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  • DeepEnd: Add 3D Depth to Your SpringBoard

    A few days ago I covered some news about a new app called 3DBoard, which created a 3D like effect for your SpringBoard icons. However, our good friend Ryan Petrich, developer of OverBoard, has been developing an app very similar called DeepEnd.

    The biggest difference here is that it is the Wallpaper reacts to your movements rather than the icons, which creates a 3D feel and add's depth to your wallpaper. It is rumored that the price when release will compete with that of 3DBoard. Both apps are a similar end result yet work differently under the hood.

    DeepEnd is currently still in beta, but for those impatient for the official release, you can try the beta version from Ryan Petrich’s beta repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo/.

    Ryan on Twitter: @rpetrich.
    Video from iEvolution
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    1. sjkkjs's Avatar
      sjkkjs -
      Works good with elitepro hd, shrink, and 5 column sb
    1. mrdjflood's Avatar
      mrdjflood -
      Quote Originally Posted by x98car View Post
      look again with one eye covered, jumping on one leg while rubbing your stomach.
      lmao !
    1. Zon's Avatar
      Zon -
      With both eyes open your brain easily sees that the screen is not 3D. But if you close one eye the 3D effect is fairly strong since it's using the background positioning and NOT the other eyeball to determine depth.

      If you have both eyes open and hold the iPhone far away at arm's length the effect is better since the angle of convergence on a point on the screen isn't as great.

      So yeah, with one eye open or shooting with a videocamera (sort of like looking at it with one eye) the effect looks 3D. It still needs work to look convincing with both eyes open at normal viewing distances. Also the gyroscope code needs to be tweaked a bit more but that's why it's in beta and not stated to be release quality.
    1. interestingkid's Avatar
      interestingkid -
      3dboard was just released and i bought it
      sucks that 3dboard DOES NOT move icons
      it's EXACTLY the same as deepend: it moves the wallpaper
    1. chevymusclecar's Avatar
      chevymusclecar -
      DeepEnd is SWEET!

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    1. andygev35's Avatar
      andygev35 -
      Ok, so anyone know where to get the wallpaper he used in the vid?
    1. GeneralSun's Avatar
      GeneralSun -
      Awsome app!!!
    1. annaj's Avatar
      annaj -
      It looks nothing like it does in the videos...from what I can tell, the video demos of deepend all used version .1, which is no longer available. The repo only has version .2 now. I assume that is what the problem because I tried playing with all the settings and nothing looks good. The movement isn't even smooth.

      Anyone have access to a v .1 and a v .2 to compare?
    1. Xenthis's Avatar
      Xenthis -
      Looks great.. with one eye closed
    1. wandalensh's Avatar
      wandalensh -
      i know deepend works using gyros in iphone 4. 3D Board works using accelerometers. So, its possible for 3d board to be used with iphone 2G right?
      Can we have this kind of thing in iphone 2G?
    1. Sleyed's Avatar
      Sleyed -
      I have a 2nd Gen iPod and I've seen DeepEnd on YouTube.. And it's unfortunate that DeepEnd only works on 4th Gen iPods, and iPhones. =( Once DeepEnd is out of beta do you think there will be a possibility that the 2nd Gen iPod will be able to run this tweak? =]
    1. Xenthis's Avatar
      Xenthis -
      No.. You need a gyroscope that 2g iPods don't have.
    1. Sleyed's Avatar
      Sleyed -
      Oh alright.. =\
    1. sephiroth726's Avatar
      sephiroth726 -
      Quote Originally Posted by interestingkid View Post
      3dboard was just released and i bought it
      sucks that 3dboard DOES NOT move icons
      it's EXACTLY the same as deepend: it moves the wallpaper
      I was wondering about that