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  • More Evidence Unearthed of Possible Sprint iPhone 4S This September

    In January, Lowell MacAdam, President and Chief Operating Officer of Verizon, began his presentation that revealed the Verizon iPhone by telling the audience of tech reporters that "if the press writes something long enough and hard enough, it eventually becomes true." For the next five months, speculation subsequently turned to the prospect of further US carrier expansion - a discussion partially engendered by Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook.

    At the January Verizon iPhone announcement at Rose Hall inside New York City's Lincoln Center, Cook stated that his company's agreement with Verizon for the CDMA iPhone is "non-exclusive." Given that reality, journalists began pointing out that Apple could easily bring future generations of its touchscreen smartphone to Sprint's CDMA network.

    This week, somewhat thin but still noteworthy evidence was presented to suggest that the Sprint iPhone may be in the works. On the heels of reports that Apple is poised to release the iPhone 4S this September on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint in the US, it has since been discovered that Apple had posted a curious job listing in search of a "carrier engineer" in the geographic proximity of Kansas City, MO - just 20 minutes from Sprint's headquarters. Clearly, it would be an unusual place for an Apple carrier engineer to be stationed if there was, in fact, no looming partnership between Apple and Sprint.

    The job posting, however, which was first discovered by the blog "Stop it, AT&T," is already gone. A short while after the discovery - and the logical linking between Apple and Sprint was made - Apple suddenly pulled the Kansas City, MO employment opening. Is that evidence of Apple catching their accidental revelation? Or has the company simply filled the position? We don't know for sure. But we may very well know soon enough if the iPhone 4S is coming to a Sprint store near you.

    Source: Stop it, AT&T
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      Quote Originally Posted by MonsIg74 View Post
      Disagree, I've been with sprint for 8 years now and its a reason i keep giving them my money.other than the fact i'm really really attached to my phone number.
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      iPhone on Sprint that's a good news cause I have sprint and costumer service it's ok all signal way better the AT&T or Verizon but I think it's all. Depends on the area where you live so for me iPhone on sprint I will get it