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  • GeoHot Offers to Fix iPhone WiFi Problems - For $10,000

    GeoHot has declared the blacksn0w/blackra1n WiFi bug "closed," saying that after his investigation he believes it to be a problem with the iPhone firmware itself, rather than his work. On Twitter today, he made a statement suggesting he could fix the bug for $10,000. Most observers, though, are interpreting this as a tongue-in-cheek offer coming as it does in the wake of his smackdown of Jody Sanders' offer of $10,000 for the 3.1.2 baseband unlock.

    Several separate Apple support forum threads address a persistent problem users have had with WiFi connectivity since the time of the 3.0 firmware release. The issue has manifested as a complete inability to connect, even from very close to the WiFi access point, to intermittent or permanent disconnects.

    I’m using a 3G iPhone, and upgraded to 3.0 yesterday. Since then I’ve been unable to join any wifi network at all.
    The wifi dropping has been driving me nuts. It’s only started since 3.0. Before, it has always stayed connected, never had conflicts on the network, and was never an issue. But since 3.0, like a lot of others, it can’t hold the connection for more than 20 seconds without releasing.
    I have exactly the same problem. Wifi drops when the phone sleeps, and needs to be reset by toggling the wifi on-off switch. Scanning for the network is also flaky. It worked perfectly prior to installing the update. We need a fix, Apple!
    Before updating, Wifi worked flawlessly; at times even better than my macbook’s.
    After the updating, my iPhone does not discover my networks anymore. I have made it recognize my home network, however, by getting closer to the router. But since distance has never been a problem, it definitely shouldn’t be now.
    As many users noted the issue after upgrading to 3.1.2 and subsequently unlocking and/or jailbreaking their iPhones, there was a concern that the hacks themselves could have introduced a problem. After seeing the volume of complaints from users of stock iPhones, however, Hotz concluded that his hack was not at fault.

    Though workarounds from resetting network settings, to enabling/disabling Airplane mode, to putting the iPhone in the freezer for a minute (thus voiding the warranty) have been suggested by the user community, there is as yet no official fix from Apple for this issue... other than returning your phone to an Apple Store for replacement.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: GeoHot Offers to Fix iPhone WiFi Problems - For $10,000 started by Paul Daniel Ash View original post
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    1. capttanhowdy's Avatar
      capttanhowdy -
      WOW! Why does everythread end up with people talking trash to eachother...

      My wifi is not working after using blackra1n... I am trying like hell to find anyone with a good idea on how to get it back on. So far none of these suggestions have worked. Mine is has a temper, it works sometimes but other times it wont turn back on for days... Anyone got any productive suggestions?
    1. MorrisonUK's Avatar
      MorrisonUK -
      Ok I am new to this forum.

      I have had an iphone for a year and a month now. 2 weeks ago my wifi stopped working while i was on the internet. Thinking nothing of it i reset my router and phone and went back on the internet. 5 mins later dropped connection again. this time i did not get it back.

      I assumed it was 02 because my free wifi bolton had run out so i thought they might have changed settings or something. I rang them and some fool told me that i had to pay 10 A MONTH just to get on the internet AT MY OWN HOUSE!!! Angrily i told her to F**K OFF!

      I then realised it obviously cant be anything to do with o2, its to do with the phone and the router. so i went on the net 4 a quick fix and did all the usual things. Reset network settings, restore the phone ect. Nothing worked!

      Btw i had not jailbroken the phone at this point. So everyone saying it is geohots fault ITS NOT!!! stop being ungrateful for his amazing software!

      Anyway I then contacted apple thinking i still had my warranty. They told me my warranty had run out by about 2 weeks and they would not grant me an exeption and I would have to pay 130 for a replacement! Again I told them to F**K OFF.

      I am now very angry at the face that the 2 company's i bought the product off don't give a s**t because i am 2 weeks out of warranty.

      So i thought if i'm out of warrenty i can do what i want with the phone. I jailbroke it using geohots blackra1n to see if this would help and coz i was going to anyway. It didn't.

      I then read everything i could fined on this wifi thing and found if you put it in the freezer it works for a bit and that apple unrestricted the wifi in the 3.1.2 update. so i though if the freezer thing is making it work then it is 100% hardware.

      This is the bit i haven't seen anyone els try!!! I then bought a wifi card, took apart the iphone, found the wifi card and replaced it. THIS DIDN'T WORK!!! I cant understand how putting it in the freezer can effect software!

      The only other thing i can think of is its not the wifi card its something on the motherboard, but i'm not paying 100 or so for a new motherboard when it might not work.

      I have tryed my best to fined the cause of the problem and all i have come up with is its not the wifi card. sorry for the long post but if anyone does figure this out it would be much appreciated.

