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  • More Details Surface on iMovie for iPhone

    During his keynote address at the start of WWDC 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs found a more than receptive audience for his introduction of the mobile version of iMovie. The $4.99 app was even given a live demo by Randy Ubillos, the developer behind the '08 redesign of iMovie. During the presentation, we witnessed just how similar the mobile app is to its computer counterpart. That is, iPhone users can create projects that include themes, transitions, titles, music, photos, and even geolocation maps.

    But this weekend, our friends at Tidbits (citing sources from Apple) are delving deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of what could be the most highly-anticipated app in quite some time. While there are some less-than-ideal attributes of the iMovie app, for $5 it will all but certainly stand head and shoulders above any similar video editing application in the App Store.

    Some of the details posted by Tidbits include: If you want iMovie for the iPhone, you'll need the iPhone 4. It won't be available for the iPhone 3GS. The reason given is that any previous generation device lacks the iPhone 4's A4 processor, which is needed to employ the app's many video editing tools. As it stands, projects cut on the iPhone also cannot be transferred to iMovie on the Mac for additional editing. Clips, however, can be recorded directly within iMovie for iPhone or come from the Camera Roll. The folks at Tidbits suggest that you may even be able to email a video clip (properly formatted as H.264) to yourself - from desktop to mobile, that is - and then include it in your iMovie production.

    The current version of the iMovie app won't run on the iPad. But that will likely change with the release of iOS 4 for the iPad later this summer.
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