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  • [Windows] How to Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2G Firmware 3.0 with RedSn0w
    This guide will teach you how to jailbreak AND unlock your iPhone 2G running 3.0 firmware using RedSn0w on Windows.

    I strongly recommend you backup and restore your iPhone 2G to 3.0 firmware via iTunes BEFORE you begin this guide. By strongly recommend I mean restore to 3.0 firmware.

    You will need RedSn0w 0.7.2 which you can download here along with the iPhone 2G 3.0 firmware file available for download here. You also need the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloader files. Download 3.9 here and 4.6 here.

    Once you have downloaded everything, extract redsn0w-win_0.7.2.zip to a location on your computer. You should see redsn0w.exe. Run it.

    Click Browse.

    Find your iPhone 2G 3.0 firmware file you downloaded earlier. Select it and click Open.

    RedSn0w tells you that the ISPW is successfully identified. Click Next.

    There will be a quick pop up.

    Select your options to Install Cydia and Unlock. If you don't need to unlock your iPhone 2G you can de-secelct Unlock

    If you are unlocking you need to located the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloader .bin files you downloaded earlier.

    Now that you have told RedSn0w where the bootloader files are click Next.

    At this point you should make sure your iPhone 2G is plugged into your computer AND turned off. Click Next.

    RedSn0w gives you instructions. We are entering DFU mode now. First hold the power button for 3 seconds.

    Keep holding the power button and start holding the home button for 10 seconds.

    Release the power button but continue holding the home button for 30 seconds.

    RedSn0w does its thing. Let it.

    Finally RedSn0w has finished loading everything onto your phone. You will see a pretty screen on your phone as it is being Jailbroken and Unlcoked. Don't mess with your phone while all this is going on. After your phone restarts you are done!

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Windows] How to Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 2G Firmware 3.0 with RedSn0w started by Cody Overcash View original post
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    1. beamz's Avatar
      beamz -
      I restored the phone then restored it again with the tmobile sim in it and then used blackra1n and i can get into it. Yeah!! now for the next problem it says that i am not subscribed to a cellular data service and I know that i am is there anyway around this?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Set your APN to the correct one for your plan.
    1. alfredo.zertuche's Avatar
      alfredo.zertuche -
      Hey everyone,

      I'm kinda new in all this... i was tryin' to upgrade to FW 3.0, and i did all this steps, but at some point when the phone restarted the itunes toldme to restore and i thought i was just going to selct my profile and it would start to restore the previous settings i had, but it didn't, and i'm pretty sure that itunes upgraded the phone to a new version, so i ran the process again, and it seems that is not working, cuz after it restarts the itunes is telling me that my SIM card is not valid to work whith the iphone, and the phone still locked (only lets me make an emergency call)... what should i do?

      Thanx guys!
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      You mean you didn't notice that it was downloading a 270Mb odd file?
      Now you have to run BlackRa1n to JB and BootNeuter manually to unlock
    1. alfredo.zertuche's Avatar
      alfredo.zertuche -
      I did notice that, but sinceis my frist time doing this, i didn't know if it was part of the process, because i culdn't click anywhere else but in a button that sas "update and restore"/// i couldn't do a restore without clicking there (not that i knew of)... how can i run thos seps you just told me about? is there any guide aviable? i appreciate it so much! thanx again.
    1. vincentmath's Avatar
      vincentmath -
      could someon help me my phone keeps restarting whit that picture of steve jobs... i can't do anything now, plz help
    1. ngty69's Avatar
      ngty69 -
      Works great for me. Ultimate

    1. kebabiotis's Avatar
      kebabiotis -
      Hey. I followed this guide word for word, worked fine until the end, then the little loading circle came up after program said done, but just kept loading forever, so i had to remove the cable, and when i did, it restarted and went back to the connect to itunes incorrect sim malarky. Totally brain busted off this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    1. n9ne_cipher's Avatar
      n9ne_cipher -
      nice post very easy thanks dude!
    1. starjar's Avatar
      starjar -
      I just like the name Jail break. People just like to break off jail for no reason.
    1. 10571z's Avatar
      10571z -
      Ive got an iphone 2g and i have followed everything here and it reboots and enters to the main screen of the iphone then just says searching and eventually no service in the top left corner. Im from Australia and i am with 3 mobile.

      Anyone know how to activate the unlock or something? I made sure it was selected in redsnow.

      What can i do to get this working?
    1. GCCDF72's Avatar
      GCCDF72 -
      Thank You and all the experts Who share their knowledge, makes this life and technologies incredibles. Thank You really very much!!!!
    1. ndck's Avatar
      ndck -
      thank a lot bro
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      RedSn0w 0.9 Beta 3 is now available for public testing at redsn0w 0.9beta3 [iPhone Dev Team]
    1. tmf's Avatar
      tmf -
      heey i doo all that above and it worked perfectly... i instaled it to itunes in my computer and i installed the new 3.0 something.... but then it just won't work it says that i need to install a sIM i've done that and it says that with that one it doesn't work... what can i doo? HELP! thnks a lot
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      run RedSn0w
    1. bigian1503's Avatar
      bigian1503 -
      can anyone tell me how long it takes when the screen reads please wait while your phone is being jail broken

      waiting for reboot. its read this for a half hour.
    1. pistolderb's Avatar
      pistolderb -
      I just did this and everything went very smooth and when my phone restarted it is showing the usb icon and the iTunes icon.... saying to slide for emergency calls???? Any thoughts???
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by pistolderb View Post
      I just did this and everything went very smooth and when my phone restarted it is showing the usb icon and the iTunes icon.... saying to slide for emergency calls???? Any thoughts???
      Which phone? Which FW? Which version of RedSn0w?
    1. Gronbeck's Avatar
      Gronbeck -
      The screen has now been showing: "downloading jailbreak data" For a pretty looooooong while. what should i do now? i did everything exactly the way it said.
      Please respond.