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  • Buying a New iPhone? Don't Forget the "Insurance"

    These days it's possible to insure just about anything. So it probably makes sense that the iPhone now joins the long list of insurable objects that, for a fee, can be "protected" with a comprehensive insurance policy. In case you're wondering, no, this program isn't a little known weird provision of healthcare reform. Instead, AT&T is behind the new insurance plan for iPhones aptly dubbed "Mobile Protect."

    BGR is reporting this weekend that AT&T is hoping you will opt to insure your new 4th generation iPhone for $13.99 per month. If you think this is another rumor, think again. "Mobile Protect," in fact, rolled out yesterday - another sign that the new iPhone will be available within a month. You see, "Mobile Protect" requires you to enroll in the plan within 30-days of purchasing a new iPhone.

    Chances are, within the next month or so, there will be lots and lots of new iPhone purchases. And AT&T is all over the potential buyer market for this program like white on rice. AT&T is even hyping the insurance program with the tag line: “Lack of iPhone insurance is a leading source of iPhone related customer complaints.”

    While it isn't yet clear how iPhone owners will respond to the availability of the insurance program, so far many who have heard about it are not only balking at the $13.99 monthly fee, they're also a bit displeased with the deductible scale, which runs between $99 to $199 depending on your model of iPhone insured.

    So... anyone planning to insure their new - or current - iPhone?

    image via BGR
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    1. gafu's Avatar
      gafu -
      But maybe not worth it if you're jb.Good thought though
    1. Squeaky369's Avatar
      Squeaky369 -
      Totally worth it; since if you damage your phone, break the screen or whatever, you can always flash it back to stock, and have it replaced.

      This is very good...
    1. joshuo's Avatar
      joshuo -
      Wow this is such a ripoff! i actually wish I came up with it...
      For 14 bucks a month over a 2 year contract you might as well buy a spare phone.
      And what's the deal with the crazy deductible?
      That's like putting a $10,000 deductible on a $30,000 car!

      Seriously, they know where they can shove their precious 'mobile protect' scam...

      Quote Originally Posted by Squeaky369 View Post
      Totally worth it
      Pardon me good sir, have you even looked at the numbers?
    1. bobburns1's Avatar
      bobburns1 -
      I understand the frustration, but for the rest of the demographic that is clumsy and probably had to replace an iPhone in the past, I'm more than willing to fall on this grenade @ $14.00 a month.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      I have squaretrade on my iPhone.
    1. vegassteven's Avatar
      vegassteven -
      aften ten months you have paid $139.99 for insurance.
      depending on the iphone model you have and how new your contract is, a phone will run between $199-$299

      so consider if its worth it.
      even if your phone broke 23 months into your contract that insurance cost you $321... and the cost of a new phone? well by the time that two years has passed you will definately just want a new phone for the max of $199 with the 2 year renewal.

      so i cant say its worth it really.

      and what is applecare? free for a year and then $59 the next year?

    1. billmilo's Avatar
      billmilo -
      Not worth it. Anybody with any mechanical skill can replace almost anything on the iPhone.
    1. p3eps's Avatar
      p3eps -
      Quote Originally Posted by vegassteven View Post

      and what is applecare? free for a year and then $59 the next year?
      Phone insurance has been available in the UK for about 10 years now. It gets more and more expensive every year.
      Applecare will cover the phone warranty - ie. hardware failure...
      But phone insurance will cover you against loss and theft too.

      Its all very well saying you can buy another phone for the price of insurance after a year or two - but you'd have to buy the phone SIM Free which would be much more expensive.

      I haven't had insurance on my phone for the last 3 years, but always had it prior to that. I'll be taking it on my iPhone 4G / HD - as if I drop it, I can claim for a new one.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      If you insure it threw your home owners it only cost like $25.00 a year the only draw back is they won't cover software damage. I think this is ridicules! And once you pay for this insurance just what will they cover and what not? I am sure there is a catch to it just like Verizon and Sprint.....
    1. drloco149's Avatar
      drloco149 -
      its a ripoff if you take care of your phone you shouldn't need insurance, ive had my phone for over a year and its still in like new condition.
    1. reggie6801's Avatar
      reggie6801 -
      I won't be getting this insurance, just another way for AT&T to rip people off. There's no way getting this insurance will be beneficial ton the majority of people with iPhones.
    1. sLevin1fo's Avatar
      sLevin1fo -
      Insurance Fraud will prob have their own iPhone Department. How easy do you think it would be to rip them off?
    1. Garland106's Avatar
      Garland106 -
      Totally not worth it, just buy a good case and msot likely
      your screen won't shatter, But i can understand for like, if your battery dies or u drop it in water, then just go to a phone repair shop its cheaper
    1. kiddjones's Avatar
      kiddjones -
      OR if you break your phone or it gets liquid damaged, you could just go to the Apple store and they will replace it for $199. Never touch your contract. No questions asked. Screw $14/month and $199 deductible.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      What's with squaretrade? How much is it? My phone is covered under my homeowners policy right now.
    1. dq13's Avatar
      dq13 -
      it is worth for some and a total rip off for others. it all depends on the user, some people are very (VERY) clumpsy and drop their phone in water very often and drop it or lose it more than once... for all of them, this might be good since they don't have to pay 400 every 5 months when they brake/lose/water their device.

      For others like me, it's a rip off, I have not yet lost a phone in 10 years or dropped it in water (knock on wood) so I would not get it even if it was $5 bucks
    1. daorigin's Avatar
      daorigin -
      SquareTrade Insurance

      WorthAve Grp

      better insurance deals on ur fav iphone n ipadz
    1. eballesq's Avatar
      eballesq -
      $14 x 24 = $336 over the life of the contract. How many of you have broken more than one iPhone over the course of two years?

      Rip. Off.
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Quote Originally Posted by kiddjones View Post
      OR if you break your phone or it gets liquid damaged, you could just go to the Apple store and they will replace it for $199. Never touch your contract. No questions asked. Screw $14/month and $199 deductible.
      I agree 150%...just another way for ATT to extract MORE MONEY from YOU!
    1. kodakon's Avatar
      kodakon -
      Anyone thinking about spending $168 a year, plus a deductible, for a warranty that most likely won't cover most iPhone problems is wasting money. I can pretty much assure you that it won't cover drops, spills, spiderwebs, runny noses, or reception issues... Oh wait, that's the network. So I know that I personally have had great success with SquareTrade, so I think I will trust my new iPhone (if I decide it's actually worth it) to them. They cover drops, spills, and just about anything you can think of. And it only costs $48 a year! Cheaper than AppleCare too, since you're really only buying the second year of coverage from Apple for $69.