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  • Stampr - Timestamp Your Photos

    For those of us who take lots of photos with our iDevices, organization is key. Many times it can be difficult to organize photos because you can never seem to remember where or when you took the picture. This problem has been limited to only iDevices as mainstream cameras have had the timestamp ability for quite some time.

    With the release of Stampr, by developer Maximus (@0_Maximus_0), this issue is no longer relevant. Stampr timestamps your photos when you take pictures through the Camera.app. What is convenient about Stampr is it creates two photos; one original and another edited with the timestamp. If you need to use the original without the timestamp, it's available at your disposal. In the case that you have HDR enabled, it will make 4 copies; one of each (original, HDR, timestamped original, timestamped HDR). There are a few settings needing configuration within the Stampr tab in Settings however it's easily undertaken. There are applications (e.g. iFile) that have the ability to view the photo's properties within the phone to get this information as well. However, it takes some time snooping and is not for the un-experienced or those who don't know how to access inside their phone. This is what makes this tweak useful. It adds all the applicable information right to the picture and in plain view. The list of settings is below:

    • Enable/Disable Stampr
    • 24-Hour/12-Hour Time
    • Label Color
    • Font Size
    • Custom Text
    • Just Stamp (Stamps custom text only)

    A video below gives an overview of every aspect of Stampr and the capabilities it has. Stampr is available on Cydia via the BigBoss repo and is free of charge. Follow Maximus on Twitter for updates and other tweets regarding his developments and Stampr.

    Name: Stampr
    Author: Maximus
    Version: 1.0.0
    Price: Free


    Source(s) Cydia, Optimo
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    1. manickbarry's Avatar
      manickbarry -
      Just gave it a go cool idea but the only thing that I would be negative about is the lower quality photo apart from that is great.
    1. iN2K's Avatar
      iN2K -
      Hmm as soon as I input custom text it wont stamp it anymore.
    1. astrit74's Avatar
      astrit74 -
      Why isn't working for me ?! Im on 4.2.1. Pls help thx!..
    1. thepinche's Avatar
      thepinche -
      Not bad. Im not noticing too much quality decrease. I might not keep it enabled 24/7 but it's an interesting tweak.
    1. SkyGuy5's Avatar
      SkyGuy5 -
      It would be neat if you could select photos and time stamp ones desired through the same process as when you delete and or e-mail photos. You'd then get duplicates of ones you desire.
    1. trebor130657's Avatar
      trebor130657 -
      not work for me ! Im on 4.2.1 ?????
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      Three request.

      1. Setting that ask if you want lower quality. Keep original quality if possible.

      2. Have option in settings to delete original.

      3. Have it work with snappy

      I would be willing to pay for these features to be included.

    1. thecork's Avatar
      thecork -
      Would be better if it used the phones regional settings for date format as opposed to hardcoding US format, kinda annoying when that isn't your date standard...
    1. trebor130657's Avatar
      trebor130657 -
      Quote Originally Posted by astrit74 View Post
      Why isn't working for me ?! Im on 4.2.1. Pls help thx!..
      switch Enabled off/then on again! it should work
    1. 0_Maximus_0's Avatar
      0_Maximus_0 -
      Hey, i have some users experiencing issues with 4.3.3, i myself restored my iPod touch 4G to 4.3.3 fresh and jailbroke, Stampr would not stamp photos, the way i fixed this was to switch enabled off, then on and it seems to have fixed the issue. Please try this, any issues just reply or email me mx [at] icj.me The reason for having a lower quality photo is that once the photo is taken, the camera application receives a dictionary with all of the photos information, such as aperture value, flash on or off, and all of the statistics a normal camera would present, the way stampr works is i grab the preview image from the dictionary as the normal sized photo has not been processed yet for viewing normally and returns errors when trying to view/modify it, i am working on a fix for this and you should see a quality update as soon as possible, as well as the saved photo (with timestamp) having all EXIF data that the normal photo should/would have. My apologies
      Update: it is theoretically impossible to only save one image with the timestamp, unless i modify it from the filesystem, which could possibly screw up the photos database, so i will not be accessing this aspect, plus i think it is a better idea to have two pictures instead of one as then the user can choose which one they like better especially because of the quality decrease. You should see an sbsettings toggle coming soon for this as some users want a quick way to enable/disable time stamping. and the Flash/HDR native camera buttons are rather difficult to reproduce. One day i may even put all of the settings inside of the camera application.
    1. RM305's Avatar
      RM305 -
      I must say I have been wanting a tweak like this for a long time. I can't wait to see what further updates are in store with this. Thanks and great job.
    1. Da Wil-Man's Avatar
      Da Wil-Man -
      Love the tweak.

      I'd think a neat option would be to pick between displaying the time and date, or just one of them.

      Another option would be to place the stamp wherever you want?
    1. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
      s0ulp1xel -
      Does this work on iPod 4