take substantially longer than what I noticed on onlive. Of course once onlive becomes more traffic as you said the waiting times might end up longer than xbox
    1. jhonycovers's Avatar
      jhonycovers -
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      I just received my new iMac yesterday from Apple store, "you got to taste it"