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  • New White iPhone May Be ALL White

    image via iSpazio

    Another leak from the far East has given a glimpse of what the next-generation iPhone may look like: this time, it's a purported front faceplate for the white model that suggests that the entire device may be white. Take this news with about a pound of salt, as the parts came from TaoBao, the "Chinese eBay," and the ultimate source of the parts is unknown. Still. the news was intriguing enough for the Italian site iSpazio to create the artist's rendition of an all-white iPhone pictured above.

    image via Engadget

    Engadget's Richard Lai turned up the parts and contacted the seller. The story seemed a little shady, as they didn't know what a silver protrusion at the top was supposed to be for, and gave a definite "maybe" to an order of 15 to 20 pieces. Lai's dubious inquiries were met with the assertion that "there's always a back door to [iPhone manufacturer] Foxconn as long as you wave cash at someone."

    image via iSpazio

    True or not, the white case depicted in the mockups really shows off the clean lines of the new model, and strongly suggests a kinship to the iMac. It's far from accidental, of course: both the iMac and the iPhone were designed by Jonathan Ive, who also designed the iPod and the MacBook.
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    1. Luppin's Avatar
      Luppin -
      Quote Originally Posted by KwestJones View Post
      lol @ the artist rendition...

      they used to do the same thing to Jesus back in the days...a milky white version and we all know that wasn't true. LOL
      Protip: Jesus was caucasian

      [ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasian_race]Caucasian race - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
    1. brianlg's Avatar
      brianlg -
      that looks dope!! I want thiss
    1. gQstatus05's Avatar
      gQstatus05 -
      Looks nice too bad I'm switching carriers. Too bad it's photoshopped and probably won't look like that.
    1. SnowLeo's Avatar
      SnowLeo -
      @Luppin Im pretty sure jesus was from the middle east. Just sayin
    1. alectra82's Avatar
      alectra82 -
      Fake, why would apple make such an ugly phone? Remember those days.....
    1. Doran's Avatar
      Doran -
      Quote Originally Posted by glassJAw View Post
      Sick, just the way I like my girls.
      What? Like with the Flu???
    1. adp's Avatar
      adp -
      Quote Originally Posted by Doran View Post
      What? Like with the Flu???
      I thought he meant AIDS but hey
    1. bagek's Avatar
      bagek -

      I call baby blue!!! ( in *** tone)
    1. glassJAw's Avatar
      glassJAw -
      No I meant as white as the Caine.

      White 3gs, white car, white fiancé. All white bull dog. See a pattern?
    1. adsonjustin's Avatar
      adsonjustin -
      Can't wait!!!

      Do you think you could do the back apple logo light mod to this iPhone like the 1st gen iPhone a few years back? That would be nice.

      White iPhone 4th gen FTW!!!
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      This was supposed to be the 5th gen phone and now Apple is going to have to jump through hoops to get it out this year. Should be fun!
    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      Seems very racist!! All WHITE! Perhaps The Tea Party is behind this new design......Perhaps Tea Party will Suggest a law that all people with black iPhones have to sit at the back of the bus.....
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      That is pretty crazy thinking you have going on there. Pull your head out of the sand.
    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      Ha it's obviously a joke.... But it does "express" tea party values. Anyways!! Not to get off topic or anything! I actually think it looks very sleek and beautiful. Perhaps it is because I have become so accustom to the current iPhone color, a contrasting color looks so appealing.
    1. addictedto3gs's Avatar
      addictedto3gs -
      Quote Originally Posted by Neppune77 View Post
      I'd like to see 3 colors released: Black, White, and Silver..sweet!
      Sorry to FAIL! you but those are actually shades and not colors. hahaha

      Quote Originally Posted by ThinkTank View Post
      what an ugly phone. I really hope this is not the final product. I will be done buying the iphone. I don't like the shape.

      If I wanted a box phone i would buy the G1 or nokia.
      Good! More for me!
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Not gonna lie, that looks amazing.
    1. soderberg's Avatar
      soderberg -
      I guess there will be more colors, new iphone apple should break black and white only
    1. GellBrake'rrrr's Avatar
      GellBrake'rrrr -
      After taking this "So called" prototype into consideration, I believe that this design may indeed do away with the kickstand feature... As it will stand up on it's own "as in the pics listed". That would be a plus.
    1. Muphet's Avatar
      Muphet -
      Sux. I want higher screen like 4,3" or somethin' :s
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      yes!! now all we need is more colours to choose from, come on apple how hard is it to make a colour other than black or white, i would definatly buy one

      a "real" carbon fiber case would be sick