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  • "Acrobatic" Burglars Swipe MacBooks from Best Buy

    In a daring theft early Thursday morning, burglars cut a hole in the roof of a Best Buy, used climbing gear to rappel down 16 feet and snatched twenty MacBooks without touching the floor, which would have set off an alarm. South Brunswick, New Jersey police said that the break-in - which has caused a net-wide shortage of Mission: Impossible references - earned the criminals $26,000 worth of Apple laptops.

    Best Buy employees in the New Jersey suburb, about an hour outside New York City, discovered that some MacBooks were missing when they opened the store at 6:30 Thursday morning. Noting the one-meter-square (3 feet by 3 feet) hole in the ceiling, the employees deduced that perhaps there had been some foul play. The South Brunswick police were called to the scene, and discovered boot prints on a gas pipe running up the side of the building. Climbing to the roof, the police found the saw that the thieves had used to cut through the roof, slicing through several inches of rubber weatherproofing and insulation, and that the roof section had been removed with some kind of suction cup apparatus.

    A report in the Newark Star-Ledger that calls the thieves "acrobatic," notes that the police arriving at the scene were impressed by the "high-level planning" that went into the burglary. "High level of sophistication," Detective James Ryan, a police department spokesman, said tersely. "They never set off any motion sensors. They never touched the floor. They rappelled in and rappelled out."

    If they had come in contact with the floor, they would have set off an alarm. According to John Harris, an expert in security expert contacted by the Star-Ledger, the effort was very much out of the ordinary. "I would say they were a professional crew," Harris said. "At least I’ve never dealt with anything like this. From time to time, people break in, but not usually through the roof."

    The hole was cut directly over the Apple display area. Once in, the thieves rappelled down to the racks where the MacBooks were stored, and then rappelled back up or hoisted the laptops somehow, as climbing while holding a computer would have been hard work. Once they had all twenty computers, they shimmied back down the gas pipe and made their getaway without triggering any alarms.

    It was an impressive piece of work, but it seems like an awful lot of effort for a fairly modest reward. Maybe this was practice for a diamond heist or something.
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    1. matthew1111's Avatar
      matthew1111 -
      That's pretty beast. Props to those guys!
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      Dang! They must have a good plan!
    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -
      Epix Win
    1. mbeezy81's Avatar
      mbeezy81 -
      Impressive lmao....MI4!!!
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      The only thing I find hard to bemieve is that the floor had pressure sensitive sensors. I own a security company I wouldnbe very surprised if this information is actually accurate. Also there are no such things as laser detectors or any kind of visible beam detectors, pure movie fiction.

      As far as the suction cups, it's adds a little spy movie taste to the story but there are
      plenty of ways to remove the cut out without them. Holes are cut like this in roofs for HVAC all the time. Most of the time you just screw a piece of wood acroos the piece to be removed before you finish the cut. The wood should be slightly longer than the length of the hole or can be 4 smaller pieces at each side. I can see using the suction cups as they are cheap and readily available. Glass companies, window cleaners and other trades all use them.
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Lmao mission impossible. its f*cking hilarious. all that trouble for macbooks. please steal something more important next time.
    1. pyromcr's Avatar
      pyromcr -
      i want to see the security footage of this...
    1. BarcaMagic's Avatar
      BarcaMagic -
      There was i very similar case of thefts in california back in 90s , iv seen it on tv couple of months ago. Makes me think if someone took a page out of that guys book. That guy in 90's stole almost 1 million worth of computers and parts.
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      Wow that is crazy. That must have taken some serious scouting.
      This heist has StealthBravo written all over it
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      This heist has StealthBravo written all over it
    1. Kroo's Avatar
      Kroo -
      Well, if you can't beat 'em, steal 'em !!

      Quote Originally Posted by M4tt Dam0n View Post
      Lmao mission impossible. its f*cking hilarious. all that trouble for macbooks. please steal something more important next time.
      They would have stolen some PC's, but the quicky mart is open 24/7......he he he
    1. sami4021's Avatar
      sami4021 -
      Why not laser sensors at the top of best buy? That way
      no one under, no one from the top lol
    1. paidinfull's Avatar
      paidinfull -
      In this crappy economy $26,000 is hardly a modest amount.
      Very impressive theft and very dissaponted with the security measures of a large company like best buy they should know better.
    1. clikzip's Avatar
      clikzip -
      lmao, thats pretty funny
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      good for them. with practice comes talent. with talent comes reward. they sought out for what they wanted and got it.
    1. xwinger's Avatar
      xwinger -
      thats just crazy
    1. dazza's Avatar
      dazza -
      I wonder how they knew their exact position in relation to the mac books - they'd have to directly above them?

      Maybe used the iphone in the store during the day to fix a position - now that would be ironic
    1. avenger's Avatar
      avenger -
      so when was the last time people or person went to so much trouble to steal windows based pc`s.
      Clearly apple computers are well sort after even if you need to steal them hahahahaah.
      Well done microca$h even crims dont want windows pc!!!
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      It was Bill Gates. With his money he probably hired some professionals to do the dirty work for him
    1. creasy425's Avatar
      creasy425 -
      no witnesses, no civilain casualties, clean get away.....good to know theres still some proper criminals out there.....my faith in humanity has been restored.