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  • planetbeing (David Wang) Interviewed re: Android on iPhone

    If you can get past the cheesy hosts, this interview by This Week in Android actually has some decent information on planetbeing's going's on's to get the iPhones running Android.

    EDIT: The relevant info is at 23:02-32ish. The rest is loooooong.

    Notable points include this port being 2 years in the making, 8 months of actual active working on it, as well as his attention also being quite focused on getting Android to 3G[S] - as it is his personal phone and he'd love to be able to use both platforms on his primary device.

    Wang also says his goal is not to have a "gee-whiz" implementation of something cool and geeky, but an actual, full-time useable Android implementation on iDevices.
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    1. southfrisco's Avatar
      southfrisco -
      Quote Originally Posted by George Lopez View Post
      the rest of you - shut up!
      This is a public forum mostly used by the jailbreak community. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. planetbeing has been a big part of this community for some time. Those of us that like the iPhone but want choice outside of Apple is mainly why we jailbreak.

      You can spew your ignorant rants as long as they are within the MODMYI rules posted. You do not get to continuously tell others to shut up when we are apart of a community you don't seem to care about. You should read your posts and know when to stop. You are just making yourself look like a fool.
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      extremzocker -
      yeah, and you wont make any friends

      oh, and as awesomeiPod said "Please do not mess with longtime and smart MMi Members when they are speaking the truth."
    1. darkrom's Avatar
      darkrom -
      I know me saying this won't speed it up, but I'm so glad to learn he is pursuing the 3GS actively and that it's his personal device. That makes me think it will happen sooner than later. I'm really excited about this and at the time of 3gs release I'd like to donate if he has a paypal donation fund.

      I have been bored with the iphone in general and this will truly allow it to run any apps at all times. I appreciate the hard work involved and can't wait to give it a go on the 3GS. With the 3GS I would expect apps to run as smoothly or SMOOTHER than on the actual droid device for which they were intended.

      Quote Originally Posted by southfrisco View Post
      You are just making yourself look like a fool...with your pants on the ground.

      Fixed it.
    1. elite_jounin's Avatar
      elite_jounin -
      Look guys I know a lot of you are pissed about the time being wasted but aside from that, the dude is a genius!. Will I run this on my 3G? NO, because I like my iphone OS, but the mere fact that this was possible is pretty cool.
    1. rhekt's Avatar
      rhekt -
      i liked planetbeings responses. very interesting guy
    1. George Lopez's Avatar
      George Lopez -
      Oh hells nos!!
    1. Andre8521's Avatar
      Andre8521 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
      i liked planetbeings responses. very interesting guy
      I especially liked when he was asked about Apples "Opening" their policies and devolopment more and how his response spurned the interviewers in to speaking even more on it.

      "Do something spectacular and watch your opinions increase in value"

      His opinion most definitely was!

      aand G.L. is an idiot..
      ok name calling is childish...

      how about G.L. needs a life?
      yeah i like that better