    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      It's not a 3.1.2-specific problem either. I've had it with earlier iPhone OS 3 versions on BOTH a 3G (not jailbroken) and now a 3GS (jailbroken, but not unlocked). Seeing how badly A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) and WiFi conflict in the iPhone 3G (they seem fine in the 3GS), I once thought that attempting to stream both simultaneously interfering over the shared antenna caused it, bt the 3GS is affected too, so I guess not.
    1. DMT's Avatar
      DMT -
      my wifi goes in and out... but it works when i need it just suxs cause i have to stay in the living room for it to work doesnt get no good signal nowhere else...
    1. MorrisonUK's Avatar
      MorrisonUK -
      Right I have now lost the will to live. This problem is sending me so insane that I have booked an appointment at one of these apple genius bars. I am going to ask them about this problem and see what they have to say for themselves. If they also deny any knowledge of this problem like O2 and apple support I might loose it and get escorted out. never the less I will fined out how to fix this. I'll post on sunday with what apple have said.

      Morrison uk
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Good luck MorrisonUK
    1. MorrisonUK's Avatar
      MorrisonUK -
      Right guys! I went to the genius bar in sheffield as i said in my earlier post and the outcome has shocked even me. I went to sheffield ready to bite apples head off and left the shop confused but extremely happy.

      So I went to the genius shop, went to the desk, told them i had an appointment and got to talk to one of these people who call themselves ''Genius'' (cough) anywhoo I started to tell him my wifi had stopped working very randomly and that there 3.0 update seems to overload some wifi cards. I then said that this is not just me this is happening to, the internet is swarming with people with the same problem and i have even gone to the extent of putting another wifi card in it. I was getting a bit angry at this guy because he wasn't realy listening to me he was typing something into the comp in front of him. I then said I was just out of warranty when this happened and you wouldn't even fix it for me. He then said its because it brakes the wifi card but it only happens to some phones and they don't know which ones. He then got out a box from under the desk and said but what i can do is give you A BRAND NEW IPHONE 3G, Opend the box and handed me a new phone. I was absolutely gob smacked. He said that the genius (cough) people have more power than the people on the phone at apple and they can give you a new phone if this happens because it is there fault. I also get a 3 month warranty on the new iphone!!! Also my iphone i gave to them had a broken screen, a non genuine battery and a non genuine wifi card in it AND i told him all this!!! After i gave him the phone I grabbed my gf and started almost running out of the shop saying quick before they change there minds felt like i robed them.

      So anyway (sorry for the rambling, if you hadn't guessed by my earlier posts i ramble quite allot the point is if this is happening to you get yourself down to your nearest proper apple shop (the ones with the genius bar) and just say that it happened just out of your warranty but you live quite far from a genius bar and this is the only time you've had to get there and fingers crossed you should get a new iphone But if you know your way around an iphone i would try a new wifi card in it because i think mine still didn't work after i put a new wifi card in it because i bought a cheap one. It was about 3 so that might the reason but you i have found a shop on ebay that sell loads of good parts for iphones. there called e_cell there very good, just a suggestion anyway

      I hope this helps people. Although its not a fix you might get a brand new iphone out of it O and the reason i keep putting cough after the genius guys is because when i was signing the bit of paper that gives me the warranty the guy asked me how i managed to get the screen off......... I thought he was joking but then he said they have a big device that holds the phone and lifts the screen of but its quite hard to do..... BHAHAHAHA I just said i used a screw driver (another thing i told and he still gave me the new phone ha) If that's what apple call genius' I want to work for them. I would be a god among men Ha

      Sorry for the long post again but good luck every one and hope you get a new phone out of it like i did

      Post what happened with you guys if anyone does go to a genius bar
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      7 's and a!
      You sound pretty pleased
    1. MorrisonUK's Avatar
      MorrisonUK -
      400 of iphone for free! Whouldnt you be Just wish he had have accidentally given me a 3GS then it might warrant 7
    1. PAKIS-RULEZ's Avatar
      WHY WOULD THEY GIVE YOU 10K FOR IT WHEN THEY MAKING MILLION FROM THE BUG! think of it i had this sh11t as problem with no warrenty u pay 199 for replacement! i didn't i send it to my country lol only works on edge now... imagine how many users doing replacement! so they making more money without ur fix man... just release it for free for us f apple in the *** and their *** support!
    1. iNT3Rv3NTiONZz's Avatar
      iNT3Rv3NTiONZz -
      GeoHot is KING!
    1. lukasavija's Avatar
      lukasavija -
      cmon geohot, post the fix
    1. viku1975's Avatar
      viku1975 -
      Hye Hotz Charge the people having problems a dollar each and you will end up with millions. Please Post the fix ASAP.
    1. BELLISSIMA's Avatar
      once upon a time, i wrote on geo's blog saying " geo , i am just wondering, why do u do all of this hacking for free" lol
    1. 01grander's Avatar
      01grander -
      I like his style