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  • REMINDER: We'll be Covering the WWDC Keynote Live

    Well, Gizmodo may not be welcome at WWDC this year, but we'll be there with a giant lens, me typing as fast as possible, and a solid MyWi connection if the WiFi fails.

    Be sure to head to modmyi.com/live this Monday morning (June 7) at 10AM PST for our live coverage of Steve Jobs delivering this year's keynote. Tune in a bit early, as we'll be in the room setting up and blogging the details a few minutes before it starts as well.

    We expect the new iPhone to be announced, and rumors are swirling about cloud-based iTunes and tons of other Apple goodies. Check in Monday for the actual announcements as they happen!
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    1. maczero16's Avatar
      maczero16 -
      the time goes very slow i want unlock mi iphone 3gs at last
    1. JayQuint87's Avatar
      JayQuint87 -
      I will be checking this out from work
    1. Sailor-girl's Avatar
      Sailor-girl -
      so am i right in thinking that this page will show a vidoe stream of the confrence? if not, where can i watch it?
    1. manz's Avatar
      manz -
      i'll be glued to the site for every last thing lol
    1. iphnblues's Avatar
      iphnblues -
      Can u say vacation day im glad i had a few days left i didnt want to miss this
    1. BlackHoleSlam1994's Avatar
      BlackHoleSlam1994 -
      it hasn't been updated yet
    1. crazyalaa's Avatar
      crazyalaa -
      will there be a video live of the conference, or do we hav to wait for the blogs to add posts and pictures??
    1. smokingkiils's Avatar
      smokingkiils -
      isit a live video through ustream ? or are we just gona get type updates and a few piccys?
    1. iphnblues's Avatar
      iphnblues -
      is there video??????????????
    1. BlackHoleSlam1994's Avatar
      BlackHoleSlam1994 -
      come on jobs stop wasting time lets see the new iphone

      yeah now wheres the pic