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  • The Latest iPhone 4 Preorder Info From AT&T

    By now, anyone resolved to purchase a new iPhone is well aware of the June 15th pre-order date and the June 24th market arrival of the 4th generation iPhone. But this weekend, we're learning more about AT&T's efforts to help customers "get iPhone 4 as quickly and efficiently as possible."

    According to AT&T, anyone planning to pre-order their Apple smartphone can do so at any AT&T retail store nationwide or online beginning June 15th. This year, however, AT&T is trying something new - offering customers the option to ship pre-orders directly to their home or business for delivery as soon as launch day. Best of all, to help you keep tabs on the arrival of your new toy, AT&T will not only send out the obligatory email to confirm that the order has been placed, but also a second email to confirm that the iPhone 4 has actually shipped.

    Credit cards won't be charged until the order is shipped. And don't forget that debit cards can't be used to pre-order.

    As anyone who has purchased an iPhone from AT&T in the past knows, typically a customer sales rep will assist in activating the device. This time around, customers who order their device through AT&T and have it shipped directly to their home are advised to "follow the instructions included with the shipment." That's AT&T's way of kindly telling you to do it yourself. Of course, if you buy your iPhone 4 in an actual AT&T store, you'll still get assistance activating it before you go home. AT&T says that customers performing an exchange for iPhone 4 "must activate in an AT&T store."

    Although there has been some confusion on the Internet regarding how many devices you're allowed to pre-order, AT&T is setting the record straight. AT&T stores will "sell one iPhone 4 per person for new customers, and one device per household for new orders placed online." Similarly, existing customers "may purchase one per eligible telephone number online" or through an AT&T store.
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    1. hudsontec's Avatar
      hudsontec -
      I'm in!
    1. wickedfx's Avatar
      wickedfx -
      5 times now trying to pre order on apple and att and both sites keep timing out making me restart the process.
    1. rubberneck's Avatar
      rubberneck -
      This blows, no option to buy on ATT premier and Apple gives me

      Your request couldn’t be processed.

      We’re sorry, but there was an error processing your request. Please try again later.
    1. Tate002's Avatar
      Tate002 -
      Ok guys! I was able to complete my order. Now i get a little sleep. Thank you Lord!
    1. youngyoshi's Avatar
      youngyoshi -
      Also try to the new Apple Store App.... It worked for me!