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  • Live[ISH] Coverage of Apple's Event (iTABLET?!?!?!)
    Once again, it's time for an Apple event.

    Which means fanfare, anticipation, and rumors galore. The big two rumors for this event are:

    Read and comment below (at 10AM PST 01/27, 1PM EST) as we take the meat from tons of live blogs all over the net and get you all the relevant info AS IT HAPPENS in Cali.

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    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Quote Originally Posted by qgshadow View Post
      You mean Big Ipod Touch. No camera, No GPS , and 130$ more for a 3gchip. Its a fat ipod touch.
      Hahaha that's even worse. fatPOD.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      Quote Originally Posted by M4tt Dam0n View Post
      Hahaha that's even worse. fatPOD.
      The 3G model has A-GPS, fyi
    1. Windmeel's Avatar
      Windmeel -
      Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
      Yup will agree with you on this one! I can hardly use my iphone in Florida here... and I am near Tampa! I can say Att has been really nice to me though... I have hardly had to pay a bill since I been down here... which is really nice of them!

      Been told they are putting two more towers in my area (three miles away from me ) this month but won't be working until July.. so when I come back down here I will see how it goes...
      What do you mean you've hardly had to pay a bill?
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
      Wait to see how independent this is (as it needs to connect to iTunes via USB to sync stuff) and make a decision based on that.
      A netbook can download music from different sources and handle itself. The iPad will have to be connected to a computer to transfer songs and videos lololol. And only has 64GB lol. I mean such a big device with such low storage.
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      File sharing through Bluetooth like on a normal phone to phone thing so I can send files or some other sucky thing?
      Another fail like the AppleTV.

      ^It won't replace a computer as you can't go to a site and download an program you want, you can't connect another device to it and it needs a computer to work in the first place. For the price of the high end model, you'd rather get a MacBook.

      It's also a bit big for a gaming machine, tilting something that big in public places would look stupid.
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      Ok, first of all, I know this isn't a forum, but really what is the point of a tablet PC. My netbook was way cheaper, has a bigger hard drive, and more features, bluetooth and 3G included, but then again, it is a Windows based netbook. So what is the point of a tablet pc? Without a cd drive it offers no benefit to a traditional netbook. Think I'll be sticking with my Advent 4213 with Windows 7, 160GB hard drive and 2GB RAM.....how long is it before the iPointless is hackable? if its running OSX, I give it a week
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      I think people have more of a reason to live inside a Starbucks now. I wonder what the ratio will be of customers who are carrying one of these along with an iPhone to customers who just have iPhones...
    1. Raptors's Avatar
      Raptors -

      iPad BREAKING NEWS: LEAKED Pictures of the iPad MINI - Which will be released 2011!!! OMG!! http://grab.by/20YE totally amazing! I'd love to have one! It might even have a camera too!! and it fits in ur pocket! Woahh
    1. g12007's Avatar
      g12007 -
      I didn't hear anything about a "USB" port on the ipad ..will it have it or no ??
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      Quote Originally Posted by g12007 View Post
      I didn't hear anything about a "USB" port on the ipad ..will it have it or no ??
      I think it does, it would be a bit stupid it if didn't
    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      It has a dock connector.
    1. qgshadow's Avatar
      qgshadow -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jay316 View Post
      I think it does, it would be a bit stupid it if didn't
      there is no USB, only 32Pin dock
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Windmeel View Post
      What do you mean you've hardly had to pay a bill?
      I have been so frustrated at their service that I have called each month and complained about everything that I am experiencing since I have been here... and also complained about what callers are saying they are getting when they call me as well...

      This past month I called and was really upset! I am in a VERY nice neighbor hood here but my neighbor that is old just loves his 45 year old son so much that he let him live in his garage. Make the long story short his son was dealing drugs and there was a drive by shooting next door and I could not even call the police!
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      Lol thats Apple thinking inside the box, dumbasses
    1. thinknoffcenter's Avatar
      thinknoffcenter -
      guess that grand i had set aside for this useless waste of r&d is gonna go toward buying me a new 50" flat screen instead......thanks Steve for having your head too far up your *** to listen to your target audience and give us a real OS on this thing........if someone hacks it and can put Snow Leopard on it, i might actually re-consider....pffft, what a waste.

      we all just got SteveJobbed!!!
    1. ~Steve Jobs~'s Avatar
      ~Steve Jobs~ -
      3.2 beta is available for download in the Iphone dev center..........

    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      when can we Jailbreak this lol ?
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      How long before the iPad is running bootcamp and you get Windows 7 on it lol
    1. billmilo's Avatar
      billmilo -
      I keep reading some people who compare the ipad to a notebook, when Apple has specifically said it's not a competing device to the notebook. It's like me reading your posts and making fun of them because they are not like prose written by a famous writer.

      The iPad has one in-direct competitor: the Kindle.

      Steve Job said today that the ipad is the stepping stone between the iPhone and the notebook.

      It's unfair to compare it to a notebook. The question is this:does the ipad do well what it was build to do?