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  • [ FAIL ] Pre Order Now!

    Update: AT&T Premier customers can log in and order.

    iPhone 4 has been available via AT&T online and Apple's online retail store for hours now, but good luck actually getting an order in. Although we've tried for a solid 3 hours to get an order in, we're getting the same results hundreds of users are emailing, tweeting, and pm'ing us - zilch.

    Apple's site looks to be staying up, with a couple 10-15 second "oops!" messages, but it seems AT&T is unable to keep up with the traffic. The AT&T site is down with maintenance messages more often than it's been up, and Apple's pre order process hangs right at the part where it starts communicating with AT&T - either when it checks pricing eligibility, or when it actually gets in to add/replace the line.

    Smartly on Apple's part (which doesn't matter right now since AT&T can't handle the load), it looks like they've moved all iPhone activation to its own subdomain (buyiphone.apple.com) to better handle load management.

    Keep trying I suppose - I'm gonna go have a mocha and an omelette, and do this thing later - no sense sitting in front of a screen pressing refresh for hours when they're obviously TKO'd at the moment.

    Hey - anyone notice the iPhone 4 is only available in black for preorder/launch?

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    1. mj0528's Avatar
      mj0528 -
      why don't yall just go to Walmart, Best Buy or Radioshack. Obviously they have a way into AT&T's system to get it done.
    1. artkrime's Avatar
      artkrime -
      Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
      You guys should call your local AT&T stores. I just called mine and they said they have no server/line issues. They even wanted to give me directions lol
      FYI, you have to have an actual credit card at the store to pre order. They wouldnt let me use the debit card I have with a VISA logo....
    1. Carlosreef's Avatar
      Carlosreef -
      Finally was able to pre-order mine via ATT.com.

      Cannot blame Apple all the way for this one. It is obvious that it is taking ATT's site way too long to fetch over the info needed by Apple and therefore, the perpetual timeout notices.

      AT&T dropped the ball on this one... as usual.
    1. 0uTc4st's Avatar
      0uTc4st -
      I was thinking about ordering the iPhone from best white so I could pick up the white model but after talking to them on the phone. I don't feel to confident that it will be there on lunch day. I asked the rep that question and he responded with "Well it should be but if it's not, we will have it ready for you whenever they come in. We haven't heard that we weren't getting the white models so you can pre-order one". Just sounded to iffy for me. I don't understand why Apple wouldn't sell it but let best buy. And, on top of that.. Best buy doesn't really stand high in the honesty department.
    1. c1ockwerk's Avatar
      c1ockwerk -
      The server you're attempting to contact is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience

      Awesome, thanks AT&T
    1. chris82's Avatar
      chris82 -
      I orderd mine through AT&T put in my payment info and clicked submit and the page errors out!!!

      I got no confirm email from AT&T but my credit card has been charged $315 so I'm guessing it went through.

      My upgrade option went to 2011 as well but still no email to comfirm.
    1. DeviantGeek's Avatar
      DeviantGeek -
      Makes you wonder how well things are going to go on the 2th when everyone tries to activate their new phones
    1. vindutch's Avatar
      vindutch -
      Quote Originally Posted by BoostedEvoIX View Post
      my order just went through on ATT website. Been trying since 10am today. Keep trying guys, takes patience lol.. I had to pay the 399.00 for it unfortunately, but as soon as theres an unlock for 4.0 its going for sale. I know i can get at least 300 for my 3GS on line

      I got $300 for a 3G 16GB on ebay. You can get more for your 3GS. I've seen a 3GS 32GB sell for $405.
    1. lili4311's Avatar
      lili4311 -
      I think the premier site just gives you better deals than the regular site. It looks a little different too
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by kyle matthews View Post
    1. Imsorussian's Avatar
      Imsorussian -
      I started at 4:30 am est, refreshing for about an hour at apple site and finaly i was only able to preorder for a store pick up, the shipping part would just "oops" me and att site wasnt even ready at that time for preordering and then it got so slow and eventually tecnical msgs. I hope my phone will be there on 24th i did get a confirmation from apple to pick it up on 24 it will be waiting. Cant wait. I moved from 16gb 3gs to 32gb iphone4. Come on devs have the jb ready
    1. vepil's Avatar
      vepil -
      Ordered one via Apple.com at 10:22AM est and still have not received an email confirmation. Account status on apple's site shows my order though.
    1. 19Dan89's Avatar
      19Dan89 -
      I'm gonna buy a case for the phone, how does this one look? HERE
    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      It failed me 27 times..buying at apple store app on iPhone..keeps failing
    1. jnguyennikka's Avatar
      jnguyennikka -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nickaroni22 View Post
      Been trying to pre-order the past 3 hours, no luck!

      Keep trying its happened to me 4 times, you'll get a confirmation email if it went through.
      are you sure about that cause I upgraded one of my line and it went through. I got the order confirmation screen with the number but no email. I then try to upgrade my brothers line and that happen. I don't know if it went through cause apparently no one is getting confirmation emails I don't think
    1. MarkF_AC700's Avatar
      MarkF_AC700 -
      Success!! had to use att.com
    1. 0uTc4st's Avatar
      0uTc4st -
      Quote Originally Posted by chris82 View Post
      I orderd mine through AT&T put in my payment info and clicked submit and the page errors out!!!

      I got no confirm email from AT&T but my credit card has been charged $315 so I'm guessing it went through.

      My upgrade option went to 2011 as well but still no email to comfirm.
      This is exactly what happened to me.. I called ATT and confirmed that my order went thru. The rep told me that I will get an email within 72 hours and to be sure to respond back to the email or the order would be canceled
    1. anarchydude's Avatar
      anarchydude -
      I'm repeatinganother post, but use the Apple Store app, reserves easy that way.
    1. awri's Avatar
      awri -
      Got confirmation. No email. No money out of account. Not good.