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  • Carrier Unlocks Coming This Month: MuscleNerd Confirms Plans for Release
    iPhone 3.1.3 and 4.0 Carirrer Unlocks To Follow iPhone OS 4.0 Release

    MuscleNerd has given some reassuring words to his twitter followers today, in what seems the calm before the storm. While to most of us, this is nothing new, as we usually can expect these releases to follow shortly after a new update is announced from Apple, however, It's been 4 months since iPhone OS 3.1.3 was unleashed upon us, causing many users to lose their unlocking abilities, many of which flood twitter and forums asking for when the 3.1.3 unlock will become available, and now they'll once again get some motivating words to hold out, as the unlocks are right around the corner.

    Hopefully that will put to rest a some followers out there that continue to slam the Dev-Team with these release date questions. WWDC is upon us tomorrow and we are expecting Apple to finally give us a release date on the new iPhone OS 4.0 and as soon as this happens, you'll be sure that the unlock will follow just a few days/week later.

    Just remember folks, be patient, we're almost there. You've held out this long, you'll make it a few more days/weeks.

    Don't forget to check out ModMyi's coverage live from WWDC.

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    1. ziggie216's Avatar
      ziggie216 -
      This is about 3.1.3/4.0 OS jailbreak & unlock which will not apply to the new iPhone 4G/HD right? Didnt the 3Gs have some kind of hardware difference compare to the 3G which cause it to be a little more difficult to jailbreak / unlock for quite a long time?
    1. vegassteven's Avatar
      vegassteven -
      Carrier unlocks..

      thats nice, but don't get that excited, who knows what will happen when the hardware of the new iphone comes out. really.
    1. hoqts's Avatar
      hoqts -
      YAY! Its coming.

      Lets hope they can release it before new iphone comes out.
    1. cjh1452000's Avatar
      cjh1452000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by nashlib View Post
      like most else on this forum - iPhone HD or what ever its gonna be called - I AM WAITING for U..i will complete a circle - my induction into apple and its products and its ( sometime Strange) ways from iPhone 1st Gen to MacPro and MBR to 3g...3GS and the iPad.

      Yeah i hear the ceaseless rant "u r a fanboy fanboy fanboy"

      yes...yes i am.
      Sounds almost exactly like me. I never owned an Apple Product until I owned the 2G. In fact, I used a Zune and a Blackberry. Ever since, I have owned every iPhone (2G + 3G unlocked on T-Mobile, 3GS on AT&T). I bought an Aluminum MacBook (before they were branded the MacBook Pro) right before I bought the 3G, and now I have an iPad.
    1. BustAGroove's Avatar
      BustAGroove -
      Good news.
    1. MattSinger's Avatar
      MattSinger -
      Yes!! I thought all hope was lost!!!
    1. neonblues's Avatar
      neonblues -
      will this include hack activation?
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      How does he know the final version of 4.0 is gonna be the same as the betas?
    1. avenger's Avatar
      avenger -
      and how many idiots will upgrade soon after unlocks and apple patch the floors.
      i bet 3 months...
    1. rukavuda's Avatar
      rukavuda -
      will 4.0 work ok on a 3g ?
    1. avenger's Avatar
      avenger -
      yes it will but not have all features that the 4g will have(cut down version
    1. rukavuda's Avatar
      rukavuda -
      multitasking ??
      will it have that ?
    1. avenger's Avatar
      avenger -
      4g yes 3gs yes but not 3g..
      Remember that with multi task means reduced battery life as more programs can run in background which may use more cpu power!!
    1. manz's Avatar
      manz -
      cant wait for 4.0!!
    1. kevinbeijing's Avatar
      kevinbeijing -
      Anyone care to guess when an unlock will be available for 3Gs 3.1.3 w/ updated baseband? I'm dying here because I've got a lovely iPhone paperweight until an option become available.
    1. avenger's Avatar
      avenger -
      when apple release os 4.0 to the public should be end of june maybe sooner depends on musclenerd and others...
      Just have to hold on little bit more
    1. Shockster's Avatar
      Shockster -
      I predict the 26th of June for the release of geohotz jb/unlock tools.