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  • 40% Would Leave AT&T for Verizon: Report

    As rumors swirl about AT&T's long anticipated loss of its iPhone exclusivity deal, one Wall Street analyst has warned that the carrier could lose 40% of its iPhone customers to a second carrier. And though pretty much everyone assumes that second carrier will be Verizon, a new (totally unsubstantiated, of course) rumor has turned up suggesting that Sprint, the nation's #3 wireless carrier after AT&T and Verizon, and AT&T may get the phone.

    As many as 6 million of AT&T’s 15 million iPhone customers would leave if they had another option, according to a Barron's report highlighted by Cult of Mac. Davenport & Co. analyst F. Drake Johnstone told his customers that the carrier is obviously rattled by something it is hearing from its iPhone partner, and that this is the reason why we're seeing steps like AT&T jacking the early termination fee for iPhone customers from $175 to $325. Johnstone says that “AT&T is clearly worried that it will lose customers once a competing carrier such as Verizon begins carrying the iPhone."

    In addition to defectors from AT&T, current Verizon customers are a potential huge market for Apple if it ever produces a phone compatible with Verizon's CDMA2000 network. A survey done by Alphawise for financial giant Morgan Stanley found that 17% of Verizon customers would be “very likely” to purchase an iPhone if they could do so without switching carriers. Persistent - though completely unverified- reports indicate that even if Apple does make a CDMA-capable iPhone, it won't be available until later this year, possibly in September.

    However, a fresh rumor reminds us that there is more than one big CDMA carrier in the United States. In a report that should be taken with about a metric ton of salt, TheTechUpdate (via MacRumors and pretty much everywhere else) is reporting that they got an email from a Best Buy employee claiming that the iPhone will be available on Sprint next month. "I can confirm that Sprint will be carrying the iPhone beginning in June," the email from someone at "a Best Buy in Pennsylvania" reads, claiming that "[t]hey’ve begun to grease the wheels for advertising." MacRumors points out that it's pretty unlikely that a Best Buy employee would have this kind of inside information, but also notes that they've heard "similar rumblings from a Sprint-connected source." It does make a kind of sense: if Apple's going to go to the trouble of making an entirely separate model, they're probably not going to do it just for Verizon.
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    1. ToddD81's Avatar
      ToddD81 -
      @ EXO III....

      So let me get this right... You've been cheating att for two years by paying $10 a month and using the incorrect data plan and now that they want you to pay what you should be, THEY are the bad guys???

      :/ wow, I never understand the intellegience of some people.
    1. ty22's Avatar
      ty22 -
      C'mon bring it to Sprint! AT&T works HERE but I like to go camping and travel and it doesn't go well when I leave the city. And Verizon is the worst in Pittsburgh. I know several people who have Verizon and their calls fail constantly (but Verizon still has a lot of coverage ex: camping). And T-Mobile..... well.... they drop calls here and they have no coverage. Sprint is a happy medium, lots of coverage (NOT AT&T or T-Mobile) range without sacrificing calls (Verizon or T-Mobile).
    1. johnr9412's Avatar
      johnr9412 -
      I love att!!! Theyre soo awesome!! Everyone that leaves for verizon would come crawling back to us after veizons network crashes! Theyre 3g speeds are crazy slow already compared to att. We'll see whos laughing in a year
    1. extremzocker's Avatar
      extremzocker -
      what about those not under AT&T?
    1. aimetti's Avatar
      aimetti -
      here in CT i love att. No problems at all.
    1. saunupe1911's Avatar
      saunupe1911 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lili4311 View Post
      Too bad I left Sprint and never paid my cancellation fee :P I'm screwed with getting them back

      You better check your credit report. I guarantee that outstanding cancellation fee is on there.
    1. salmedina87's Avatar
      salmedina87 -
      I live in the suburbs of LA, Diamond Bar, and At&t service is phenomenal. I probably had 1 dropped call this year and my network speed is faster than my friends Droid. I guess it really just depends on where you live. On top of all that I also get 20% off my monthly bill because of where I work. No way will I switch to another carrier.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      AT&T would be nothing without the iPhone otherwise it would be just another carrier with bad service. 3G always existed but good marketing made it a household name.
    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      I think people
      hate AT&T for so
      ilar reasons as to why they hate Microsoft. I believe it is all about image... Do to
      having bad service years ago, they became known as "the bad guy"... Now that they have fixed almost all their problems (or at least on par or better than VZ or anyone else). People still see them as "the worst carrier"....it's just not true. I really thi k it's a image and advertising problem that AT&T has to deal with. Oh, and one other thing, yes it would be a brilliant business choice for Steve jobs to bring the iPhone to verizon, but it's Steve Jobs... Is everyone forgetting Verizon completely rejected Steve jobs baby, then AT&T picked it up. We know how personal Steve takes things, for verizon to have done that to jobs is reason enough jobs would never let verizon have the iPhone!!!! It's Steve jobs!! Look what he's doing to adobe!!

