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  • No Surprises in iFixit Teardown of New Mac Book

    Our friends at iFixit have already conducted a comprehensive teardown of the new model MacBook. And, for the most part, no groundbreaking discoveries have turned up. In fact, the only real "charge" that gadget gurus will get out of this teardown is learning that the new MacBook sports a beefed up battery that will extend the charge life of the machine significantly.

    This machine bears the exact same model number "A1342," but includes a longer-lasting battery and the new NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor.
    The guys at iFixit bought the new MacBook yesterday and promptly turned it into a bucket of bolts for educational purposes. And like the team neatly summarized in their intro to the teardown, about the only noteworthy find is the addition of five watt hours and 7.5 grams to the battery. As a result, the refreshed notebook can provide the advertised 10 hours of battery life per complete charge.

    If you teardown your MacBook at home (which, by the way, isn't encouraged or recommended) you would notice that the new battery looks practically identical to the replaced battery. Both are virtually indistinguishable from one another in size and shape. They even sport the same model number - A1331.

    For the most part, leaked images of the refreshed MacBook from Vietnam were more exciting than anything found inside the low-end $999 machine. Perhaps most "troubling," in fact, is the continued use of Tri-Wing screws to hold the battery in position. The team at iFixit takes every opportunity possible to express frustration with those pesky screws. "Why Apple? Why?" asks the teardown team. "Why can't you free us from the oppression and tyranny that is Tri-Wing screws?"

    To check out the full teardown, mosey on over to iFixit and enjoy all the gory details yourself.

    Image via iFixit
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