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  • GeoHot Offers to Fix iPhone WiFi Problems - For $10,000

    GeoHot has declared the blacksn0w/blackra1n WiFi bug "closed," saying that after his investigation he believes it to be a problem with the iPhone firmware itself, rather than his work. On Twitter today, he made a statement suggesting he could fix the bug for $10,000. Most observers, though, are interpreting this as a tongue-in-cheek offer coming as it does in the wake of his smackdown of Jody Sanders' offer of $10,000 for the 3.1.2 baseband unlock.

    Several separate Apple support forum threads address a persistent problem users have had with WiFi connectivity since the time of the 3.0 firmware release. The issue has manifested as a complete inability to connect, even from very close to the WiFi access point, to intermittent or permanent disconnects.

    I’m using a 3G iPhone, and upgraded to 3.0 yesterday. Since then I’ve been unable to join any wifi network at all.
    The wifi dropping has been driving me nuts. It’s only started since 3.0. Before, it has always stayed connected, never had conflicts on the network, and was never an issue. But since 3.0, like a lot of others, it can’t hold the connection for more than 20 seconds without releasing.
    I have exactly the same problem. Wifi drops when the phone sleeps, and needs to be reset by toggling the wifi on-off switch. Scanning for the network is also flaky. It worked perfectly prior to installing the update. We need a fix, Apple!
    Before updating, Wifi worked flawlessly; at times even better than my macbook’s.
    After the updating, my iPhone does not discover my networks anymore. I have made it recognize my home network, however, by getting closer to the router. But since distance has never been a problem, it definitely shouldn’t be now.
    As many users noted the issue after upgrading to 3.1.2 and subsequently unlocking and/or jailbreaking their iPhones, there was a concern that the hacks themselves could have introduced a problem. After seeing the volume of complaints from users of stock iPhones, however, Hotz concluded that his hack was not at fault.

    Though workarounds from resetting network settings, to enabling/disabling Airplane mode, to putting the iPhone in the freezer for a minute (thus voiding the warranty) have been suggested by the user community, there is as yet no official fix from Apple for this issue... other than returning your phone to an Apple Store for replacement.
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    1. Robergy's Avatar
      Robergy -
      I'm glad GeoHot is seeing the funny side of this, I just did some looking and I can see already that all of the 3.1.2 unlock tools are being provided at a cost.

      Jody Sanders web site which does not warrant a mention is selling these products as their own, telling everyone that comes to their web site that they have come to the rescue.

      I'll be Pi$$ed of for you!

      I'm new to the iPhone jailbreak, work in IT and found it extremely easy to jailbreak using these tools. I would not want a iPhone if I could not jailbreak either.

      Just my thoughts.
    1. tarekkkkk's Avatar
      tarekkkkk -
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      ^agreed, My mom has been on 2.2.1fw since it came out early spring and she has not had one problem. My mom has arthritis and said the landscape sms and email would be better, so I updated 3.0 and she has noticed all kinds of things happening on her phone and possible battery difference. I am on 3.1.2 and I noticed this fw is not as stable as 3.0.1.
    1. DarkDragonAn's Avatar
      DarkDragonAn -
      I have a iPhone 3GS and I having had any problem with WI-FI at all.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      HAHA......[says the lone ostrich in the tv show audience stands]
    1. yomamashump's Avatar
      yomamashump -
      Geo for prez in 2012!
    1. Icepecks's Avatar
      Icepecks -
      No probs here either on a 3g running 3.1.2 with Black Rain updated baseband. George Hutz is the Man!!
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      Maybe they could remake the Hackers movie and Geohot can be the next Crash Override with Angelina Jolie as Acid Burn.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      George = Sheriff. I don't see apple telling him he isn't qualified
    1. Dajokeisonu's Avatar
      Dajokeisonu -
      I totally agree I think if Geo does make some kind of patch for this wifi issue it should only be available to Jailbroken iphone users lol. You know I really dont understand why every single iphone owner wouldnt want to jailbreak. I mean if you cant figure out how to download a program and click one god dam button that says make it rain you have no business owning an iphone in the first place or your to stupid for that matter. And now this Droid is out which in my opinion is another failed pathetic excuse to copy the iphone but it does have much more features then a non jailbroken iphone. Apple makes no sense there all jokes!
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      ^ I don't understand how someone who spells so horribly runs around on the net calling other people stupid. Not everyone knows about jailbreaking. Not everyone is as savvy as yourself.

      Edit: Geohot will never be employed by Apple.
    1. PM5K's Avatar
      PM5K -
      Wait a minute, why would putting my iPhone in the freezer void the warranty?

      Does Apple not warranty products in places that get colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit?
    1. nighthawk283's Avatar
      nighthawk283 -
      Thats bad news to hear but that apple is having a problem and geohot knows what to do
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      Friend of mine had wifi go out immediately after the 3.1.2 upgrade on a STOCK iphone 3G that was NEVER jailbroken or hacked in any way. Apple replaced it under warranty. SOunds like they are trying to use hacking as an excuse for a problem with the firmware to me.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      u can fix the wifi problem by restaring ur iphone or ipod touch, ive noticed it only works on some
    1. saleenboy818's Avatar
      saleenboy818 -
      Apples thinking rite now is probably like " if you cant beat em, join em"!
    1. xgus69's Avatar
      xgus69 -
      id be mad if he works for apple.. lol then we wont have jailbreaks as easy as this anymore...
    1. Apollo_316's Avatar
      Apollo_316 -
      Quote Originally Posted by xgus69 View Post
      id be mad if he works for apple.. lol then we wont have jailbreaks as easy as this anymore...
      Which is why George Hotz will never work for Apple! It's abundantly clear that he wants to keep the jailbreak community alive and for free because it flat out betters our phones. If he joins Apple not only will he not be able to help continue this dream, but given his amazing talents, would make it unbelievably hard for us to get any future jailbreaks unless we can keep out the baseband updates!


      I think he should patent his code or something so he can sue anybody that reaps the belefits from it by charging people...easy income!
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Quote Originally Posted by knguyen View Post
      Apple's reply would be "here's a million, stop hacking our ****"
      Or they could just as easily put a C&D out for reverse engineering their code.

      Quote Originally Posted by Apollo_316 View Post
      I think he should patent his code or something so he can sue anybody that reaps the belefits from it by charging people...easy income!
      Patenting other people's code? Apple would hire the largest phallus in the nation and surgically implant it into his sphincter if he did that.
    1. Apollo_316's Avatar
      Apollo_316 -
      Patenting other people's code? Apple would hire the largest phallus in the nation and surgically implant it into his sphincter if he did that.
      Haha excellent point! I did not consider that! But how can other people charge for a jailbreak tool then since that's infringing on apple's code too? If they don't charge for it Apple can't stop them, but what about those who do charge?