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  • "Acrobatic" Burglars Swipe MacBooks from Best Buy

    In a daring theft early Thursday morning, burglars cut a hole in the roof of a Best Buy, used climbing gear to rappel down 16 feet and snatched twenty MacBooks without touching the floor, which would have set off an alarm. South Brunswick, New Jersey police said that the break-in - which has caused a net-wide shortage of Mission: Impossible references - earned the criminals $26,000 worth of Apple laptops.

    Best Buy employees in the New Jersey suburb, about an hour outside New York City, discovered that some MacBooks were missing when they opened the store at 6:30 Thursday morning. Noting the one-meter-square (3 feet by 3 feet) hole in the ceiling, the employees deduced that perhaps there had been some foul play. The South Brunswick police were called to the scene, and discovered boot prints on a gas pipe running up the side of the building. Climbing to the roof, the police found the saw that the thieves had used to cut through the roof, slicing through several inches of rubber weatherproofing and insulation, and that the roof section had been removed with some kind of suction cup apparatus.

    A report in the Newark Star-Ledger that calls the thieves "acrobatic," notes that the police arriving at the scene were impressed by the "high-level planning" that went into the burglary. "High level of sophistication," Detective James Ryan, a police department spokesman, said tersely. "They never set off any motion sensors. They never touched the floor. They rappelled in and rappelled out."

    If they had come in contact with the floor, they would have set off an alarm. According to John Harris, an expert in security expert contacted by the Star-Ledger, the effort was very much out of the ordinary. "I would say they were a professional crew," Harris said. "At least I’ve never dealt with anything like this. From time to time, people break in, but not usually through the roof."

    The hole was cut directly over the Apple display area. Once in, the thieves rappelled down to the racks where the MacBooks were stored, and then rappelled back up or hoisted the laptops somehow, as climbing while holding a computer would have been hard work. Once they had all twenty computers, they shimmied back down the gas pipe and made their getaway without triggering any alarms.

    It was an impressive piece of work, but it seems like an awful lot of effort for a fairly modest reward. Maybe this was practice for a diamond heist or something.
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    1. Rokesomesmeefer's Avatar
      Rokesomesmeefer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Effenpig! View Post
      ...Also there are no such things as laser detectors or any kind of visible beam detectors, pure movie fiction...
      Oohhh, so it must be magic that stops my garage door from closing when my dog walks under it, huh? Who knew?!
    1. DirtyDan's Avatar
      DirtyDan -
      Come on, it's really not THAT hard... first of all there is NOTHING at all "gangsta" about cutting a whole in a roof and rappelling down from a 16 ft ceiling. "Gangstas" have trouble robbing gas stations, much less doing anything requiring some intellect.

      And I seriously doubt it was an inside job or an employee too, because obviously whoever it was is making more money than to have to work 9-5 at an electronics store.

      You don't have to work there to know how the security systems work, or where the apple section is located. You go in and pretend to be a shopper, scout out the location over the course of a few weeks. You watch the manager and employee shifts, you read all the signs you can, you could even sneak into an "employees only" area pretty easily and get a good look around.

      Any professional would recognize the security system in place based on the arming device near the door. You recognize the system, you know you can't touch the floors. Finding the location to cut the whole in the roof is pretty easy, any GPS device could tackle it, even an iPhone. Go to the apple section and pretend to be shopping and pin point the GPS location on your iPhone. Cake.

      When you get on the roof, go to that pinpointed location and cut the whole. Rappelling isn't that hard either, it's just a matter of physical fitness.
    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rokesomesmeefer View Post
      Oohhh, so it must be magic that stops my garage door from closing when my dog walks under it, huh? Who knew?!
      yeah dude i got one of those too. i think i bought it from a gypsie
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      ^ it's not a laser, and it's not a "visible" beams.

      How hard is that to understand. I think maybe you smoked yourself retarded.
    1. Cory Gillmore's Avatar
      Cory Gillmore -
      What an awesome story.
    1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
      Effenpig! -
      "Any professional would recognize the security system in place based on the arming device near the door. You recognize the system, you know you can't touch the floors. "

      fail- the type of system (ie. Brand) can usually be easily determined by looking at the "arming device" (Lol-it's a keypad, genius). However, knowing the brand of panel gives absolutely no indication as to what type of peripherals might be wired to it. All major Hardwired security panels use zone inputs that can have nearly any kind of standard 12v powered or non- powered sensor, could be motion detector, magnetic reed switch, glassbreak detector( acoustic or shock), etc.

      Also the reason I seriously doubt the part about them not being able to touch the floor is: the only way for that to be possible is to use pressure mats, which are very rarely used anymore. Pressure mats are usually only a few square feet and are usually placed at stategic locations ie. Inside doors, bottom of stairway, etc. To cover and entire floor with 100's of them would be a ridiculous and unnecessary task, since newer technologies do a better job at a fraction of the cost.
    1. jdyates's Avatar
      jdyates -
      Id rather steal ONE HP Touchsmart with Win7 than 20 macbooks lmfao!
    1. cpkirkley's Avatar
      cpkirkley -
      Quote Originally Posted by pyrotek View Post
      I live about 10 minutes from this Best Buy. Unbelievable that this could happen in my area, lol. It's in a small shopping center with a Target right on a major highway. It definately took a lot of balls to pull this one off.
      Same here. I bought the Denon Receiver in my sig from this very store. This is pretty boss though. Someone willing to go through all this almost deserves to get away with it lol.
    1. extremzocker's Avatar
      extremzocker -
      sound like pros.

      similar to the ~300,000 iPhones missing from (were was it??)
    1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
      santacruzlocal -
      Anyone know how to get ahold of these guys .. I could use a new Mac Book, Tell them 500 bucks cash, with no mention if I get caught.
    1. extremzocker's Avatar
      extremzocker -
      Quote Originally Posted by avenger View Post
      so when was the last time people or person went to so much trouble to steal windows based pc`s.
      Clearly apple computers are well sort after even if you need to steal them hahahahaah.
      Well done microca even crims dont want windows pc!!!
      im not a windows fanboy but the simple fact that macs are much more expensive made them steal the macbooks not any OS preference
    1. gQstatus05's Avatar
      gQstatus05 -
      The part I don't get is how the alarms didn't go off when the rubble hit the ground. They were sawing the roof so debris had to fall into the actual store. Am I right?
    1. nhoj_yelbom's Avatar
      nhoj_yelbom -
      pimp, best buy deserves this!