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  • The Great Screen-Protector Ban of 2010

    Apple has made the unprecedented (and, frankly, odd) decision to ban all screen-protecting film products from all retail stores and the Apple Online Store. Manufacturers have come forth today to (anonymously) tell a number of online sources, such as iLounge and Macworld, that the ban will start in May. No reason was given for the move, which will affect not only standalone film products, but any case that includes a film screen protector.

    The ban is comprehensive: every kind of screen film, including clear film, glare-reducing film, or colored film will no longer be permitted at any Apple store, whether it is meant to protect an iPhone, an iPod, an iPad, or a Mac. No films. None.

    Vendors and manufacturers who have spoken up have all done so anonymously, indicating that Apple has lowered one of its mafia-style secrecy edicts over this move. Some of these anonymous informants have put forth guesses as to why films are being forbidden, while taking pains to be clear that these are only guesses. A popular theory is that, because it's hard to apply these films straight, without air bubbles or junk getting caught between the film and the screen, films are being returned more often than most accessories. But others are speculating that Apple just decided that selling protective film will leave consumers with the impression that Apple screens are easily scratched. As buyers begin streaming in to Apple Stores to buy (fairly) expensive touchscreen iPads, the reasoning goes, they'll take one look around them at all the screen protectors and begin to worry.

    Apple may be dealing with bad memories of the 1st generation iPod nano, which was so sensitive to being scratched that consumers filed a class action lawsuit, complaining that the displays were so poorly made that just putting them in the pocket of your jeans made the screen unreadable. Apple ended up paying users $25 US each to settle the lawsuit.
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    1. D to the M's Avatar
      D to the M -
      screen protectors are useless...
    1. ExileTEAM's Avatar
      ExileTEAM -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
      Really, why would anyone buy accessories (or really anything) from the Apple Store, when you can get substantially cheaper (with full warranties) elsewhere?
      this is exactly what i do, i went to the apple store just to check the covers that i liked, they had the one i wanted, Commuter LT, it cost $34 in the Apple store. went on eBay and a guy was selling all OtterBox products with full warranties from factory at $19.99, that is $15 less than the apple store, plus the eBay had free shipping.
    1. rampagebegins's Avatar
      rampagebegins -
      F*** that if i want screen protection ill have my damn screen protection..
    1. mikeandike1994's Avatar
      mikeandike1994 -
      What brilliant farker came up with this idiotic marketing idea, they're just asking for another class action lawsuit. I am literally at a loss of words. ANGRY... VERY ANGRY.
    1. samson_420's Avatar
      samson_420 -
      I hate Apple, I really do. . . .
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by TheOnlyest View Post
      Whats with the retarded black, white girl??
      Retarded? i think she's cute. Don't hate cuz she's boxy
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      So I think the word "ban" is being used improperly. If I understand the original post correctly, Apple is simply ceasing selling any and all screen protectors at their retail stores. If my understanding is accurate, this does not equal a ban, just, as said, they will no longer sell these items. There are plenty of things Apple doesn't sell at their stores, but that doesn't mean Apple has banned them. That said, I do think that this is a pretty stupid move.
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      Maybe Apple is banning screen protectors because they have been dumping money into Fingerprint resistant digitizers and the screen protectors would make that coating useless??
      hmm that's actually a logical answer... i didn't even think about that.
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      Take a chill pill people. Who actually buys their screen protectors at the apple store anyway? Not me, the nearest apple store is over 50 miles away. I actually just bought a pack from the AT&T store last week and they're pretty nice.
    1. mbeezy81's Avatar
      mbeezy81 -
      I don't even notice the screen protector on mines, but somebody said it makes them look ugly??? You must have the one that just covers the touchscreen and not the whole front of the iPhone/iPod "!!
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      How can something that is clear be ugly? Hmmm
    1. rickybobby's Avatar
      rickybobby -
      See this is the reason im ready to move on because im tired of them meaning STEVE trying to do and getting what he wants what would be the purpose if i buy something its mine you cant control something i own just because i bought it from you im tired of Apple there new features which is years behind others and the swag i hate it
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      Ok, this is just stupid. What the heck, Apple?
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      What's up with people that don't use any punctuation? Do they not understand how, or is it just pure laziness?
    1. chuckiecheese's Avatar
      chuckiecheese -
      I dont have a screen protector and there is not a single scratch on my 3gs.
    1. LilacWinee's Avatar
      LilacWinee -

      How can I protect my iphone screen without them.
    1. Luppin's Avatar
      Luppin -
      A screen protector is an absolute must for the iPhone. I don't know about you, but I personally shelled out $600 for the 3G and the 3GS and I'll be damned if I leave open the possibility of a $300 device becoming scratched. I know a girl who has gone through over 10 iPhone because she keeps dropping them and they keep cracking but her parents keep buying her knew ones, some people actually work for the things they have and can't just leave the continued usability of these devices up in the air.
    1. moon#pie's Avatar
      moon#pie -
      They are not banning screen protectors, they are just not selling them in their store anymore. I don't really care because anything apple sells in over priced anyway.
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      I'm confused by this article. It says, "all screen-protecting film products from all retail stores and the Apple Online Store."

      But then it goes on to say that it's for the Apple stores.

      So which is it? ALL stores, or just the Apple stores?
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Apple retail stores and Apple online