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  • iPhone 3G 8GB RIP?

    Is Apple getting ready to kill off the 8GB iPhone 3G? According to Boy Genius Report - whose Apple sources are generally pretty good - the company has stopped shipping the low-end model to AT&T ahead of an expected June launch of the fourth-generation iPhone. If true, the move would be in line with product cancellations ahead of previous new model releases.

    BGR, without giving attribution for the information, posted today that "Apple has stopped shipping iPhone 3G 8GB units to AT&T stores and orders are not being placed for the device." The post further speculated that the 3GS may go the way of the 3G last year and be sold at a steep discount. Does this mean a $99 3GS is in the future? Or perhaps a new 8GB 3GS "lite" that BGR was spreading rumors about last Christmas?

    Before the 3G was released, you may remember, AT&T store owners were ordered to ship all their 2Gs back to Fort Worth... so if we suddenly see 3Gs disappearing from AT&T stores, that'll be a good indication that this report is the real deal.
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