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  • DeepEnd: Add 3D Depth to Your SpringBoard

    A few days ago I covered some news about a new app called 3DBoard, which created a 3D like effect for your SpringBoard icons. However, our good friend Ryan Petrich, developer of OverBoard, has been developing an app very similar called DeepEnd.

    The biggest difference here is that it is the Wallpaper reacts to your movements rather than the icons, which creates a 3D feel and add's depth to your wallpaper. It is rumored that the price when release will compete with that of 3DBoard. Both apps are a similar end result yet work differently under the hood.

    DeepEnd is currently still in beta, but for those impatient for the official release, you can try the beta version from Ryan Petrich’s beta repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo/.

    Ryan on Twitter: @rpetrich.
    Video from iEvolution
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    1. magusxxx's Avatar
      magusxxx -
      What would be nice is if the developer could make it do a lenticular motion shift. If you're unfamiliar with the term, here's an example. Fast forward to about 1:30.

      YouTube - 3D lenticular photography
    1. dtn's Avatar
      dtn -
      How did you guys set deepend to acheive the 3d effect shown in the video?

      the zoom pitch roll settings... i cant figure it out and does any1 have the BG (background) of the iPhone used in the vid?
    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      Do both of these require gyroscope?
    1. harmycl's Avatar
      harmycl -
      Quote Originally Posted by L00i3 View Post
      Might be worth noting that it requires an iphone 4, because the gyroscope is a dependency of the tweak
      I believe it would work nicely with just an accelerometer, too.
      I hope they add support for older devices, soon..
    1. ady199's Avatar
      ady199 -
      Looks good - anyone know where I can get the wallpaper shown in the Youtube video?

      Thanks in advance
    1. ewokcwalk's Avatar
      ewokcwalk -
      runs MOST EXCELLENT on my i4 on 4.1

      totally dig it
    1. infm5's Avatar
      infm5 -
      Just tested it. I give A for effort but sadly I think 3DBoard will do a better job replicating the 3d effect. Let see what happens when its out of beta tho.
    1. chevymusclecar's Avatar
      chevymusclecar -

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    1. Sevael's Avatar
      Sevael -
      Because of the way standard depth perception works (two eyes viewing from slightly different angles), your eyes see right through this faux 3D. The trick is to close one eye. Suddenly the icons appear to be floating above the background when you tilt the phone around.

      The reason it works on YouTube is because the video is taken from a single "eye" (ie: camera) perspective rather than true two-eye depth perception. So it will look great on video and in real life if you close one eye. But with both eyes open, true depth perception sees through the effect and effectively renders it useless.
    1. sogmasta's Avatar
      sogmasta -
      OMG. Is...is it possible to have a techgasm?
    1. EllS1231's Avatar
      EllS1231 -
      Tip: close one eye
    1. caf360's Avatar
      caf360 -
      prety cool I put it on works well.

    1. ChicagoV's Avatar
      ChicagoV -
      Doesn't seem to work with my theme; turn theme off and the effect starts. Too bad.
    1. ady199's Avatar
      ady199 -
      Anyone know where I can get the wallpaper shown in the Youtube video??

      Thanks in advance
    1. San23's Avatar
      San23 -
      Wow that's trippy but like one of the posts says it doesn't work with my theme if I turn it off from winter board it does sad
    1. djgunner's Avatar
      djgunner -
      now this is really making me miss my jb.
    1. Xenthis's Avatar
      Xenthis -
      It should spin your wallpaper too. That way you would get very realistic 3D animations.
      By spin I mean use a fish eye effect.
    1. jay0heavenly's Avatar
      jay0heavenly -
      decent, not really impressed. I'm gonna wait for the other one to come out.
    1. scirica's Avatar
      scirica -
      Thought it was just me. I wasn't seeing any difference on my IP4. I won't give up my EPHD theme for this effect, but it would be cool!
    1. Dominicsky's Avatar
      Dominicsky -
      'video not available in your Country' Youtube drives me crazy these days...getting that all the time here (in Germany)