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  • Apple Slapped With Another Lawsuit Over Alleged 'Abuses' Related to Location Data

    For Apple, it's the headache that no iOS update can permanently alleviate. For the tech giant we all know and (mostly) love, it seems as though the phrase "another day, another dollar" could easily be replaced with "another day, another lawsuit." As we learned this week, Apple is once again embroiled in a lawsuit thanks in no small part to an issue that continues to haunt the company to a substantial degree.

    According to Lymaris M. Rivera Diaz, who filed suit against Apple in the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, Apple has committed fraud and a wide range of nefarious abuses rooted in what Diaz says boils down to Apple "intentionally intercepting personally identifying information."

    If it's any consolation to Apple, the company isn't alone in the lawsuit. Along for the party are The Weather Channel, Pandora Media and close to a dozen other companies, the identities of which are yet to be revealed. Although it isn't yet clear how far this lawsuit will go (most of its kind haven't gotten far), Apple takes any legal action of this kind very seriously, as evidenced by the rapidly expanding legal team that populates the Cupertino, California campus of Apple.

    On Tuesday, Apple once again sought to relegate tracking related concerns to the distant bowels of our memory. Speaking before a Senate panel at a hearing on mobile security and privacy, Apple Vice President of Software Technology Guy Tribble reiterated his company's allegiance to protecting its customers' privacy to the utmost. "Apple is strongly committed to giving our customers clear and transparent notice, choice and control over their information, and we believe our products do so in a simple and elegant way," Tribble said.

    Source: The Loop
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