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  • Another Confirmation of Apple's Tablet

    If Apple is really trying to keep their tablet under wraps until next month's big reveal, someone in Cupertino should probably have told Kai-Fu Lee to tone down his loose lips on his widely-read blog. The former president of Google China did, indeed, confirm the worst kept secret in the computer world: the Apple tablet is coming.

    "Most surprising, Apple predicts production of nearly 10 million [units] in the first year!"
    Lee was formerly employed by Apple before moving over to Google, where he held an executive position until earlier this year. Now retired from Google, Kai-Fu Lee is a free spirit who tells it like it is on his blog (it's written in Chinese, of course). Lee, however, is still "in the game." He founded and now presides over Innovation Works, a technology fund in China.

    What juicy gossip does Lee present in his blog? For starters, the tablet will allegedly weigh less than a MacBook Air (see quote below). Basically operating as a large iPhone, the tablet will also come with a 10.1-inch multitouch touchscreen as predicted. Although various names have been proposed, it appears that "iGuide" won't be the name of the device itself, but rather a service somehow related to the tablet.

    "The Apple Tablet looks like a bigger iPhone that sports an awesome UI packed in a beautiful 10.1-inch screen. The tablet combines the functions of both netbook and kindle, an ebook reader. It has virtual keyboard for text entry and a webcam for video conferencing."
    Most excitingly, Lee confirms the January reveal for the Apple tablet. Although we were all pretty sure of a January 2010 announcement, Lee's corroboration certainly puts some impatient minds at ease. According to Lee, the tablet will arrive packed with 3D graphics and will likely retail for below $1,000. Lee also touched on the possibility that Apple will partner with an assortment of U.S. network operators to reduce the overall cost of the tablet. It's feasible that buyers will receive the tablet at a discount when they sign up for a mobile service contract.

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    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Also on CNBC today, which I watch all day everyday while working, had a huge story on the "confirmed" Apple tablet selling 10 million devices in 2010.
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
    1. *i*'s Avatar
      *i* -
      I read about it in a magazine and I can't wait!
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      ya know forget it if i have to sign a contract for this. seriously. then again im getting all worked up by rumors.
    1. jdonn2009's Avatar
      jdonn2009 -
      Seriously, that’s all these are, their rumors... plus, honestly... is anyone going to carry a 10" tablet around with them everywhere you go!? What are you going to do with it if its raining? Put it in your "man bag"? Just doesn't seem practical to me... More then likely, this is just a "gate-way-device" ... a window of whats to come... iMac Touch, or MacBook Touch... etc etc...
    1. Raptors's Avatar
      Raptors -
      ^^ you obviously have never watched "the hangover" I'll OBVIOUSLY put it in my satchel everywhere I go! Indiana jones has one bro

      Lmao sorry I had to
    1. mr_greedy's Avatar
      mr_greedy -
      Am I the only person who WANTS this to have an iPhone OS?

      Think about this, the device is going to be more of a netbook/iphone crossover type thing, not a laptop replacement.

      It'll be used for social networking, web-browsing, eBooking, gaming. The iPhoneOS is perfect for this.

      I'm sure Apple will have bluetooth keyboard and printing support out there at launch..

      The only minor sticking point might be how many apps can run concurrently and whether the apps fill the screen entirely or not..
    1. djnikk's Avatar
      djnikk -
      Quote Originally Posted by €hR!$ View Post
      PLEASE don't let it be a modification to iPhone OS! Give us OS X! I will buy it then, and only then.
      Same here! OS X , I buy it for sure!!! iPhone OS, no way!
    1. hitman10's Avatar
      hitman10 -
      I agree Rhekt if they make you sign a contract im turning the opposite direction and im buying the windows version of this. As if i dont pay enough for the iphone each month now they wanna add a tablet to it. PFFT HhAAHA not.! And why would they rush it out? Don't you remember the iphone when it first came out? the features were soo crap it was missing the most basic features now why would you want that on a tablet your payying almost double for?
    1. Slimz's Avatar
      Slimz -
      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      This Apple product really doesn't interest me for some reason whereas iPods, iPhones and Mac's do.
      Weird. Couldn't care less about the tablet.
      I agree.

      The Apple tablet does nothing for me either. I wish they'd just push it out so we don't have to hear about it anymore.
    1. silent revolt's Avatar
      silent revolt -
      I saw a kindle in person for the first time the other day and it was realy cool. Immediately i thought of ways it could be WAY WAY better. If apple makes somthing like the kindle but with more functions other than just reading books it will definately be realy cool, HOWEVER, there is a huge caveat. Unless it has an Oled screen i dont see it being on very long. The kinddle works with special ink. When the ink has an electric current applied it raises and lowers to beome visible or not visible so basicaly the "screen" is only on when it is rearagangint the ink and then it turns off again. The ink stays where it is until it is "told" to move so you the battery lasts for like effing ever...now if apple is displaying colors and stuffs moving around on the screen thats guna take and ACTUAL screen...i dont see this thing being effecient but then again it is 2010 maybe it runs on laser beams. I guess the point im trying to make and sort of failing at is, the thing is guna be cool as hell but so is that 30,000 sony tv thats wicked thin...is everyone going to buy one...Probably not also has anyone considerd a GIANT flip phone thing...like a macbook air but with two touch screens one to see and one to type so you fold it open...that could actualy be realy effing cool and it would fit into the new market for MID`s mobile interet devices....i dont know just an idea