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  • iPhone 4 Screen Defects Reported

    Now that people are finally getting their hands on iPhone 4s, a few of them are turning up defective. The Unofficial Apple Weblog passes on news of some new Apple Support discussion threads where users are noticing iPhone 4 screens with some discolored areas. There's no word from Apple yet on this issue, which appears to have been first reported at about 7:45am Pacific time today.

    In every new product, manufacturing defects are almost inevitable. The iPhone 4's Retina display, an IPS LCD with the highest pixel density of any smartphone screen on the market, is a different beast than the TFT screens on the iPhone 3GS. It's already been reported that LG Display, the manufacturer of the Retina display, has had some difficulty producing the screens, with "low yields" from their 4th generation manufacturing processes. Upgrades to their assembly lines are expected no sooner than late summer of this year.

    One new iPhone owner reports "3 blotches about the size of shirt buttons that discolor the screen a brown/yellow color: on the lower portion of the screen." The user could not identify the subtle discolorations at first; it was only after using the phone for about 45 minutes that the defect became apparent. Another user saw it on the top of his screen and made an appointment for a possible replacement (though it seems unlikely with tight supplies that any store will keep phones on hand just for use as spares). The user whose screen is pictured at the top of this post saw "an orange/brown (almost burnt color) blob at the bottom right corner and top right corner" and " orange/brown smudges across the top."

    If you're about to pick up your iPhone 4, check the screen as closely as you can and make a report as soon as possible. Replacements will almost certainly be first-come, first-served.

    image via elitemrp.net
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    1. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
      DJM AutoWerkz -
      Ok I checked mine I went to settings then brightness and turned it allnthe way up
      Super bright and it has little bit of yellow not that much to make me want to return when I have brightness to middle it's not even noticable.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Return it
    1. FURBY8704's Avatar
      FURBY8704 -
      Quote Originally Posted by XFaega View Post
      One thing that I did noticed and maybe it's me that the screen seem smaller. Any one else think that?
      maybe because its thinner and longer????
    1. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
      DJM AutoWerkz -
      I won't return it it's not noticeable to me.
    1. FURBY8704's Avatar
      FURBY8704 -
      Quote Originally Posted by DJM AutoWerkz View Post
      Ok I checked mine I went to settings then brightness and turned it allnthe way up
      Super bright and it has little bit of yellow not that much to make me want to return when I have brightness to middle it's not even noticable.
      thanks for the tip. turned it all up and noticed nothing still. im saved....for now =]
    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      can't see it on mine... If I have to stare at it for more than 15 seconds while looking that I won't take it back anyway if it's that tiny
    1. k.nitsua's Avatar
      k.nitsua -
      Thanks for the head's up, guys.

      Going to keep an eye out for this tomorrow when I pick mine up.
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      Is this happening to both 32g and 16g or is just one specific one?
    1. iphnblues's Avatar
      iphnblues -
      nice lol
    1. godsrainbow1984's Avatar
      godsrainbow1984 -
      My FedEx guy just called to tell me he's bringing my phone to my house in a bit...we have a special relationship....

      Ok not really, he actually called to tell me my box got hidden somehow in his truck and he just now saw it and will bring it by on his way home...

      I wasn't even expecting it until tomorrow from my tracking info page...

      It's a good thing this happened because I wasn't even home today...

      Should have my phone in hand in about 20 minutes
    1. tribe51's Avatar
      tribe51 -
      This should be a heads up to everyone who is picking up their new phone at an Apple store: CHECK THE HARDWARE before you leave!!
    1. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
      DJM AutoWerkz -
      Yea u seem to see it thhe way I said to try it. Go to settings, brightness and turn it up all the way.
    1. Gom33's Avatar
      Gom33 -
      i hope i don't find anything on both of my iphones when i pick them up from att tomorrow. i doubt they will be able to replace them tomorrow on the spot.
    1. pot3r's Avatar
      pot3r -
      man think i have this screen problem on mine as well... Also anyone else noticed the home screen button not being flush? like mine seems like its recessed further than it should, and also will kinda wiggle around.. Donno, kno my 3g home screen bottom was perfectly flush and only pushed down, wouldn't wiggle around... Just seems odd to me
    1. idolpunk's Avatar
      idolpunk -
      The screen on mine is fine but my radio is flaky. keeps going from full bars to no service
    1. chancre_scolex's Avatar
      chancre_scolex -
      My friends has a yellow line across the bottom.
    1. LastSonOfKrypton's Avatar
      LastSonOfKrypton -
      Luckily mine is fine so far My condolences to those affected though It's such a bummer to get something brand new and have an issue with it right out of the box!
    1. flintoff's Avatar
      flintoff -
      thts really annoying with brand new product

      but i really hope this outside buil in antenna doesnt mess up i mean if you drop ur iphone and if hits side bars wouldnt be it affect on antenna?? and also its network antenna soo lets just hope it comes out good
    1. jordaan's Avatar
      jordaan -
      Well, this isn't a good start..
    1. zYxMa's Avatar
      zYxMa -
      Balls.... this isn't happening! First time in my life I actually pre-oerdered a phone and now this?! I'm getting mine soon and hope that it will be OK.

      Even if it's slightly visible now, it will be most likely more visible after a while...