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  • Some iPhone 4 Buyers Already iCamping

    If the early bird gets the worm, perhaps the early bird will also get the new iPhone 4.

    There are scattered reports around the country this weekend of people already setting up camp outside their nearest Apple store to wait in line until doors open on June 24th so that they may be the first to purchase and take home the updated Apple smartphone. As you may have heard in passing, the 4th generation iPhone has already encountered one or two supply problems.

    Apparently the best way to ensure preordering is to take a week (or longer) and stand in line ahead of everyone else looking to purchase the same device. Justin Wagoner of Dallas, for example, is making headlines for being among the "fearless and loyal" Apple fans willing to set up camp and be the first to greet iPhone 4 when it officially arrives Thursday. Wagoner, who pitched his tent Wednesday, has already been in line and slept outside for three nights.

    His only complaint? The heat. "The heat is just killing me," the 25-year-old tells the Dallas Morning News. And with predicted temperatures of at least 100 degrees each day through the end of next week, Wagoner will be sweatin' to the oldies on his iPod until the new iPhone 4 is in hand.

    Although the online preorder program got off on the wrong foot (to say the least) with server crashes and security glitches of epic proportions, it's a safe bet that this dude would still be outside and in line even if he had the choice to painlessly preorder his device. You see, the Dallas native has a tradition going, as this extended wait marks the third time he's gone iCamping ahead of a new iPhone launch.

    At least when June 24th finally does arrive, Wagoner won't have 600,000 people in front of him like many iPhone 4 shoppers encountered at the start of preordering.
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    1. imilad's Avatar
      imilad -
      There are some haters in this house
    1. jabregousmc's Avatar
      jabregousmc -
      i dont know about y'all but sitting outside a store in a metro area is NOT "camping", come on. yeah, good for him he's getting his iphone but waiting outside the store A WEEK before launch?? seriously?? dude has no life. i'm surprised he hasnt been booted or given a ticket for loitering.
    1. yup123's Avatar
      yup123 -
      yeah sounds like fun....if I didn't have a job lol geeez
    1. xxtkevinxxte's Avatar
      xxtkevinxxte -
      Heh, I don't know why you all are worked up about one guy who isn't affecting you guys at all physically.

      Damn, I could say the same about you guys for spending your time worry about this man in Dallas. Besides, on the bright side he'll be loosing a lot of weight. 100 degrees throughout the week? He'll be pretty tan too if he doesn't stay in his tent all day.
    1. Darklord407's Avatar
      Darklord407 -
      Quote Originally Posted by giancarlo View Post
      I have a feeling you're the guy in line posting this from your
      3Gs. A week vacation to stand outside a hot sidewalk while strangers walk by you? Oh yea, sounds like it's all good. He get's laid so much he doesn't have to worry? Please....a street pharmacist or a wealthy guy would get some other schmuck to stand in line for him. Don't come on this board trying to be all HIGH AND MIGHTY, take a chill pill, sit back down on your computer chair and keep checking the status on your pre-order....goon.
    1. punjabi212's Avatar
      punjabi212 -
      Pure Stupidity!
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      What the...oh wait, he's from Texas, explains it all, loser.

      I'm going to try my luck at Arndale Apple on Thursday at midday...
    1. TranceField's Avatar
      TranceField -
      That's crazy, it's not really that serious. I would never camp out like that. Not even fo an iPhone.
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      Thats just iStupid. You know what to do... yup thats right, kill yourself.
    1. Maerlyn13's Avatar
      Maerlyn13 -
      I wonder how upset he'll get when he realizes that he wont actually be at the front of the line? From what I understand at the apple store, they are going to form two lines, one for those who reserved and one for all others. The people who reserved on line get to go in first.
    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      I just don't understand the situation. He preordered it online to pick it up opening day at the Apple Store, right? This is ridiculous if you ask me. I could understand if he was unable to order the phone for pickup on release day due to all of the issues, but he's got his reserved for the entire day.

      And how does such a loyal and dedicated fanboy only get the 16 gig?
    1. santacruzlocal's Avatar
      santacruzlocal -
      15 minutes of "Fame" oh even better ... 15 Minutes of LAME !!!!
    1. Maerlyn13's Avatar
      Maerlyn13 -
      Hmmmm. Didnt realize that he had preordered it.. Then now what would be the point?
    1. Chase817's Avatar
      Chase817 -
      "Hey look, there's a guy who does things different than I do, lets go insult him!"
    1. iamthekiller's Avatar
      iamthekiller -
      This is pathetic and the guy deserves the crap he's getting. It's disability benefit abuse at it's finest. If you think this is a good idea, you have serious issues prioritizing your life.
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      Can't remember if you were able to reserve for pick up at AT&T store? Because I was among the many that the reserve says it went thru but didn't for pick up at Apple. What I'm asking is, will AT&T have a reserved line AND a first come first served line? Hate to wait in line and have the limited supply for that store go to the reserved/ordered.
    1. Jmataska's Avatar
      Jmataska -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chase817 View Post
      "Hey look, there's a guy who does things different than I do, lets go insult him!"
    1. D to the M's Avatar
      D to the M -
      Quote Originally Posted by mastuul View Post
      Wow, there are a bunch of haters on here. I agree with Jmataska. Maybe he takes his week of vacation every summer at this time just to do this. Maybe he gets laid so much he doesn't need to worry about taking a few days to camp out. Maybe he's independently wealthy or a street pharmacist. Who cares what another person does with their time?

      The guy with the "emo" comment apparently has no idea what that means, and the "idumbarse" guy is the dumb-*** for making up that word.

      Go get your iPhone boy!
      Man i totally agree with you. I was reading through the ignorance of some of these people just getting sad for them. Seriously who cares what he does.

      I'm gonna do the night before (obviously) but a week is HARDCORE.

      People complain about their tax dollars? WTF? morons.

      EDIT: i also find it terrible they felt the need to throw in he had a disability and was unemployed. NOT RELEVANT AT ALL. Might as well throw in he was Arab or black too. Maybe a Jew?
    1. darth2499's Avatar
      darth2499 -
      good thing i reserved
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      i would just pay a hobo to stand there for me