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    [ame=http://vimeo.com/12671233]Exklusive video taken with iPhone 4 on Vimeo[/ame]

    As people across the globe wait for their iPhone 4 to arrive June 24, or in August - or... um... never - a user in the Czech Republic has what appears to be the first test of a production iPhone in the real world. The post at Jablíčkář.cz, highlighted in AppleInsider and elsewhere, includes photos and video taken with the new phone's camera, as well as a report of faster GPS lock and much improved battery life.

    The user, which Google Translate hilariously calls "happy Swenak," got his hands on an iPhone 4 through unknown means. We'd already gotten some reviews from hands-on testers at the WWDC, and the notorious "lost-and-found" iPhone as well as the Vietnam prototype, but this seems like the first time an actual user has had a production iPhone in his hands. and spent about an hour with it, taking pictures, playing games, watching videos and browsing the Web. The charge level dropped only 10% in that hour, which is an impressive confirmation of Apple's claims about the new iPhone 4 battery life. Additionally, Swenak reported that "GPS was surprisingly quick, which is caught almost immediately," presumably meaning that the new Phone's assisted GPS chip can lock faster than current phones, which often take a while to give an accurate position.

    Swenak was able to take a number of photos with the phone, which are the first we've seen other than Apple's samples, which show the camera's imaging quality in the most advantageous conditions. Unfortunately, these images are also taken in full sunshine, so we'll still have to wait to see how the camera does in low light.

    Although Swenak claims to be "anti Mac OS and IOS," apparently the "new iPhone really surprised him and he likes it." So, WIN. Maybe those of us who pre-ordered one will actually get it soon, so we can be happy too...
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      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by akuamakana View Post
      i was like they said hd but its super blurry but then again my contacts arent on lol
      Are you watching it from within MMI or vimeo itself. Watch it in vimeo and click "HD"... I was simply amazed.

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      wow. um this was lame. no proof either. seems like a puff piece to me on a slow work day
      There will always be skeptics. Hell, there were more skeptics than believers at first (and perhaps up until official launch) when the iPhone 4 prototype was leaked over a month ago. Part of the fun is, without Apple confirming something, you can't ever REALLY know.