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  • Find out if your iPhone 6s is eligible for a free battery replacement

    To go along with the announcement that they would be replacing iPhone 6s batteries for free for those who were experiencing unexpected shutdown issues, Apple has updated their repair program announcement page with a new tool that quickly checks your serial number and lets you know wether or not your device is eligible.

    Previously, you had to contact Apple or use an unofficial method to determine eligibility, so this will make things easier for those who are looking to know if they should take advantage of the repair program or not. Remember, just because you may not be having the issue right now, doesn't mean it won't pop up in the future, so be sure check your iPhone 6s either way.

    Check your iPhone 6s eligibility right here
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    1. Colwood's Avatar
      Colwood -
      My iPhone 6s is eligible, haven't really noticed it. On 9.3.3... If I don't sell my 6s maybe I'll do it.

      Considering upgrading from 64gb 6s to 128 or 256 7
    1. natehuff's Avatar
      natehuff -
      I don't think it is the battery. I've had my battery die in my 6s and went to a store and they replaced my battery, but the store wasn't related to this it was just a simple battery swap. My phone will still restart itself. leading my to think this is some sort of software issue.