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  • 4th Gen iPhone Case Confirms Leaked iPhone Design?

    The closer we get to the looming announcement of the new iPhone, the more details emerge about what we can possibly expect from the updated device. This week, in particular, we're gleaning from the new iPhone cases pictured here from HardMac that the forthcoming 4th gen handset will prove very similar to the prototype designs that have been leaked from a variety of sources over time.

    These third-party iPhone protective cases speak volumes about the new device just by showcasing the new space allotted for highly anticipated and widely expected new features, like a flash unit to accompany a higher-res camera. Of course, given the details acquired from the infamous prototype "acquisition" by Gizmodo, it doesn't appear that many surprises are left in store for the new iPhone's big reveal.

    Despite initial plans to roll out the 4th generation iPhone in late June or early July, the fallout from the stolen prototype and other telling information leaks throughout the industry, it is believed Apple will reveal the new handset on or around June 7th to mark the start of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

    The new cases from China haven't shipped yet but by virtue of these leaked photos alone, the cases just add to the already "spilled beans" about what we can all but certainly expect from the 4th generation iPhone when it finally turns up in a sanctioned Apple appearance next month.

    Image via HardMac
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    1. soderberg's Avatar
      soderberg -
      i believe it, the mold cost some bucks, manufacturer won't get that risk if not the right one
    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      I don't get it.... If apple is BIG on security as they have ALWAYS been... Did they really supply a iPhone 4 HD ( whatever u wanna call it) to a third party company that makes cases? This doesn't make since. Is it true they r letting every company out there see it so they can make accessories... Or r these companies designing these cases entirely off of the leaked "prototype". Seems pretty dumb off apple to send out prototypes to all
      these companies, no wonder there r so many leaks of the next iPhone....dumb apple.