      Sry for the typos above....at work, no time to spell check!
    1. EliteApple's Avatar
      EliteApple -
      Even with the old horrible verizon smart phone I had was super fast on the internet and great calls. Verizon actually can support iPhones, they are the #1 carrier even without the iPhone, they have a huge network. AT&T was the only one not ready for this.
    1. oo3's Avatar
      oo3 -
      I make about 6 calls a day here in Portland, Oregon. I drop almost 4 calls a day. I hate att. But some people are right, if those 40% of iphone customers jump ship, the network will be freed up so i dunno what to do.
    1. CMOSlabs's Avatar
      CMOSlabs -
      Good, I hope they leave. Free up more bandwidth for us. Been with At&t for 6 years, it has its ups and downs like all the other services. Waiting for the 4G upgrade for $18.00
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Maybe if 40% leave then those of us who stay will get a better price on our plans. Let the iPhone pricing wars begin already!
    1. EVILFRED's Avatar
      EVILFRED -
      Other then the fact off the too much drop calls I get, I also have to deal with 3G speed and sometimes no 3G going to Edge. I had enough of At&t terrible network.... Too be honest I love apple but the restriction they are doing now with 4.0 and still no flash is making me jump to Sprint for the HTC EVO 4G if they don't make a splash with the new iPhone announcement on June 7th.
    1. PouncingLion's Avatar
      PouncingLion -
      I have AT&T living in New Haven, CT. And I never drop calls......!!!! Maybe I'm just lucky.....!!!! I'm just wondering if AT&T can handle Video calling for the new 4th gen iPhone
    1. aimetti's Avatar
      aimetti -
      ya man , i work in hartford and live in southeastern ct. have never had a dropped call and the data speed is twice as fast as verizon. I wont even get on sprint. I had them for 7 days and driving up rt 2 I would drop calls non stop. 3g was also non existent around here.

      All depends on where you live i guess
    1. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
      TheDirtyDiddler -
      Quote Originally Posted by rsmith7 View Post
      If forty percent leave ATT, then there is more bandwidth for the people who stay. This move will balance the data demand.
      That's exactly what I was hoping for, since I'd rather not go the the trouble of switching anyway.

      Quote Originally Posted by PouncingLion View Post
      I have AT&T living in New Haven, CT. And I never drop calls......!!!! Maybe I'm just lucky.....!!!! I'm just wondering if AT&T can handle Video calling for the new 4th gen iPhone
      This is weird, because I work in New Haven and live in West Haven and I've had very very many. Hhmmm...
    1. knguyen's Avatar
      knguyen -
      I live in Denver and I use AT&T. My coverage sucks balls here. The locations where I live and work rarely get a full signal, and I rarely see the 3G icon on my phone.
    1. mlauth's Avatar
      mlauth -
      I will stay with AT&T. I have had them for a long time without issue. Good customer service, good data speed, and good coverage where i live. I live in Columbia, SC and have no problems with speed or dropped calls. Now my work phone is a Verizon 8830 BB and that thing drops calls. I can be in my living room with NO service walk to the front of my house and have full 1xev. A friend of mine just got a Droid, just for S&G we opened our browsers side by side and went to a page neither of us have been to. We opened yahoo.com at the same time, i was on my 3rd page by the time his front page came up. That alone was enough to keep me around.
      When these people change to Verizon and see what kind of data speeds they really get, cant use GPS and the phone, cant download/surf while talking, cant do emails while talking, some of them will drift back.
      The grass is always greener on the other side, until it runs out of water.
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by iBwizzle View Post
      No thanks... I love the fact that I can easy switch phones by swapping the sim-card!
      Same here. And i travel outside of the country quite a bit so CDMA does nothing for me. GSM 4life!