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  • Italian Blog Claims to Have Leaked iPhone 5 Component Images

    Could we be looking at the first officially leaked component photos of the forthcoming iPhone 5? The above image, as one example, was first posted on the iPhone Italia blog, which - it deserves to be noted - boasted sources that accurately predicted the timeframe for the recent white iPhone 4 release.

    If you're confused about what this photo actually reveals, you're not alone. The minuscule part with disheveled wires is said to be the home button/speaker assembly for the next generation iPhone. If legitimate, we can extract at least a few key morsels of information - the most important of which to jailbreakers may be that there is apparently no truth to the speculation that Apple is killing the physical home button.

    The home key will still be physical and not capacitive and there will continue to be mono sound..
    Regardless of whether the iPhone 5 will be unveiled next month or in September, it isn't inconceivable for the device to already be on the assembly line overseas, particularly with regard to prototypes, not mass production. And by all accounts, when the mysterious 5th generation iPhone does rear its head, there's an excellent possibility that the device's overall look, feel, and basic functionality may be more similar to the iPhone 4 than the iPhone 4 was to any previous generation of the product.

    The real selling-power of the iPhone 5 could ultimately be the way in which it allows users to enjoy the next major iOS upgrade, iOS 5, which - if truth be told - seems to be captivating the imaginations of most Apple fans considerably more than the iPhone 5 is for the time being.

    Source: iPhone Italia (Google Translate)
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    1. trentmorris's Avatar
      trentmorris -
      Wow that is the least exciting "iPhone part" photo I've ever seen.

      People are clearly taking apart old VCR's and sending in photos to Apple rumor sites.
    1. Junaidkureshi's Avatar
      Junaidkureshi -
    1. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
      TheDirtyDiddler -
      Am I the only one that would really like the iPhone to finally sport 2 speakers?
    1. Janet55's Avatar
      Janet55 -
      OH, just this!? iPhone 5 component?

      But, is the iPhone 5 really coming soon, I also read that "Two iPhone 5 Models Scheduled for Fall 2011 Release" in iFunia News blog said that iPhone 5 will release this September?
    1. iPhone mac news Tracker's Avatar
      iPhone mac news Tracker -
      Attachment 522684

      I read this blog, I saw there was images of the iPhone 5. I took one of their images. The website was www.iosmacnews.com I don't know if it's real but it looks , legit.
    1. iPhone mac news Tracker's Avatar
      iPhone mac news Tracker -
      I read September that the iphone 5 is coming September.